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Pulling her baggy sweat shirt over her head Elle entered the gym not at all excited for the class.

Dayton wore a black pair of shorts and a black sweatshirt with the hood up. While he didnt mind gym he would rather have skipped it for the day.

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ Elly walked in the gym, she had on her volleyball sweats and shorts on underneath. She also ha a club long sleeve shirt on and her honey blonde hair was in a tight ponytail so her curls bounced when she walked.

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Logan came in wearing soccer shorts, and a dark gray tank. She had her hair in a pony.

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Logan sighed. No one every picked her to be partners.

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Logan frowned.

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Dayton found someone he knew and trudged up to the feild, the both muttering about ditching the rest of the day.

Elle bit her lip and racked a hand through her pnytailed hair. She didnt have a partner, and was always an idiot when it came to asking for a partner. She headed over to the Coach and stood a bit akwardly.

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ "Hi, Coach!" Elly beamed, she was in the majority of the sports that Coach coached and she was good at everything she did. She was just one of those people. "Logan! Wanna warm up?" she called, she noticed recently that Logan was rarely picked so she trotted toward her with a friendly smile.

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Logan was surprised and nodded alittle. She was good at running, so she ran to the feild.

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As Ebany enters the gym she realizes she's late... again. She looks out of the door and down to the track and field where she'd just finished her last meet for cross country meet last, She also noticed the large swarm of tall and short bodies, all wearing clashing colors of strained old tee shirts and gym shorts. Ebany raced into the locker room and stashed her jeans and hoddie in her bag and slipped into underarmor and shorts. She peeked into the cold and steped outside.

Racing faster than the majority of the kids in the class she rann past Dayton, hearing bits and pieces of what they were talking about, but nothing mattered now, she was running, it was her drug, it kept her going when she was in school to think that she could go home and get into shorts and run a coupld miles 'till she was dog tired. This was half of how Ebany lived, all least it wasn't eating dounuts.

Ebany traced around the track and found coach, she stopped next to her and beamed enthusiastically,

"Sorry i'm late, the office held me in after i used their phone."

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Logan had watched the girl run. She would race her some time.

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Ebany Smilied at Logan and Ana and sped away furiously pumping her legs like a mechines gears, her arms swilveling back and forth giving her mometum, her face was a grin the whole time as she raced past Dayton once more.

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Elle ran at her own pace. She knew she shouldnt mind the running, it was good for her and all that, but she still hated it.

Growing bored of the running Dayton started walking. His fried pulled ahead continuing to run. Pulling his ipod out of his pocket her stuck his head phones in his ears and walked.

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ Elly sprinted for a bit, extremely fast, then slowed. She jogged at her own pace for a bit. Her blonde hair streamed behind her in the ponytail. She had on neon green athletic shorts and a black club volleyball shirt.

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ Elly sprinted again, passing the majority of the class. Though, she couldn't pass Ebany. Crap! She's fast! No one's beat me in in a while, she thought.

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Elle started going a bit harder after the first two laps. Her heart pounded and breath increased. She tried to focus on something else then feeling how tired she was.

Keeping his hood up Dayton stuffed his hands in his pockets. When would the class end? He just wanted to get to his other classes the ones he enjoyed more. While he could be a very active person, he just wasnt in the mood, as usual.

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Immidiatly Dayton turned and headed back to the gym, hood still up ipod still blaring music.

Elle, smiled to herself. Basketball she could handle. Though she would steer clear of the vollyball nets.

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Turning his music down reluctantly, Dayton grabbed a basketball from the rack and went to an open basket to shoot around, he saw the two students who had just arrived, but looked away quickly.

Elle entered the gym grateful to be out of the cold. She grabbed a basketball and went to a closer basket and started some short jumpers.

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Hannah wrote: "Elly sprinted again, passing the majority of the class. Though, she couldn't pass Ebany. Crap! She's fast! No one's beat me in in a while, she thought."

Logan was running side by side with Edony. But she slowed down her pace when they went to the gym.

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Logan stayed to the back of the gym.

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Logan sat down. Her legs tingling from running. She almost never ran last year.

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ Elly grabbed a volleyball from the cart with a huge smile plastered on to her pretty little face. This is why she lived. She pulled down her sweats exposing her lime green short Soffee shorts, spandex would be more comfortable but.... She smiled and tossed the ball up to herself. She got under and bend her knees, she put her pointer finger and thumb together so they created a triangle and spread her fingers. The ball came down into her outstretched fingers and almost looked as if it was going to hit her in the face. But, then with a flick of her wrist, she sent it sailing up high again. She smiled and caught the white ball, "anyone want to play?"

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Ebany grinned as she Elly, "Hey, i don't really know ya, but ya'll should shuld come down and join crosscountray next year," her texan accent still stung and hung in the air, she wished it would leave but it didn't, pushing through some people she hurdely passed the volleyball players and balls, behind the bleachers she ducked and srambled into a crouch where she was still in coaches view but out of the volleyballs way, Dayton was roughly 2 feet away and hadn't noticed her, she wished.

Rubbing her calves and upper legs she started a cool-down so she wasn't sore in math, her hair was wavy on her necka nd she took out her pony tail is drapped down to her back and was cold from the air outside, she finger combed it and laid on the cold gym floor, she day dreamed.

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Watching Elly play she wished she knew how to play, volleyball ahd never intrgued her though she shrugged to herself and climbed out of her hiding spot, she sat not 12 inches away from Dayton, she took out her phone and texted her mom back, then she texted her old Texan friend name bethane.

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ Elly sighed, "I wish, but it conflicts with volleyball and powderpuff. Those two are hard enough," she shook her head. She grabbed a ball and peppered with a girl. Bump, set, spike. The ball bounced off her long sleeved arms with a dull thud.

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Logan stayed in the corner.

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((Hannah can you please stop copying me its getting kinda irrating first you said the same thing that she lived for a certains port just like my charrie and now she has a southern accent please stop i rly don't think its funny, can your charrie have like a cute british accent???))

Ebany noted Elly's bitter statment, 'It conflicts with volleyball, and powerpuff, those two are hard enough', was this offense, or the natural response of a girl with other priorities and didn't want to hang with a girl of Texas. Ebany turned and noticed Faith,

"Hey Faith, how ya doin'?"

She winced at her accent she didn't fit in with the slang in her voice and the slurring of words,

"Do you like runnin'? It's like my favoriwte sport."

She blinked up at Dayton and back to her hands she folded them selfconciously, she wipped the sweat on her forehead with her sweater sleeve, her fluffed her hair and descided to curl it tomorrow.

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"Play what?" Ebany's pretty face pulled up into a pure look of sudden confusion, "Woah woah gurl do you mean volleyball? Cuz i gotta be serious wiff ya gurl i'm a sucker for volleyball, so i'll pass that offer."

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Logan just watched from her corner.

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Ebany Glanced over her shoulder and noticed Logan sitting by herself, Ebany remebered when she was used to feelin comfortable being alone like Logan, she smiled to herself inwardly.

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Ebany went back to Faiths side and grimaced at the sight of the volleyballs sittig their lair, she grabbed one and clicked on her ipod touch she played "Miss Independent" by Justin Timberlake, the beat rattled her into movements and she pushed the ball into the crook of her arm swiftly, the music pounded in her ears and she crouched into a half sitting position and banged the ball on the flat ground, it slapped reasurringly and snapped up in the air into her willing hands.

Ebany knew how to play volleyball,

Flash back:

The ball comes toward her and Ebany is 12 she swings her open wrists, she bumps it fast as lightning she grips the water bottle at her side and drinks it hurdely. The ball crashes over the net and shes not ready her triangle is still in the midst and shes not going to make the hit, she tries to spike it anyway, it crunches her nose like the sound of a carrot in your mouth, her head goes dizzy and she collaspes, the next moment she remembers being concious shes in the hospital, she found volleyball mysterious and unforgiving now, like a friend who had turned on her,
Two months later she still wouldn't play, she found running and track she fell in love again but harder.

Present time:

Ebany trums her finger on the cold surface of the ball,
she smacks it sharply on the wall before her and she listens to "Talking to the moon" by Bruno Mars adrenilene rushes to her head and she collaspes panting, she glances up at Faith and grimaces,

"Ya'll go play without me, i gotta sit down."

Cradling her head in her knees she pants and breaths heavily.

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ ((...Um.... I didn't realize I was doing it... All my charries have a southern accent I was just building off yours having one. And volleyball is like my life so... But whatever.))

Elly played with amazing skill. She was middle hitter on varsity, and if the time presented itself she also played setter. She had skill, but she also had grace too. She had one of her friends set her up and made her approach. It was graceful and smooth. She spiked the ball down with force so it bounced up high off the ground.

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((Makenna jsyk I m not going to be having Dayton like anyone/dating anyone, I would appreciate if if you would stop assuming something will happen))

Pulling a short jumper at the top of the elbow Elle smiled to herself when the ball swished. It had been a few months but she still had it, it seemed.

Dayton walked over to the basketball rack and put his ball back then asked the coach if he could get some water.

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(( Ok,and This is for Daytons Benifet: Thats fine theres other guys Ebany can like :) ))

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Ebany Stared at Elly how could she go on if she was hurt in the process of her game, her life, if something happened to her that kept her in the hospital with a concussion for weeks wouuld she go back to living in the life of breathing off of the volleyball intoxicading oxygen, Ebany's eyes brimmed with tears and she stalked up to the volleyballs and faced them head on, in her head she voiced them, they said, "She comes back for another round!", a courus of laughter rung out as she pulled a ball from its basket, she smacked it hard against the wall in front of her and jump high to bump it, her triangle already formed in her hand she was ready to deflect it and the ball responsed to her movements and thuded against the wall, she repeated these motions without thinking, she spiked and served for herself, she became hot and her face burned, the adreline of it all was amazing.

Her triangle balanced the ball to fall ontot the wall and come at her, each time it fell back into the walls embrace and then was released to her.

She had tamed the beast.

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ Elly beamed as she watched Ebany, she was amazing! Her playing was amazing! She was amazing. She called out, "you're amazing, Ebany!"

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Ebany looked over at Elly as she sent the ball against the wall again, she smilied with sincerity and called out waving away her statement, "Oh you know your amazing ya'll come down here and play volleyball with mey!" she shouted and wavd her hand to usher Elly over to play.

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