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message 1: by Nikki (new)

Nikki the person below me....... (next person answer then ask a new question)

has stayed up til dawn just to finish a book?

message 2: by Lindsey (new)

Lindsey (jaidelily) | 19 comments Harry Potter, book 5, I bought it at midnight, finished it at 6 am.

the person below me......(next person answer then ask a new question)

has read a novel they never thought they'd like and ended up really enjoying it?

message 3: by Nikki (new)

Nikki I haven't read any books I thought I wouldn't like. Most of them are ones that I have some interest in.


has read a series from book 1 to the last one right after another with no others in between?

message 4: by Kelly Sowa (new)

Kelly Sowa | 10 comments is there another way to truly read a series? One of the better perks of constantly being behind everyone else in the literary world is discovering a series after the very last book has already come out:-) most recently I read the entire hunger games series I two days.


what is the last guilty pleasure book you read and what did you REALLY think of it?

message 5: by Nikki (new)

Nikki what do you mean by "last guilty pleasure book"?

message 6: by Kelly Sowa (new)

Kelly Sowa | 10 comments The last book you would never have admitted to buying/ checking out at the library, but were a tiny bit excited to read. Mine was Bride Required by Alison Fraser. It was classic Harlequin, but I love it when the main characters are beautiful and the male interest is obscenely rich. aaaaaah, a girl can dream....

message 7: by Lindsey (new)

Lindsey (jaidelily) | 19 comments (Me too, Kelly. Me too.) I read Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife by Linda Berdoll. It's about what happens to Darcy and Elizabeth after Pride and Prejudice ends. I totally thought it was going to be a bosom heaving harlequin romance, and it actually ended up being nothing like that, and totally awesome.


How do you feel about the Twilight Series?

message 8: by Kelly Sowa (new)

Kelly Sowa | 10 comments (I'm totally adding that book to my to-read list!) I feel stupid for reading them. As soon as I was done, i thought "I cannot believe that I, an ADULT, just wasted four days of my life on that." I felt even worse when I saw the first movie. Never saw the rest, after that!


Can you remember the first book you read that made a strong impact on you? what was it? how old were you?

message 9: by Lindsey (new)

Lindsey (jaidelily) | 19 comments hahaha Kelly, I love you. I feel the same way. Most of my friends hate me because I always trash Twilight.

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