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Liv (osf1998) Bree was the first to the common room. She ran up the steps to the girls' dormitory and rummaged hurriedly through her bag. She pulled out some deodorant, perfume, a hairbrush and makeup then ran into the adjoining bathroom, pulling up her shirt and splashing some water under her sweaty pits then putting on some of the powder scented deodorant, even though she knew she was perspiring at that very second as nerves ran through her.
She pulled her hair back and washed her blank face hurriedly, then slathered on some quick moisturizer and lined her almond shaped brown eyes in deep black kohl, making them pop. She looked down and applied generous amounts of mascara, until her lashes were luxurious and fluttering. Bree didn't know what was compelling her to be so girly as she put on some light pink lipstick and cherry flavored lip gloss, but it was making butterflies flit in the cavities of her chest and her hands shake.
Bree let her hair down and combed it through with her brush, letting it fall in long, luscious strands at her ear.
She stepped back and admired herself in the mirror: before her was a beautiful Asian girl, dolled up and ready for the next adventure. As a last though she pulled her front ebony tresses back with a sparkly, Swarvoski crystal pin in the shape of a lark, securing atop the crest of her head.
Satisfied, she sprayed some perfume and did a quick brushing of her teeth, and popping some wintergreen gum into her mouth she cracked her knuckles, descending back into the common room: ready for anything.

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Liv (osf1998) Bree met him at the bottom of the steps and smiled softly. "Hi," she murmured, feeling self-conscious.

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Liv (osf1998) "Uhm," Bree said, shifting uncomfortably. She fiddled with the hat in her hands. Inwardly she took a deep breath and, checking to see that there was no one around yet as everyone dawdled in the Great Hall, Bree grabbed his shirt collar and dragged him towards the warm hearth; the shadow of the flames playing patterns against her face.
"If you want this," she told him impishly, showing him the hat, "You'll have to get it back."

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Liv (osf1998) She thought for a second, then said, "I don't know. You'll have to come up with something good to impress me, and soon before I claim this," she dangled the hat in front of his face "as my own."

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Liv (osf1998) ((I'm smiling so much right now hahha))

Sh leaned in too until their lips touched. He tasted sweet and fresh, like mint. Gently she reached up and entangled her hands in his hair. Is this what it's like to have someone love you? she wondered, and deepened the kiss.

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Liv (osf1998) ((I know omg))

Nervously she opened her mouth a little bit, wondering if French the first time was too much. His arms around her waist were warm and comforting, daring her to be who she wanted to.

((what do you want now? to have someone barge in on us or whaaat))

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Liv (osf1998) ((something dramatic))

Trying not to let her body tremble with anxiety, she felt her tongue find his.

((Ok, I'm sorry but French kissing is just friggin nasty even if its good in romance.))

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Liv (osf1998) ((like not i go))

It felt so good in his arms, and kissing him felt so right. Suddenly there was a noise from behind the portrait wall and she broke away, quavering from being with him.
Some kids entered the common room and she tried not to look suspicious, scuffing the floor with her feet and attempting to hide her swollen lips and wild eyes. When the kids stomped loudly up to their dormitories and she thought there was a break in the stream of them coming from the portrait hole she reached out and clasped his hand in hers.
"I'll see you tomorrow, ok?" she told him, feeling the blush color her cheeks. She let her hand slip from his and strode towards the stairs up to the girls' bedroom, glancing behind her one last time as he stood, outlined by the fire. Her heart was still beating profusely, and she smiled at him and hurried up the steps, letting her hips move a little more than usual.

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Liv (osf1998) ((lol yes people lips are always swollen after they kiss duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol))

As she climbed into bed that night, lips still tingling with the weight of their kiss she thought of the way it had felt in his arms. I hope I get to see him tomorrow, she thought. He's everything I ever hoped.
And with that she feel asleep, the memory of his touch still fresh in her mind.

((I think they shoulld be together for a few days like holding hands and stuff then something should happen to seperate them like a fight or something but they still like eachother))

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Liv (osf1998) ((yearsh. you start this time))

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Liv (osf1998) ((yesh me too))

Bree got up early that morning, primping herself in the bathroom. She knew the other girls were a little curious about her unusual behavior, but she didn't let on.
Andrew was flopped out in a chair in the common room when she walked down, and his eyes were closed. Giggling, she strode over and sat down on his lap, surprising him.
"Good morning," she whispered into his ear.

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Liv (osf1998) "Did you sleep well?" she asked politely, but there was a devilish tone in her voice. "Dream of me?"
Oh my God, I hope I'm not being too up front. What if he doesn't want to go out with me? she made to sit up, hoping he'd pull her back down.

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Liv (osf1998) She giggled and settled herself on his lap. "I did. You see, you had turned into a beaver and I had to track you down and feed you wood chippings. Nothing romantic..." she was lying, of course. She had dreamed about him romantically; he had been walking through the halls with her, just holding her hands and telling her how much he liked her. That was enough for Bree, really. And then he had kissed her in the dream, and she'd woken up feeling as elated as if it had really happened.

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Liv (osf1998) ((HAPPY NEW HOUR!!!!!!!!!!!))
"Ooh, really? So I was the damsel in distress? What if I told you that I was a feminist and took offense to the idea that I had to be saved by a guy?" but then she leaned in and whispered, "Don't worry, though. You can save me anytime."

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Liv (osf1998) ((GOOD JOB HAHAHHA))

"Yeah..." she said, sliding off his lap sadly, bushing off imaginary dirt. When he stood up she grabbed his hand.

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Liv (osf1998) Marie wrote: "((OH CRAP, I put this in General? BLEEP))"

hahahahahahahahahahha I was wondering when you'd, I'll edit it so it's not general anymore.

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Liv (osf1998) Bree calmed her nerves and asked, "So, does this mean we're dating prettyboy?"

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Liv (osf1998) "Hm..." she said tantalizingly, twirling a strand of her hair flirtatiously. "I don't know, I think it suits you..." and with that she grinned and dashed forward a little bit, looking back and him and pulling at his hand until she was practically dragging him.

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Liv (osf1998) (Yuss))

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