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message 1: by Larry (new)

Larry Moniz (larrymoniz) Hi everyone. The prodigal returns? :-)

I really missed the robust discussions in this group compared to some. But my immediate publishing goal was met with my latest book, a time travel/historical -- Just in time for the holidays.

Best to all!


Self-Promotion for Authors by Larry Moniz Murder in the Pinelands (Inside Story) by Larry Moniz The Rebellion by Larry Moniz Dead Storage by Larry Moniz

message 2: by J.A. (last edited Nov 16, 2011 09:47PM) (new)

J.A. Beard (jabeard) Welcome back and congrats on your new release.

Indeed, this is an unusual and thought-provoking group.

message 3: by Claudine (new)

Claudine | 1110 comments Mod
Larry! Welcome back.

We don't hold grudges. Much. :D

message 4: by Katie (new)

Katie Stewart (katiewstewart) | 1099 comments Larry...Larry...I've heard that name somewhere.


message 5: by Andre Jute (new)

Andre Jute (andrejute) | 4851 comments Mod
Hey, Larry, you were a publicist for years, right? You must have known dozens of graphic designers capable of designing a jacket. So how come I can't read the titles of your books in your sig file above?

You went away, did you? I thought you were taking a break to work, or get a new heart, or something. Welcome back.

message 6: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Tillotson (storytellerauthor) | 1802 comments Claudine wrote: "Larry! Welcome back.

We don't hold grudges. Much. :D"

LOL, Claudine. Welcome back, Larry. I think...

message 7: by K.A. (new)

K.A. Jordan (kajordan) | 3042 comments Welcome back, Larry!

(You returned to the zoo, I see...we are a witty bunch, aren't we? We grow on people.)

message 8: by K.A. (new)

K.A. Jordan (kajordan) | 3042 comments HEY! You can't leave - you know you would miss us - with all our irrelevant conversation.

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