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Cat (coffeecat19) Her is my charrie's!

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Cat (coffeecat19) DRAGON

Name: Alcoya

Gender: M

Bonded or Wild: Bonded to his Rider Erica

Age: Newborn Hatchling

Size: He, right now, is about 2 feettall and will be fully grown in about 3 years

Appearance: (I will be putting a picture and a discription)
He is very small, he is a hatchling! His scales are a deep, rich green. His eyes are so deep, it's as if you are staring into a human's eyes. His eyes are wide, about as big as a golf ball and red. His scales glitter profusley and are the size of a fist. His claws are nicley curved and long. His teeth are shiny and his fangs are short and barley stick out of his mouth. He is timid and small.
He has two short horns that will evetually rise and curve backwards...

Talents: Nothing yet, he is a very new hatchling

Personality: HE is very shy and very timid and only trusts his ride, Erica. HE will become more brave when he grows older. His spirit is very strong and so are his wings, he loves flying. His strength will increse in years.

Bond: He is bonded to his rider Erica

Other: HE loves meat, as all dragon's, but his favorite is Elk


Name: Erica

Gender: F

Race: Half Elf

Age: 15

Appearance: Long, brown, lusious hair. Green, deep, beautiful eyes. Tall, skinny, agile, good with a bow

Personality: She is very caring, kind, loving and gentile at times. And at other times, she can be aggresive and rough. She can get ad very easily. She had alot of questions about being a rider.

History: She is half elf, she knows her father is human and her mother is an elf. She doesn't know anything abuot her past.

Talents: She is good with knives and bows

Other: She is DEaf, but can speak and read lips. Novody knows she is deaf

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All I need is a little more for Erica's apperance, but I love them both.

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