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i'm not sure i would recommend this to an 8yo either. i'm not sure any vonnegut is appropriate for that age. i would wait until 11 or i did with my son. he was eleven when he read '...five' and seemed to enjoy it, although i am sure that a lot of the humor and references were lost on him. in any case, and even though i may be a bad father, he is starting galapogos when he is done re-reading jaws.

If he can read an enjoy it then fine. If he reads it again later he will get more out of the book. There's a lot of adult humor in cartoons children miss but they still enjoy the show. It depends on you child, and his reading level. Jaws is on thing Slaughterhouse Five is a more meaningful book your child will probably miss the importance of the book. But still he may enjoy it on a different level ww2 + aliens is always a good mix for boys. I just hope you have read the book first.

Eight year old, really? There is an awful lot of adult humor in Vonnegut that may not be appropriate for any eight year old, no matter how advanced. I recommend getting one of his short story collections, reading through them yourself, and picking out the ones that would be appropriate. You could also use excerpts from his novels (Slaughterhouse-Five has some good bits). But I don't recommend assigning any Vonnegut novel to an eight year old. Think of a movie that rides a fine line between PG-13 and R, mostly due to sexual humor and references.

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