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Yes, Demonic is now here >:D she has taken the time to read the rules and regulations and is now ready to do some serious creating. Is also wondering when she started referring to herself in third person whilst popping cold pills.

My characters shall be posted shortly. Mwahahah-hackscoughsdies-ahahaha.


Kaede Fukui (human)

Dismas Tamás (werecat)


Ithel ap Rhys (human)

Saraid Ó Fearáin (elf)


Dulais (bonded)

Aoife (bonded)

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A fairly new character from another group (I'm not advertising, just stating a fact), that I felt would fit right along here in this group. I changed a few things (meaning replacing his entire personality OTL), but his overall traits have remained. This particular guy is a Civilian.

-Name- Kaede Ueno Fukui (I was originally going to name him something else, but this is a character I'm rather fond of and didn't have the heart to change anything but his surname. Fukui stands for "fortunate")

-Gender- Male

-Race- Human

-Age- 23

-Role- Assassin with the front of a prostitute. (Poor Kaede, I promise you, one day you shall be a rich ambassador)

-Appearance- Kaede has hair that is rather long for a boy, that he keeps finely brushed and neat, rarely, if ever, taking scissors to the pale, almost white hair that fades to an airy pink close to the end of his locks, which he dies for added strike. He has been know to tie it into a braid when in battle, or tuck it beneath a hat when he's going for a more manlier approach, which isn't too often.

With slanted eyes as a nod to his foreign heritage, Kaede's eyes are a rather strange shade of diluted red, almost hot pink in some lighting, genetic changes gifted upon him by a rather generous elf. His original eye colour was a muted shade of blue, bordering on grey. They are noted to be slightly tired, a nod to his "job", with dark shadows ringing their edges.

Weighing a little over 125 lbs and of rather considerable height (6'2 ft), Kaede is a rather androgynous male, with sharp, angled features, and sloped, gentle shoulders. Though most do not take him as a fighter, the wiry man holds an inner strength necessary for the protection of himself and his "sisters."

His skinniness, though, can almost be described as a fault, and most would take him as anorexic at first sight, his spine and ribs bony ridges against his thin skin, quite grotesque at times. It is a genetic trait passed down to him from his deceased mother, Ueda, who was similarly built.

Notable enough to mention, Kaede has thin scars criss-crossing most of his bony fingers and slim upper arms, remnants of working on the fishing vessels year earlier, which wasn't quite to his liking when he figured that everything sharp an nasty on the vessel found a way to puncture and scrape his pasty skin.

Of course I have a picture, always have and always will.

-Personality- There is a reason why he is known as the lashing tiger back home, and it is not a name given in jest or drunken fun.

It is very well possible that in the long years he has plied his trade that Kaede has become warped and twisted with the memories of his failures and victories, but as the days have passed and the nights have reigned, he has become withdrawn and lethargic to the overall rules of the world, not truly recognizing friend from foe when it comes to the straight facts.

Most of what he does is an fake front. If he smiles warmly, cradling his chin in his hand, he is mentally disembowelling you while laughing maniacally. If he listens carefully with a patient ear and sharing a mournful sympathy, he has already formulated a plan of slipping you poison when you are unaware.

Despite being what he is, he has an extreme dislike of anyone invading his personal space, and has threatened to have the fingers removed from his customers if they dare touch him anywhere other than what they are there for (i.e, as in not touching his face or hair, it's a nasty pet peeve if I do say so myself).

Kaede is quick and thorough in his kills, and leaves very little evidence behind, though in his more morose periods, he wishes that his enemies would finally just find him and hang him on the gallows.

-Other- I guess I can add a bit of his history here. Kaede comes from the Southern Isles, or, more specifically, Illium Island, where both generations of his family have lived and died. He was born to Ueda and Yuudai Fukui, a struggling family who truly did not need a child.

Unfortunately, his mother died soon after his birth, and his father turned upon the squalling babe Kaede was then with a malicious fury, his grief stricken heart incapable of loving the trouble child.

With this bracing him, at the age of five he enrolled onto a fishing vessel to add to the poor income his now drunkard of a father rolled in, and added a crown to the two his father made.

This went on for about seven years, until, one day, he finally had enough. On an excursion to Aroughs to trade the fish they brought in, he slipped from his captain and submerged himself into the dusty culture of Surda, where he came into the tutelage of Slamet, an ageing Uden assassin with nothing better to do than teach the wily boy that arts of seduction and assassination (with the help of his wife, Tri, who had once worked as a concubine for one of the Surda Nobles).

When his tutelage was complete, the couple sent him off, paying for his way and introduction to a brothel in Dras-Leaona, where his skills would be particularly useful. He was fifteen at the time, and had already been plying his trade since the age of thirteen (Tri was quite happy to show him the way).

Since then, he has managed to squirrel away quite the fortune of two thousand crowns, both in head hunts and other activities, and could quite conceivably retire in the next decade if he triples his duties.

All right, I'm done now, if I need to change anything just tell. Until then I'm going to go find my hot water bottle, the cat, and a bottle of more cold pills /shot/

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I love him.

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That's pretty sick. In both contexts.

I concur with Yums' statement.

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Why thank you, Yum, Aria.


-Name- Dulais

-Gender- Female

-Bonded or Wild?- Bonded

-Age- 57 years

-Size- Though perhaps not as bulky and tall as her underlings, Dulais is like a whip, easily as long as 100 metres (roughly around 328 ft), perhaps even longer(her rider got tired of measuring her after her fiftieth year), with a long scraggly tail that makes up a good part of her length. As I previously said, she is very short, about the height of a regular bus when standing at her tallest, which is a rare thing, since she is the type to slink close to the ground.

She does not have very large wings, in width, I mean, and much like her body they are very, very long, about 57 metres, give or take, whilst her eyes are about the size of a dinner plate cut in half, and her talons about the length of a good size sword.

-Appearance- As previously stated, Dulais is like a coiled whip, always ready to lash out at a moments notice and her body accompanying this vicious attitude. An inky black, there is no colour difference between her muted ebony scales and jagged horns, which protrude from her lower jaw to the top of her thin skull, numbering nine all together and continuing down her ridged spine, leaving little room for her Rider to safely perch among the dangerously sharp protrusions.

Her eyes are a blazing violet, gleaming in the night sky in which she rules, with only a faint, white pupil glistening in the ethereal glow of the blazing purple. Her neck is very thick in comparison to her body, giving her as good of striking ranger as her tail does, her almost hawk-like beak able to pierce the hardest of armour.

Overall, Dulais bears startling resemblance to the Fanghur with her length and overall slinking body, her chest only a metre or two wider than the rest of her and tapering again as soon as it begins. Her legs are rather stubby (don't give me that look), to accommodate with the extreme length, and they're quite far apart, once more because of the overall length, though it does leave her with about thirty metres to drag around.

Her wings are very thin, the webbing that allows her flight so thin that in the day-light it is possible to see through the murky coloured webbing to the other side of the sky. It is of note, though, that her wings have been badly damaged in a courting ritual gone wrong irreparable holes torn into and along the edges of the thin flesh.

And finally, her tail is very oddly studded, with horns twice the length of the usual and alternating every seven or eight metres leaving bare flesh for the equal amount, until the tip of her tail is covered with wicked edges long enough and sharp enough to easily beat her claws in usefulness.

She is, overall, a very exotic dragon and the only one to come from her particular line.

-Talents- Dulais is very gifted when it comes to flying, particularly in the night, where she regularly forces her Rider to don his gear and take flight, but she is also skilled in the art of combat, using her winding tail and snapping jaws to her advantage whenever the opportunity reveals itself, which isn't very often, sadly enough. But, overall, her biggest strength is her agile flight and piercing wisdom.

-Personality- In all realities, Dulais and her Rider are almost perfectly matched in temperament, neither having much to say, but, when it comes down to it, Dulais is much more driven that Ithel, who ponders the point of getting out of bed every single morning.

She is a very calm individual, not prone to worry or regret, and has the patience to wait long periods of time just for the game of it, dissecting the movements and thoughts of any individual she comes across, much to everyone's annoyance. Dulais is also one to fall victim of a slow, crawling curiosity, leading her to prod and poke the said curiosity until she has had her fill of gained knowledge.

She has little sense of privacy (she is a dragon after all), and shares everything between herself and her Rider, sharpening his intelligence even as he bogs her down into a lazy slug.

She isn't one to have great currents of emotions, and anything she does feel is very muted, unlike her kin, leaving her with an apathy that refuses to disperse.

-Bond- Ithel ap Rhys

Other: I'll get around to this later, but I've spent 45 minutes doing this, and if I don't get off soon, my sister is going to murder me and bury me in the backyard. When I do get back (in an hour), I'll give details of her history.

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Both of your characters... So... Cynical O.o

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-shrugs- Probably just the mood I'm in today, I didn't really mean to make them so much alike XD

Though Dulais is much more patient than Kaede.

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I would really, really hope so.

Are you okay, by the way? What's up with the cough drops? O.o

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Fuck! Damn you Java! I lost Ithel's entire effing character sketch because of your damn updates. -collapses to floor and hugs her hot water bottle, sobbing-

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-Name- Ithel ap Rhys

-Gender- Male

-Race- Human.

-Age- 80 years

-Appearance- Ithel is like a rope, long and lanky (he's just a little under 6'5 ft tall), but built with a reliable strength that he naturally falls upon, his body corded with the years upon years of hard training he endured.

Surprisingly enough, Ithel shares some similar traits between Dulais and himself, his misty eyes only a few shades off of the brilliant violet she has, the indigo in his eyes veined with a brilliant blue, and framed with dark eyelashes and a proud brow.

His hair is wispy and long, well past his waist and the bane of his more proper friends, the dampened black fading to a charcoal grey near the roots and ends of his hair, and in some places is high-lighted with brunette strands. He almost always wears it in a lengthy tail, keeping it in place with a silver band gifted upon him by his mother years before.

He has a rather prominent, Roman nose that comes from his father's side, but with the pale, ivory complexion of his mother. He has full lips that are ruined on one side by a long, horizontal scar stretching from the top of his lip to the bottom of his chin, an unfortunate result of a careless training accident and a stern reminder to himself to always be careful, one of the many reasons he didn't have it magically healed.

As the Riders' before him experienced, over the 57 years he has served as a Rider, Ithel has taken on some distinctly elven features, his ears changing to angled tips and his overall features and body thinning into an alien version of what he once was, though he is still broader in chest than his Elvish companions, and he is built as only a human can be, with thick, well-muscled arms and a toned chest, though he is no where near the build that blacksmiths and mercenaries have.

More often than not, Ithel wears his armour, a trait he picked up on from his military father, who considered it a must in his day to day rituals. But on his leisure days, he has been known to wear a darkly coloured, high-collared tunic, and his usual leather pants.

-Personality- Much like his dragon, Ithel is a very patient man, not one to hurry and scurry from place to place and instead taking his merry old time wandering the streets of Illeria, his home city.

A master strategist despite his overall slothful persona, it is an ease for Ithel to track and dissect the reasons behind the movements of an enemy group, given a couple of well thought hours, a trait that is the pride of his line of military geniuses. But, in a fight or flight situation, Ithel is more than likely choose the latter, his yellow streak rather wide for a man of his profession, though he is very loyal to those whom he deems trustful (because, despite his intelligence level, he has an extreme paranoia of hired hit-men and crude mercenaries coming to kill him), and willing to cause bodily harm to himself to save his friends.

But, as I've said, Ithel is nothing but lazy first, and he'd rather lay about his apartment contemplating the way of the world and whether the existence of a god is plausible than enter a battle, whether it be wits or physical, and nothing compares to his joy of finding a well thought out novel.

Ithel is never one to display anger, an ugly emotion he refuses to associate with, and believes that everything can be solved with well thought actions and words, and he has been known to frown upon those who do not consider this path. When intoxicated, he is rather prone to outrageous moments of unexplainable happiness and gaiety, the complete opposite of his usual introspective self, and some will use any excuse to get the man drunk for their own amusement, even Dulais herself.

-History- Ithel comes from a long line of military persons residing in Illeria, many of whom once upon a time served the mad old king, and he was the first of four generations to succeed in his quest to become a Rider, and he has become an idol in his rather large and extended family.

Ithel is the first of several sons born to Rhys and Aerten Cadwalader (a named earned by Rhys's numerous victories, and his former position of general), and the joy of his eldest sister, Anhun, whom he shares a close bond with to this day (despite her current age of ninety-two, the last of his siblings and the only one to survive to an elder age).

It was Anhun who prodded him to touch the murky egg the day it came to the castle courtyard, where thousands of eager children well below his age range waited, and the only one to cheer as the spider web cracks had shattered the delicate thing and revealing it to the then twenty-three year old Ithel. Because of this, Dulais shares a very unique relationship with her Rider's sister, and they often share rather crude jokes about the slim Rider, much to his embarrassment, since they do not understand the concept of whispering.

His training lasted an infuriating five years, since the quirky lad arrived late or not at all more than half the time, and both he and his master thought he would never reach the title of a true Rider, though he did at the age of twenty-eight.

Since then, he has done what many of his companions do, fight when needed and sleep when not, but not letting himself loose the edge that had been the deadly blade of the first order.

-Talents- As mentioned before, Ithel is a military mastermind, able to read maps and military movements like any general before him, but he does also have some other, rather profound talents. He is excellent at night-time reconnaissance, and at the free-fall his Dragon has repeatedly stressed upon him. In battle, his spear is fast and lethal, though he prefers to use it in aerial battle than ground.

-Other- Where other Riders' have swords, Ithel specializes in the use of a spear, and had one forged in place of a bulky sword.

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I likes him. Very much.

For some reason, I want to pair him, but he doesn't seem like the type to open up all too readily... :P

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Yeeeeaaaah, probably take five years, with all that paranoia XD and thanks.

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Pfuaw. I can make a girl who'd open him... I think.

Would you be willing to give it a shot?? :D (i'm bored and need more characters... obviously >.>)

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lol, yeah, sure, it could prove to be amusing >:D (And I know what you mean, I grow characters (and boredom) by the crop load)

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Very amusing... >:3

Lol ikr? I harvest the boredum... It leads to dramatic outbursts of creativity XD

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-Name- Dismas Tamás

-Gender- Male

-Race- Werecat

-Age- 19

-Role- Thief

-Appearance- Dismas, as most of his kin, takes the appearance of a slight boy, no older than sixteen and most certainly no younger than fourteen, with a smooth, unlined complexion and slanted, lime green eyes that speaks of disapproval of your birth.

Dismas prefers to keep his sleek, dusty black hair cropped short, the thick lengths curling slightly at the end as if a cow has been giving him grooming licks all night, which irritates him to no end, since he's rather a perfectionist when it comes to his appearance, so he come to the habit of constantly smoothing down the front of his bangs in a vain attempt of keeping them down, and don't even get him started on the curly little bastards at the base of his neck.

Dismas is rather dour in expression, slim eyebrows almost always lowered in irritation or disdain, and his jawline rather sharp for a boy, and his mouth rather...feminine, while his nose is a perky sprite in the otherwise sour domain. He is rather thin, but with killer, slim hips to make the ladies weep, and has a rather long waist and legs, despite the fact that he is of average height (5'7).

He isn't very toned, built more like the cat he is than the boy he is supposed to be, with a compact body tuned to the needs of climbing outrageous heights and sneaking around heavily guarded manors, his build giving him a rather adept agility. It is too note that his hands are rather calloused and worn.

Now, as to when he feels like wandering around furred rather than as a bumbling human, Dimas, or, as he prefers as that persona, Tamas, resembles a Siamese cat with large, bat like ears and luminous granny smiths apple green. Unlike the rest of his kin, who are rather...furry, to say the least, Tamas's fur is short and minimal, though slightly tuffed at the hips.

His fur is a sleek black, perfect for penetrating the darkness, and he has a very long (almost obscenely) tail, that he sometimes places rings on. His whiskers are on the stunted side, after a rather horrid incident with a gypsy candle.

-Personality- Dismas is a stubborn, loud-mouthed, ignorant little whelp if there's ever been one, and that's saying the least. Good manners is a non-existent term for him, and his obscene talk has gotten him in more than a few scraps, though he more than willing to back up his talk. He can't find it in him to really care about other's feelings (its just to much work), and his surly behaviour prevents anyone from thinking otherwise, though he is rather sensitive about comments about his looks (vain little bugger he is).

He probably a narcissus, as current evidence suggests, and he can't control the itch to insult anyone he thinks better looking then himself. When it comes to giving affection (to those handful he does truly care for), it is rather awkward on his part, since he isn't the best at giving those type of emotions.

But, as "Tamas" he is significantly more respectful and knowledgeable (though the vain streak remains, unfortunately), and he is more willing to offer his advice and wisdom in a matter. Just why he changes in persona is unknown, even to himself, but perhaps it is just his cat-like pride acting up when he transforms, or just him being fickle again.


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...Werecats exist in this world?

message 18: by SpazzyJazzy (new)

SpazzyJazzy Yeah they do. Does the name Solembum ring a bell? :P (Or I think it was Solembum anyway...)

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Uhhhhhhhhmmmmm..... *thinks really hard* ....hhhhhhhmmmmm......... Nope!

Was this in Inheritance? My brother's hogging it and won't hand it over.

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No, Solembum was there from the very first book. XD

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Awesomely Random the Bestest D-Con | 12 comments Hum. I was under the impression Solembum was the name of a cat out of Alice in Wonderland. Or that maybe it was the name of a witch's cat in some kind of story. You know the ones; make evil little potions, give people poisonous apples...

As a matter of interest, how many of ya can recite the whole of the "Little Miss. Muffet" nursery rhyme off by heart?

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Kayla | 105 comments Mod

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Awesomely Random the Bestest D-Con | 12 comments :D For real? You have been able to do what 28 Australian 17-18 year olds in a Science lab failed to do. :P

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Kayla | 105 comments Mod
Shut up! :P

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There, all done, are my characters approved, Yum?

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Demoniiccc..... I change my minddd.... Can I pair Dismas /Tamás instead? ;u; pretty please?

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lol, sure XD just make sure to keep his ego in check.

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Make her when I get back from Orchestra.

Awesomely Random the Bestest D-Con | 12 comments Yum-Yum the Warrior wrote: "Shut up! :P"

Hey, no worries, mate. ^_^ It's a good thing! We got one line done, stumbled on the second line, then made the rest of it up. :P

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^ That sounds like fun :D

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Yes. Yes they are, Demonic. I'm very proud.

'Course you did. XD

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Hey Demonic!! I finished Eylessia for Dismas :DDD

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-Name- Aoife

-Gender- Female

-Bonded or Wild?- Bonded

-Age- 94 years

-Size- Physically a small being (particularly for her age), to those not in the know-how Aoife has a very small presence, taking up little more than a quarter of a "football" field and barely large enough (and with strength enough) to carry both herself and her Rider.

Wings are always brought close and tight to her cat-like back, the appendages the only things you could describe as "large" of her. They are twice her side, and hard upon her frame, weighing her down more than granting her airy freedom.

-Appearance- Like glass, Aoife is a frail creature, with thin, fish-like scales doing little to protect the velvet flesh beneath. She is coloured a delicate fuchsia, like the blossoms of her Rider's birthplace, her hide something truly magnificent to behold as she lay scintillating in the nearest lake or pond.

If you do not fear her and bear the stead-fast heart needed to approach Aoife, you will meet large, violet eyes of piercing knowing. Her long, thin head will be angled to meet your own gaze, whiskers alert and horns gently curved. It is then, only then, when she lets out a low, purple blaze will you know that she has seen all that there is to see of you.

Though she is long of body (but no where near the magnificent length of Dulais), she is also tall of height, with no spines decorating her lithe back. Her legs are long and thin, more accustomed to short, careful steps than long, strong strides, a careful being both in and out of the air.

-Talents- Where other dragons rely upon brute of strength and quick of wit, Aoife relies solely upon the strength of her mind. Because of this, she is not a physical battler, but a mental one, crumbling the hearts and will of any foolish enough to cross her with an ease that has been known to frighten her own Rider.

Though few minds can escape her worming, mental strength, there have been those with the power to avoid her attacks, such as the oldest of dragons and Eldunari, and some of the elvish-folk.

-Personality- Aoife is a quiet being, preferring to watch and wait rather than cause unnecessary fuss over trivial matters, preferring to keep her own council from even her own Rider.

In her world, there is no joy-making or moments of idle freedom, there is always and constantly the dark horizon of traitors and murders, thieves and those driven by the mind-numbing lust.

She believes that the only one a dragon can truly trust is the Rider, and that all other's are black corpses of corruption and betrayal. If allowed, she would prefer to slaughter her way through those dark of heart until everything was as "clean" and "pure" as would meet her own standards.

-Bond- Saraid Ó Fearáin


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-Name- Saraid Ó Fearáin

-Gender- Female

-Race- Elf

-Age- 197 years

-Appearance- Much like her bonded dragon, Saraid is a gentle blossom, slender and poised with all the grace of royalty. While the delicate nature is true for her partner, Saraid's seemingly frail nature is an illusion and nothing more. Slim arms are corded and trained, capable of wielding a bow with an expertise often envied and rarely bested.

As a member of the elven race, it is unsurprising when faced with her inner strength, for her blood is strong in her, despite the many faults it has wrought. Her eyes, slanted and coloured the warmest shade of greys, are set deep into her face, complimenting the slim planes of her features and providing the hawk-like eyesight needed for her bow work. Her eyes are lined with thick eyelashes, but heavy brows hang above them, a fault she has never appreciated.

Though not as dark as those of her family, Saraid's hair is a russet colour, not quite brown and not quite red, hovering in that space between them both and complimenting the fair skin tone that comes to spending many hours in the dark alcoves of her family's library. She often wears her hair in twin buns atop of her head, with the majority of it hanging loose in a low, loose braid upon her back.

Saraid rarely wears any other colours beside fuchsia and gold, keeping her features concealed beneath a hanging bit of silk to conceal the scars on her throat, the reasons for her muteness and the greatest shame of her family. These are the only scars upon the otherwise flawless skin of the girl, as she strives to keep away the taint that she believes hangs upon her, scrubbing away the nicks and bruises of combat with her violet magic.

She often wears small blossoms in her hairs, many of them coming from her string of admirers, and it has been remarked by Aoife that her entire being seems drenched in the sometimes sickeningly sweet stench of the exotic flowers. It is rumoured to have been said that she wears the flowers to conceal the scent of blood, her most hated scent and something that will make her deathly ill, one of the many reasons why she fights with a bow and not a sword.

-Personality- Though at one point in time Saraid was a hopeful flower, she is now little more than a shy blossom revealing its petals to the eye of the moon.

Years of self-imposed seclusion has led her to shun most contact, her only contact with those of lofty elvish lords seeking her hand.

Though she is a very quiet individual (as she is mute), she is a fearsome warrior, capable of summoning a rage in combat that is fearsome to most.

-History- Saraid is the only daughter of an elvish lord, the most precious and dear of his children and considered one of his closest advisers since a tender age. She is the everything of her father, her four brothers often times coming second in light of any one of her plights. She will admit that she was a spoilt child, as Saraid had her every need catered to by her parents.

Jealousy resulted, stirred in the hearts of her eldest brother as he was pushed aside for a girl who had little importance for the continuation of their house. Like a disease, it poisoned the heart of her dearest brother, and when she lay sleeping in her garden, he made to slit her throat.

He succeeded, in a way, but he did not kill her as desired. Instead, he took the thing most dear to her, Saraid's voice and her pride.

She could never forgive him, and he was banished from the elven lands and told never to return. Whether he still lives or if he has died in the many years since his leave is something that has continuously haunted her, and she fears his returning like no other.

Scars remained with her. Blood would cause her gut-wrenching illness, and scars were a bane she worked constantly against. Saraid was near mad with her loss, but the hatching of a single dragon saved her, resulting in a bond between the two that will never shatter. In each of the other's eyes, they are each other's only trusted companions, and with the dragon's guidance, Saraid slowly closed out the world around her, coming only when others had need of her.

-Talents- There are few out there who can successfully take out a man from the top of a dragon back miles high in the air, but Saraid has all but mastered this. She is considered a master bowman, and one of the best warriors of her family.


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