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((Du Weldenvarden literally means "The Guarding Forest." It contains Ellesmera, the elves' capital. as well as a few other cities. Mostly elves live here but they extend their hospitality graciously to Dragons and Riders, persons of importance, and very rarely travelers with a reputation.))

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Xenali was awakened by a soft snuffing in her ear. She opened her midnight blue eyes and cocked her eyebrow in an amused expression. Standing above her was a light gray flea-bitten stallion, the horse she had been using during her temporary stay in Du Weldenvarden. Apparently he had taken a liking to her.

Aethyr was amused as well. He beat the tip of his tail on the ground, causing their whole hut to shake. It's not like they had slept in it, but it had been there just in case.
He seems a bit needy, he commented dryly. Maybe he has a crush on you.

I don't have hooves, she responded, reaching her hand up to stroke his neck. "Eitha," she murmured out loud. He snorted and trotted off like he was told. Then she rose from the ground and, with a little bit of help from Aethyr, climbed onto his back.

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