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This is Europe, totally out of school.



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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) ((pretty :) ))

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Serena was on the airplane, the attendants waiting for everyone to come in before leaving for Europe. She waited impatiently for all the passengers to come in.

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) Ky ran all the way to the airport. He was slitly out of breath when he arrived. He entered and walked over to the borad of all the flights. He saw Europe- Flight 61B exit 17.
He ran for exit 17. He got there right before the doors closed. He ran passed the flight attendants, not caring about not having aa ticket. The doors closed and he heard the echo as he picked up sppeed. He stepped on the plane and looked around for Serena. He couldnt find her so he sat in an open seat, and wait until they were in the air to get up.

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She sat down alone in the corner, glad that the plane finally took off.

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) Ky stretched his neck to search the crowd. He got quick glimses here and there at different parts of the plane. He looked up at the little seat belt sign. It was stil glowing red. He needed to stand to get a better look. He waited impatiently

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Hours pased and Serena fell asleep, her head leaning against the window.

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) ((violet is still at school. Serena fell a sleep lol))

Ky lifted his head and saw the light was off. He reached for his seat belt and unbuckled it. Ky streached as he stood. He made his way into the as asle and looked in each row. He had to pee, so he headed to the back for a the bathrroom.

He came back out, and looked to his right, he saw Serena. He didnt want to scare her so he made a slow approch.

"Hey" he said

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She woke up, rubbing her eyes. But they widened as she saw Ky. "What are you going here?!"

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) "I came to protect you" Ky said sliding into an empty

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She frowned. "No. You being here is going to kill you."

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) "I dont easily as I told your cousin." he smirked. "I want you to be safe"

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"Please Ky. When we land get the next plane out of here." She pleaded.

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) Ky shook his head, "No Serena. I cant let that ex of your hurt you if he get close"

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"Why do you even care about me anyways?" She asked him, tilting her head. "I'm just a friend you met a week ago."

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) "I though we went over that back at school" he laughed. "You fell for me I fell for you." he said. He lloked around then countined. "Im just trying to help, you but I can clearly see I made a mistake" Ky said

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She shook her head, finally he was getting it. "Of course you made a mistake!"

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) "WEll, then ok." ky said standing up. A flight attendent came up behide him

"Sir the seat belt button is on, please sit back down" she said

"I was just going-" he was cut off by her

"Please sit down"

Ky slid back into the seat, and put his seat belt on. "Guess your stuck with me" he said to her not looking at her

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She groaned. "Just great. At least you're going back, right?"

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) He didnt answer her. His phine buzzed and he pulled it out. He saw it was Violet.

'Are you there yet, Jake just left.'

"Depends" he said to her

'Almost' he replyed to Violet

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"What are you talking about?" She asked.

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) "I might go back or I might just travel around Europe and you can go do your thing. Maybe I need a vacation" he said.

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((gtg bye!))

She smiled and leaned back on her chair. "Great, you need a vacation. So after this plane ride, we'll be parting ways."

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) ((k bye))

"Sure if that what you want." he said
"I just dont get you, at all. And im normally good with figuring out people. Why dont you want help" he spat sitting up and turning to face her.

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She shook her head but ignored looking at him. "I don't want help because I don't want to hurt people."

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) "I understand that part, thats all you say. I get it. You want to be on your own to save others. But did you ever think that the others out there want to save you?" Ky asked her, looking at her expression from the corner of his eye.

"Also just an idea, but maybe you could stop this guy if you had help. What if this guy catches you and then you get hurt. How will you get out, if no ones their to help? The people/person that helps doesnt need to be with you all the time, just near you. Like you can be ahead of them, but they will always be one step behide you, incase you need help." he finished and exhaled.

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She shrugged. "I figured that one out. Fight until you're hurt then I die. No one will mourn anyways if I die, except for Jake but he can heal."

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) He gave her a look. "Really? There are more than Jake who would care. Remeber that"

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"Like who, exactly? You and Violet? I'm sure you two would move on."

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) "You always think "move on" its not always that easy" he told her. He exhaled and wondered how much longer it was til landing. He checked his phone, ~No New Messages~ read across the screen.
"Do you hust "move on?" or does it take you time?" he asked

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"Hmm. . . both. Sometimes, it takes time for me to move on but I manage."

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) "See things do take time. Some longer than others"

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She smiled faintly at him. "Glad you actually care."

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) "Of course I do. Thats what I've been trying to tell you" he smiled at her

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She shook her head. "It's dangerous to care for me." She looked outside the plane and asked. "When are we going off?"

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) "Um im not sure." Ky said. He looked around for a flight atendent, but couldnt find one.
"DOnt be sad." he said gently, touching her shoulder

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She smiled faintly. "I seriously think you can do a whole lot better than to help me."

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) "But I like helping" he said. "Hey, its not everyday I say that" he joked with her. He flet bad for being stubbern but he did care about her

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She gave him an awkward hug. "Thanks."

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) Ky hugged her back and relaxed a little. This whole thing has been a handful of stress.
"Your welcome" he said. He looked at her and smiled

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"How'd you get the money to buy a last-minute airplane ticket?" She asked.

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) "Who said I bought it? Who says I even have one?" he gave her a smirk

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She quirked an eyebrow. "So you just sneaked in here?" She raised her lips to a smile. Sneakiness was her thing.

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) A huge grin spread across his face. "YOu know it. Thats how I rool" he laughed

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She laughed. "Oh, really?"

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) "Yep" he gave her a wink. "Why am I to bad for you?" he joked

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She tried to stop laughing. "Too bad for me? No I've kind of dated worse as you know."

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) "Oh really" he smirked. "Well then." he said looking away dramticly

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She rolled her eyes. "Whatever, Ky. Stop acting like that!" She said but smirked.

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) He raised his hands, "Im just joking around. This flight is boring, so trying to pass time." he smiled

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