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Court yard

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Ebany sat on a bench, next to the oaken, moss laden picnic table, her eyes trailed over to the trees in front of her and she wished no one was looking so she could race up one and sit there and watch the rest of the student population squirm to their classes, lunch, break, or to find one another. They would look like animals up there she thought, tiny ants, or ferrets most likely. She stood up and made her way to the maple tree in front of her.

It took awhile but she made it up to the thrid to last top branch, she smiled at the people so small at her feet, if this was like it was to be a giant she liked it.

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Kenna *F*cking wiff the DJ* (BitchinWiffTheDJ) | 21 comments Mod
She whistled to the small sparrow in the branch below her right arm and it skitted away flitting through the air to the pine not to far away just near the science building.

Then the unthinkable happened, a slippery spot, a moldly rotting branch gave way to Ebany's wieght and she plummeted, crashing into other branches on the way down, this quickly caught the attention of the student body, they were all screaming and running up to the tree just as ebany fell back first onto the ground of the huge rock hard roots of the maple, her head banged against the truck of the tree and blacked out.

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Jacob came in a couple minutes after everything had calmed down. He had a basket ball in his hand and a binder full of HW.

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After the fall Ebany was helped up by a couple girls and a teacher she was sitting up in the picnic table again knees holding her face, dizzy and scared, she would never climb a tree again.

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