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Personal Opinion!! Are Nook Books Good???

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Erin I really want to know if Nook Bookss or Kindle Fires , ect are any good from different perspectives and from people you read a lot!! Sorry it isnt a book discussion and I hope you will understand.

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Dhfan4life I'm using Nook for PC right now. And some of the ebooks I get free aren't bad per se. They are just in my personal opinion kind of watered down versions of most books I've already read before. But I'm sure with other books through the main ereaders aren't bad at all. Would be like picking up and reading from a physical copy of the book I would imagine. So really no better or worse if you are buying strictly ebooks of series/authors you already know.

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Dee I don't have a kindle fire, but I haven't an original kindle for nearly 3 years now and love it. I alternate between it and print books on a regular basis from the library and ones that I own. I use the library to try out new authors if i'm not sure I want to buy them, but I have been known to buy entire backlists on my kindle after

there are many publishers who are going to an ebook first publishing scheme and then releasing print books based on sales numbers - so you can find newer authors a lot through them - which is good IMHO. Amazon is also getting ready to launch several digital print imprints so it will be interesting to see how those turn tou

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Rachel I absolutely LOVE my Nook Color ^_^ And they just released a new one (Nook Tablet) that's supposed to be even better than the Kindle Fire.

It's really great, especially if you have trouble finishing books once you start them. I personally have trouble finishing 'classics' but when I first bought it, I read Dracula pretty quickly, and a ton of other books. I'm pretty addicted to it. And the immediacy of the the book-buying is fantastic. "I'd like to read that." *reads two seconds later* =P

Sandra Jones I have an older Nook, so I'm not a good judge of whether the current Nook is a quality product or not. I love my Nook, however, early on one of the page-turning buttons cracked. Another one cracked a couple of weeks ago. Both buttons still work. Maybe raised buttons are the way to go. I've downloaded some free books and most have been fine. I have run into typos with the older editions. Photos and maps in books are near impossible to see. They've got to work on that! I would not recommend my Nook for web-browsing (too choppy). I love using an e-reader! I'm sure I will upgrade soon.

Erin I just dont know If I can switch because I love the books and everything. And If I buy one and dont like it, what would I do then?

Jeanine I just got a Nook Simple Touch and I absolutely love it! Barnes and Noble has over 1.8 million free books available. I have read several that I probably wouldn't have seen otherwise and because of that I have discovered some great new authors. So my advice? Take a chance - read something out of your usual genre - you may be quite happily surprised.

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Dhfan4life That is good to hear you like the Nook Simple Touch Jeanine. My mom said she will get me one for X-mas. But she tends to have a habit of buying stuff out of shopping books that come in the mail like FingerHut that sells the sort of knock off versions of stuff. So I hope that she listens and gets what I want this year.

Jeanine I just got mine two weeks ago as a birthday gift from my daughter. I really love it and I'm sure you will too!

Jeanine You don't have to switch from books to ebooks. Do both! There are some authors/series that I collect. I'll get those in book form. I still trade and exchange books with friends and family and always will. HOWEVER, the Nook allows you to stockpile books without taking up space, it fits in a small pocket in my purse, I never have to worry about being "bookless' and its just plain fun!

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Tami I love my nook. I have the old one. I prefer the e-ink over the color. We have an iPad as well and sometimes I read on that too. The Kindles are nice, but for me Barnes and Noble has a larger selection of books. And MOST of the time they have better prices. I love not having a gazillion books laying around the house. The downside, is it's REALLY HARD to lend out books to people, since most of the ebooks are not lendable. and those that are seem to only be able to be lent once. So the books I REALLY like, I buy in paperback or hardcover.

Jeanine I agree with your assessment. The ONLY downside as far as I can see is the lending factor. However, my daughter also has a Nook so we can at least share with each other. I also am now picking books or Nook based on whether its a book I know another family member will want to read. In that case, I'll probably buy the book.

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Erin Yeah, I guess. They seem great because you can put movies and games on them and they take up soo much less room. The problem I see is having to buy the books whenever you want them but I guess it is a better deal then buying a $20 hard back book.

Jeanine They are so much less expensive; and there really aren't that many books that I absolutely have to have in paperback/harcover. Space is becoming an issue for me too, I have bookcases everywhere and they're pretty full up!

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Tami ALSO.. If you like the 'book factor', like me (feel like you are reading a page instead of computer screen) the e-ink nooks or kindles are great.. BUT, if you want something more like a tablet, then the Nook Color or even the new Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire are great options. You get to use it as a reader as well as what most other tablets are capable of doing for twice the price. I was reading from the Nook app from my Droid and iPod touch and iPad for a while before I got the Nook reader. I can also use my new printer as an e-reader. The new HP e-station printer has a tablet that detaches from the printer and has Nook already downloaded on it.!!!

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Tami Tami wrote: "ALSO.. If you like the 'book factor', like me (feel like you are reading a page instead of computer screen) the e-ink nooks or kindles are great.. BUT, if you want something more like a tablet, the..."

By twice the price I mean, that the regular Tablets are twice the price of the Nooks and kindles and don't do a whole lot more than the new Nook Tablet or the Kindle Fire.. Even if all you want is a 'Tablet' you may find yourself satisfied with either of the previously named options. :)

Jeanine So far I'm thrilled with my Nook Simple touch which is E-Ink (as is my phone!) I just needed something to read books on and this nook works wonderfully for me.

Jeanine Erin:

If you buy a book and don't like it whether its an E-Book or a regular book its kind of one of those things. You can "check-out" e-books from the library as well. As far as the regular books, If I don't care for the book or known I won't read it again, i list it on E-Bay or Listia. Maybe the next person will love it!

Allen ABH Get a kindle, i personally don't like the touchscreens on nooks. And i dont like the LED display on kindle or nook, its strains you're eyes which is bad (duh). Stick with the kindle thats meant for reading only if thats the main purpose.
PLUS you're saving trees by buying a kindle :D

Jeanine My Nook has a touchscreen as well as buttons - you can use whichever. It does not have LED, its e-ink. Basically the screen looks like a book page. It's non-reflective and non-glare. It doesn't bother my eyes in the least and I've read entire books in one sitting. No eyestrain whatsoever.

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Dee something to remember when B&N claims they have more books than kindle - is that they include all their free books in their availability count - Amazon does not

also, any book released by a big 6 publisher - random house, hatchet, simon and schuster, penguin (and i'm blanking on the last two) - will be the same price no matter who you shop at due to the agency model - which basically says these book sellers will set the price of their book and ppl like Amazon/B&N cannot discount the price

not sure about B&N - but with kindle you can have multiple ppl registered to an account, and depending on the book, up to 6 of them can have access at any one time - my mom and I share an account which makes it easy

Jeanine Dee: I have no idea which has more books - Nook or Kindle. I received my Nook as a birthday gift - my daughter has one also and we have pretty much the same taste in reading material and can share so it works fine for us. I don't know anything about Kindle and have no reason to make comparisons between the Nook and Kindle. I just know I'm happy with the device I have.

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Dee i was just pointing that out - because I looked at the Nook, but personally, and this is JMHO, I'll never buy a device where the company insists on trashing another to get ahead and that is what happened at multiple B&N's that I checked out - they lied to me about what the kindle could do when I have had one for 3 years (I was looking at getting a nook before 'zon annouced that the kindle would have library lending), and when I corrected them, they argued with me about it

Jeanine I didn't have any issues like that at all. The people at B & N wwere very knowledgeable and upfront with me. The gentleman I was speaking to teaches the classes and was very helpful. Kindle was never mentioned, nor was Amazon. I felt the Nook stood on its own merits and I'm quite happy with it.

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Dee and everyone is different - i'm just mentioning my personal experience as the OP is looking at all brands

Kathy I really like mine. I check out books from the library and its awesome.

Erika L. Miller I have a Nook Color and LOVE IT! It's great since I'm in a book club and it allows me to decide whether or not a book is worth having as part of my 'physical' library. I still go to Barnes & Noble at least twice a month and that's to keep from breaking the bank to buy actual books.

But it's easy to slip in a purse, bag or what have you and go versus the papers. So I say it's up to one's preference. My family and friends question my sanity because I still buy books (let alone read them) when I have the Nook. I will admit the downside to the ereaders is that you do not have a synopsis of the book ANYWHERE. I've read a couple of books on the Nook and had to stop and wonder '...WHAT is this supposed to be about?'. LOL.

Jeanine I love my Nook. I carry it in my purse at all times. I also love books. Since we share books in my family, if its a book I'm likely to share I'll purchase in book form. Its the best of both worlds as far as I'm concerned.

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Jenn Erika wrote: "I have a Nook Color and LOVE IT! It's great since I'm in a book club and it allows me to decide whether or not a book is worth having as part of my 'physical' library. I still go to Barnes & Noble ..."

Erika, I have a Nook and I am not sure what you mean by being in a book club and deciding whether a book is worth keeping. Is that part of B&N or something separate? Not sure I understand.
Also, some others have been saying something about a lending library. I have a first generation Nook and I have never heard of being able to borrow books from a library with it. How do you do that?

Jeanine Go to your local library website and they will have information (and instructions) on how to borrow ebooks. You can also lend books with others that have Nook.

Erika L. Miller Jenn wrote: "Erika wrote: "I have a Nook Color and LOVE IT! It's great since I'm in a book club and it allows me to decide whether or not a book is worth having as part of my 'physical' library. I still go to B..."

Jenn, sorry I didn't clarify. I have joined a local book club started by my sister. We meet once a month and so it means we go through quite a variety of books. Instead of buying all of the books I just purchase them on my Nook. I will admit that there have been some that I have then turned around and purchased the actual book since I am the kind of person who will recommend a book and then hand it to the person. ^_^

The lend-a-book feature is for purchased books and with the Nook it's a VERY select few. On the Nook Color the lend-me books will have a sash over them stating as such and then from there it's only for a certain amount of days...I believe 15. I have not yet tried to use my Nook in regards to the library since depending on the plot I can either plow through the story or drag. The lend-me also only works with those who are your 'friends' through your B&N account. It's not an option that I have ever used...but you've piqued my interest and will look into the library and see how that works.

Thanks for the idea and I hope I answered your question. ^-^

Jeanine I have used the lend option with my daughter and I think its pretty cool although as Erika noted there is a limit on the amount of days. One of the really cool things about the Nook is that Barnes & Noble offers over 1.8 million free books. Just enter 0.00 in the search line.

Kelsey yeah i understand and the nookcolor is pretty awesome you get pandora for free and you get wifi and you get lots of chances at free books they also have this thing where you can get a free book every friday and all books are half off from what you pay in stores and they have this low price section where most books are 99 cents

Kelsey Erin wrote: "I really want to know if Nook Bookss or Kindle Fires , ect are any good from different perspectives and from people you read a lot!! Sorry it isnt a book discussion and I hope you will understand."

Are you thinking about getting one?

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Dee Amazon offers all those free books as well...they don't have the free book friday, but from what I have seen, those books are ones which amazon either currently has free, or has had in the recent past

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Erin The Kindle Fire is what I am looking for? Anyone have one of those and love it?

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