The Twilight Saga (Twilight, #1-4) The Twilight Saga question

Tired of it???
Hayley Hayley Nov 17, 2011 11:47AM
I am so bored of Twilight and the Hunger Games. All the quizzes and trivia, and discussion are all about Twilight or The Hunger Games. I've read all of Twilight. And it was good, but not still obsess over it good. They were published between 2005-2008, I think we can move on.
Talk about something else. So many people only talk about that. Really? Is that all you read?
Aren't you tired of it? Reading the same books? Vampires? Vampire falls in love with a human girl? He doesn't want to destroy her life, but he can't live without her? Oh how tragic.

Sorry. I just had to rant about this.

I actually love it and think the quizzes are interesting.


*turn of the tap
*fix a leak
*travel green
*switch to cleaner energy
*don't waist power
*get a tank for rain water

Thank You

♥ Alexia -Team Malec ♥ Okay, if this was sooooo importaint why not just make one discussion about it?
May 22, 2012 03:58AM · flag

I haven't read the Hunger Games yet - honestly not really interesting. Twilight was too shallow for my liking. A couple vampire series I've read have been decent, but mostly I feel the concept has been done to death already. I've switch to sci-fi to amuse myself XD however, the fallen angle and fairy/faery books around the place are a great substitue for the vampire craze!! XD

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