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Angels + no emotions = what?
Sakura Sakura Nov 17, 2011 01:33AM
Okay here's what I had issues with after reading Hush, Hush *again* and still had with it when I first read it (one year ago) the whole angels not feeling emotions thing. Why or how does this have anything to do with the story? I mean what's up with Patch not having emotions just because he's a fallen angel? Oh second thought whats with any of the angel books (excluding Fallen by Lauren Kate) that are out lately that have to do with Angels not having emotions? *And no I'm not getting into it with anyone about religion preferences at all, even though I respect everyones preferences on said subject* I mean can someone help me out here?

What always got to me was that, if he can't feel Nora's touch while they are being intimate, how does he know how to respond to what she's doing?

You know, if his eyes are closed while they are kissing, he would have no idea what she was doing to him! How does he know how to kiss back?!

It's so confusing!

I don't get it much either but all I know is that Patch responds to Nora and Nora responds to Patch. That's all I need.

I never noticed that. I get what you guys are saying but it didnt bother me. See I am not picky on movies and books at all :D

I always assumed that he can feel emotions and touch, but that he just doesn't feel any pain or pleasure from it. Kind've like when someone taps you on the shoulder or pokes you. You know it happened, but it didn't feel good and nor does it hurt.

I thought that he could feel emotions, just not physical contact? Like, he had love, hate, anger, happiness, etc, he just couldn't feel proper sensations, like was 'in a glass box' (as quoted)?

Yep what Taylor and Abigail said, fallen angels..well actually angels in general can feel emotions they just can't feel anything physical. What I don't get his how an angel is allowed to get all lusty but can't fall in love o.O

i think its just a crazy thing made up for the story. it really doesn't work, tho...

It wasn't emotions he couldn't feel, he just couldn't feel anything physical. He even says at the end of the book that he can feel emotions just not when he touched Nora

Patch CAN feel emotions; that's why he likes kissing Nora even though he can't actually physically FEEL it. He does have emotions, actually.

He feels emotions just not the physical touch sensation, so let's get that straight so we can have a real discussion. Also Becca sets it up perfectly for why he cannot feel touch in the book.

It's to bulk up the book even more with pointless facts. Good book though (y)

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