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Book for boys?
Lindsey Lindsey Nov 17, 2011 03:56AM
Because I love this book so much I recently recommended that my boyfriend read it too. Now I'm having second thoughts after thinking about it, since the main character is a girl and he might not be able to identify with her or enjoy the story.

Thoughts? Any guys read this book and loved it, hated it?

im a 25 year old guy, and i loved the whole trilogy ;)

liTTleTalks wow will...haha my mom is 34-49(i dont wana say her real age) and she LOVES the series
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Sara Siegesmund Lindsey - the boys at school LOVE it. Has he read it yet? I'm trying to get Scott to read it...but he refuses books in general. LAME! ...more
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I read this book and really enjoyed it. I like a good female protagonist (I was a big Xena fan too.). To be honest, I didn't see the romance angle in this book. I have the next 2 in the series but haven't read them yet, so maybe the romance is more obvious in them.

I think if the romantic angle were more prominent in this book, I wouldn't have enjoyed it so much. As is, it's a strong female protagonist in a good action story set in an interesting dystopian world. That's enough for me.

I was recommended this book by a guy actually. I loved it! A ton of guys and girls I know have read it and they all love it! Gender shouldn't have anything to do with whether or not someone will enjoy this book or any book.

Protaginists' gender or sexuality has no impact on whether or not I can identify to them. It's there voice that will make me identify.

Everybody who I've talked to IRL, including guys, have loved this series.

I'm a girl and definitely think that anyone can read this book. Sometimes when guys read books from a different perspective they understand things differently.
Lindsey: Did he end up enjoying it?

My guy friends love it! In fact, I fan-girl with them over it more then I do with my friends who are girls:P

yes! i think that boys will enjoy it 2:)

My neighbors son is in Afganistan and he read all 3 books in a week. And all of the guys in his unit are waiting in line to read them. Also Eragon is a good series.

it is absolutely a both gender-book i loved it. i am a girl but i know that its a very popular book in my school with both gendars

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