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((Formerly called Uru'baen when Galbatorix ruled, its name has been restored to its original glory and now acts as the capital for Alegaesia.))

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Illeria, not the city Kaede Fukui had been described and imagined stretched out before him, the tall stone and glass buildings threatening to fall every time the wind picked up in its lashing fury, but standing nonetheless.

A curiosity, Kaede concluded, passing the wary sentries with a small smile and a dainty wave, just as his mistress had taught him years before. In the flourishing capitol, he had a contract to fill, worth quite a pretty penny too, and it was a joy alone to travel so far from his foster city.

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Eylessia sat in the window of the town's most popular pastry shop; a steaming mug held close as her shaggy black hair framed her dark, alluring lilac eyes. "Do you need a refill?" The elderly woman behind the counter asked, to which the girl's ear perked slightly. "No, I'm alright. I still have a bit left." She replied softly, turning an appreciative smile to Veronika. "Thank you for letting me stay here." Her back was resting against some pillows as a furry throw blanket covered her bare legs; slim fingers lightly wiping condensation of the outside of the cup as a long black tail tip brushed the floor every time it twitched.

The woman just laughed, shaking her head as she pulled out some fresh sugar-coated cakes from the oven. "It's fine, don't worry. You're like a magnet for business. Sometimes, I feel bad for making you stake out here, you know?" Veronika apologized, but was quickly occupied as yet another customer walked through the warm doors of the shop. Oh, it's not a problem... Fresh milk is just as good to me as the food you bake for the civilians. She thought cheerfully, lapping at her drink as her gaze returned to the foggy scenery outside.

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Run, run, run!

Bare feet pattering against the clay tiles of the residential buildings, Dismas was finding himself most unfortunately out of breath, his sides heaving as he forced himself faster, going down onto a hand before he was up and going again. For all of his wonderfulness, these cheeky little b-buggers, also known as the city guards, were refusing to just give up and go home, and their increasingly accurate crossbow bolts were beginning to give him a tiny tingle of (dare he say it?) fright!

Slick, sticky perspiration made his already curling hair bind into tight knots, and the light, silky material of his cream shirt was sticking to the sweaty surface of his back. He gulped in yet another chug of oxygen, daring a look behind him even as the humans gave another shout.

"Stop! Thief!"

Well, that's not very nice. Sniffing (well, as close as he could with his attention focused on his pounding feet and short air supply), he increased his pace, the jewels of Ms. Elvira T. Rosenfeld bouncing happily against his chest, the big hunk of ruby melded into the surface of the cross winking in the sun. The insufferable woman! He couldn't believe that she had the gall to send the guards after him! She wasn't even using this beautiful jewel anyhow, greedy little thing.

He (almost) shrieked as a leaden bolt embedded itself through the flying clay and into the wood beneath not a metre from his bare foot, sending shards of red clay into the pale skin of his calloused foot, hot blood now joining the equally warm sweat.

"How dare you!" He squeaked, jumping the small distance that separated the current house he stood on to the next, "Can you not recognize perfection when you see it! You could ruin me with one of those barbaric weapons!"

If he was expecting a reply, he didn't get one as his already clumsy footing slipped, sending him rolling (and crashing, but who's noting it?), down the side of a rather seedy building, and straight into the garbage filled alley beneath, sending the rodents fleeing from their nests.

Above, the guards seemed not to notice his mysterious absence, the sound of their bumbling footsteps fading from his straining ears. Dismas released a heavy sigh, panting into the slimy stones of the darkened corner, mentally assessing his injuries as he flexed the muscles of his body, wincing at the twinge of pain that came from his already healing foot. He allowed his face fall flat, not daring to move quite yet despite the disgust he felt at his current position. Besides, the filth was quite comfy when you came right down to it, and the jewel was tucked nice and safe away for later.

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Eylessia had just been about to slip into a much-needed cat nap before she was disturbed by the loud, obnoxious shouts of the city guards. Oh my... Her ears perked as she heard the faint yelling of the perpetrator, a look of worry crossing her face. Poor man... I can sympathize with the terror of being chased... She thought, taking one more sip of milk before glancing at Veronika to make sure she was occupied.

When another customer was blocking the woman's view, she quickly unwrapped the blanket from around herself and slipped out the door, making sure not to disturb the large bell at the top of the hinge; her back lost in the crowd before anyone could notice.

Her bare feet against the cold stone felt refreshing; especially as she retreated into the comforting shadows of the back alleys in hope of getting a glimpse of the thief.

A muffled burst of giggling escaped before she could control herself as she saw exactly who was being chased over the crumbling clay rooftops.

A black-eared Werecat much like herself was running with flattened ears and a look of panic that she found utterly adorable; but this time, the only way she could silence herself before howling with laughter was by changing into a cat; her iridescent eyes remaining the same as her pupils changed into slits.

Padding out of the shadows after observing the guards run farther and farther away, she gave a smug sniff of contempt to their ignorance; turning away as a long tail waved behind her.

Weaving her way through the piles of trash that people sleeping here had left, her whiskers twitched while her nose wrinkled in disgust. "Humans have no respect." She muttered, just before looking up to see the stranger in his ever-so-comfortable pile of filth.

"You look awful." The she-cat commented, moving to sit next to him as she inspected her pads for cuts; just to make sure she wouldn't get infected with a contagious disease.

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((Short post is short, but I'm multi-tasking))

Oh hell no, Dismas's inner diva snapped, swishing her tail with an impudent air. Little did the adorable little amethyst eyed werecat know, that little comment had hit a rather soft spot in the dark-haired male.

"Well, nobody looks their best after falling a story, kitty," he snarked, blowing his bangs from his face. The arrival of a cat, a talking one at that, had startled him, but not so much, and his usually effervescent eyes had lidded heavily at that thought of becoming a laughing stock for the respectable, magical community.

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The she-cat purred in amusement, moving around Dismas' "bed" to sit next to his shoulder, neatly tucking her paws under her chest as she snuggled into the nook that was formed by his collarbone. If nothing, this thief at least had an interesting attitude.

"The fall was graceful." She commented, this time in praise as she kept her head poised to observe him with deep, unblinking eyes. "Your landing was well placed, even if lucky." She gave a lazy lick at her chest fur, still purring as it radiated into the air around them. "Though, why were you being chased?" She queried, tilting her head a bit in curiosity.

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Dismas wrinkled his nose as the sleek cat bundled its body against him, her sleek fur untroubled by the grime that had come to coat itself across every single other surface (including him), but despite this, his ears couldn't help but perk at the praise, his eyes loosing a bit of their deadly glint and rising to meet her own in an unending stare.

"I, thief extraordinaire though I am, had the unlucky business of stealing from a royal prude who couldn't stand the loss of a couple of jewels." He sniffed, eyeing the now purring creature with something close to mistrust. "She should have considered herself honoured to be robbed my me, I only choose the best of the best."

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"A thief?" Eylessia's ears pricked subtly. So I was correct... But I didn't know he would be this dashing. Leaning in for a delicate whiff of Dismas' clothes, she quickly shook her head as to rid herself of the stench. "...Elvira Rosenfeld." The she-cat's ears were now folded back, her tail twitching wildly as bad memories returned. Pupils that had been close to round full moons were now slits, and the calming purr abruptly stopped as a hiss started to form.

"That pudgy woman called wolf over a few jewels? She has hundreds where those came from." She snorted, obviously ruffled by this information as her haunch fur puffed out a bit in irritation. "Her herb garden is precious, yet she won't lend me any of her yarrow; not even a stem." Eylessia sniffed a bit, as if she was offended by the thought. "It's a wonder you got out of there before she caught you with her twice manicured nails."

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Dismas evaluated her reaction with mirth, his mouth curving into a cocky grin. It would seem that the little cat knew the woman even more so than he did, and he had had quite a few run-ins with the oppressing woman.

"Then why even bother asking?" he all but purred, sanding down his hands, and flicking away some dark patches of filth. "I can tell you, her lemongrass is utterly divine to snack upon."

He picked up the rather ruffled werecat and set her aside, standing to his feet slowly, knees wobbling slightly as the last of the jelly feeling melted from his legs, scratching the back of his head. Dismas had travelled farther than he had realised, and the territory was almost foreign to him.

"And I don't get caught," he replied to her final statement, cocky smile spreading to consume his features, "I am the Black Cat, going and doing as I wish for no one but the best."

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Although Eylessia was a bit startled as Dismas picked her up, she didn't flinch. She had gotten a good enough evaluation of his worth to be able to tell that he wouldn't hurt a cat like herself; so she was relatively calm as he placed her back on the ground, though it forced her to tilt her head up to see his face.

"I only asked once." The she-cat huffed, tail curling around the base of her paws as it flicked in dismay. "When she refused, I simply plucked a few of her herbs when she wasn't looking and left. Ever since, she's been obnoxiously keen on how many leaves each of her plants have." She meowed, jumping up on top of some boxes until she was at eye-level with the half-stranger.

"The Black Cat?" Eylessia's ear flicked off a gnat as she looked at him with a new glint in her amethyst eyes. "The notorious thief who only works for those that bribes out their competitors." She stated. She was well aware of his reputation... It was quite infamous around town, anyhow. "I thought you only worked uptown." She commented casually, lifting a paw to groom her fur.

To think that my regular routine would be interrupted by a tom. This will definitely be interesting as the times get tougher~

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((Lol, I'm already amusing by them. :P

I'll bring Thristan in at some point. At the moment I'm too lazy.... and I need to figure out where to include him. He'll be an interesting dude if I roleplay him right. And he has people to interact with. :P))

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((Oh... He should totally go to Eylessia's shop and ask about love potions... XDDDDDDDD

*amused, you mean? :P))

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((That's what I meant. XD

Ooh. That, right there, is a good idea. :P))

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((Yup yup! Eylessia's shop does stuff like that :P Grow, Shrink or change all together, she can do everything... For a price ;D))

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((Sounds like Thristan. XD))

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"That's me all right," he almost purred, turning his thumb into his chest, "Though I do wish they had found a better name for me, it gets a little tiring after a while." He brushed down the length of his clothing, picking at a sticky mark and flicking it away with annoyance.

"I do, but, ah, the guards were rather persistent in their chasing, guess I'm too fine for my own good." He slinked down to the ground, limbs re-shaping themselves into that of a slick feline, his large, bat-like ears twitching with the sound of traffic outside of the alley. "What about you, hon, its been a while since I've seen one of my own."

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A soft purr returned to Eylessia's throat as she she idly groomed her fur and listened to Dismas' replies. I would get tired of a name like that also... Except my exploits aren't nearly as major. Repeating a name makes the magic wear out, after all... With a coy smile only a cat could make, she let her paw rest on the cardboard boxes as her tail wrapped around her haunches to show that she was listening attentively.

She was almost caught off guard (hardy har har) as the questions were redirected at her. Smoothly, she descended from her squared throne and sized up Dismas' alley cat form while quietly thinking of an answer. "...Well, I run a potions and alchemy shop here in the southern district." She started to walk, tail lavishly swinging behind her sleek frame, her voice no louder than a kitten's mewling. "Aurora Nova. It's quite popular with the masters and mistresses when they want... Ah... Favors." She gave a mischievous purr, a bit louder than her previous one, flicking her tail to brush Dismas' shoulder as she padded past him. "If you want to meet again, just stop by. I'll be around... 'Hon'." She teased.

Disappearing as quickly as she had appeared in the beginning, Eylessia was suddenly out of sight as she turned the appropriate corners to sneak out of the back passages and find her front door. She always kept the cat door on an open hinge, and so she pushed through with relative ease. Even though she was in the middle of a stride, she transformed back into her human shape; retaining her slim tail and tufted ears whilst the black strapless dress reformed. "Now, where did I place my cauldron...?~"

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