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MB (What she read) | 27 comments If you haven't seen it already...

message 2: by D.L. (new)

D.L. Morrese (dl_morrese) | 20 comments Thanks, MB. I had somehow missed this. Great article.

message 3: by Barbm1020 (new)

Barbm1020 | 145 comments I liked it too. But I would also have noted that Death and Susan come to the conclusion that we must believe in mercy and truth so that they can come true. I think it's a very important point that TP makes here. If we have ideals, we can work at living up to them, instead of looking to an imaginary power such as Offler the Crocodile God to grant our wishes.

MB (What she read) | 27 comments Good point, Barbm1020!

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