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Cat (coffeecat19) This is where I'll put my writing

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Cat (coffeecat19) Lord of the Rings continued (War of the North)...

Dedicated to My Mother, which, without her edging me on,
I wouldn’t have finished this book

Chapter 1

Bilbo lay in his room, wondering about what the undying lands would have looked like, if he were to make it there. He knew he would die here, in the ship, with the waves, and the elves he had such wonderful adventures with. The floor boards creaked and he heard Frodo came in and sit in the chair across the room.

“Frodo, come here.” He said in a weak voice.

“Oh, I’m sorry uncle. I thought you were asleep. What is it?”

“I want you to know, that I love you very much…. Like my own son.”

“I know uncle, I love you too. As if you were my own father.”

“Frodo, what ever did happen to that ring of mine?”

“I told you uncle, I’m … I’m afraid I… lost it.”

“Oh, oh well I much would’ve liked to be with it … one last time.”

And as he drew his last and final breath, his last thought was not of the ring or of his struggles in the time that it was in his possession. It was of Frodo. His family, his friends, his adventures, and how he had lived his life. 116 years. ‘What a life’ He thought. And as his eyes closed, he died a peaceful death, with Frodo by his side.

Later that day, Frodo was on the ship, leaning over the edge, staring at the sparkling waters, and the fish and dolphins swimming beside the boat, for there were always dolphins and exotic sea creatures swimming alongside the boat. He stared at one fish that looked a bit like a lion and a dolphin who was the color of pink. But not of dark pink, like a rose, but of a soft pink that could only be described as the pink you see at sunset on a cool summer’s eve. And then, Gandalf came to him.

“Frodo, I know that you just lost your dear Uncle Bilbo, but I must speak with you.” He said with urgency.

Gandalf led him into a room in the belly of the ship. It was dark and damp. Water surrounded the floor bout a quarter inch. The bottom of Gandalf’s long white robe was gray in the dim light, and looked black with the water that was soaking up around the edges.

“Now, Frodo, a great power has arisen. I think it’s time you knew Sauron’s story.”

So Gandalf went on about Sauron as a child.

“He had an interesting childhood.” Gandalf continued. “He had a strange power, magic, you could say. He could take the magic out of anything, plants that had certain properties, animals that had been touched by elves, even people. He would use it against his friends. One day his parents got very tired of him doing this. His father had come home drunk and beat him, so he ran away. He went in search of a place to stay until his father had, how should I say this, cooled down. He then found a cave. Inside it was hot, steamy and damp. When he opened the cave door, all he saw, was Balnagor.” Frodo’s eyes went wide with shock. “Yes that’s right. Balnagor was the great, great grandfather of smog. The one your Uncle Bilbo fought.” And Gandalf went on until sunset.

“So Sauron took the evil magic from Balnagor to form the ring. So when I destroyed the ring, Balnagor awakened.”

“That’s right Frodo. So we need to stay put. The dragon can not hurt you inside the undying lands, or when I am with you.”

“Why would he want to hurt me?”

“Balnagor has the same power as Sauron. Except he can sense it, not take it. He will want to kill the person who forged the ring with his power. Or the last one who touched it.”

Frodo wondered about what Gandalf had said. A great powerful winged demon was out to get him. What could he do. The boat then stopped. He wondered if he were there. He ran up to the deck, and saw it. There were peacocks, and exotic animals, and the most beautiful things he’d ever seen.

“Frodo, these are the undying lands. Welcome to your new home.” Gandalf said.

“Eldarion! Where is that boy?” Aragorn yelled, his hair now gray with age, but his voice still firm and strong. He was now of 93 years of age, but still strong enough to fight.

“Here I am father!” His son had said. Now 6 years old, he had started to take the looks of his mother Arwen, who had given up a life of immortality for the life of a mortal, to stay with Aragorn.

“Now, Eldarion, I need you to take care of your mother alright, I need to….. go away for awhile. Alright?”

“I know father. I know exactly what to do, because you go away so much. Goodbye father.”

Eldarion hugged his father and one single tear fell from his eye.

“What is this, princes don’t cry. You need to be a man, not some weak boy, for one day you will be king.”

Eldarion just nodded and hugged his father again and ran somewhere into the castle with a smile on his face. Aragorn heard the sound of footsteps came from the great hall of the castle behind him.

“Arwen,” He sounded quite surprised. “What is it?”

“You are leaving again, already, you have only gotten back 3 days ago.”

“I’m sorry, there are enemies coming from some far away island.” He started out the castle door and to the stables. “They carry the crest of a strange flower upon their armor. They come armed with many weapons, but there are few. I’ll be back in just about a week or so. I love you.” He said and he kissed her.

“I love you too.” Arwen said. And Aragorn rode off on Brego.

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Cat (coffeecat19) Chapter 2

Now Sam had written in the book and passed it on to his oldest daughter Elanor.

He was now 102 years old. Sam wished to go to the undying lands. Just as Frodo had done. He was all done packing, even though he didn’t have much to pack.

“I love you Rosie, and Frodo, live up to your name and be the man of the house. And Elanor, that book is very special to me, you take care of it.”

“I will father.” Elanor said to Sam. As Sam said goodbye to the rest of his children a single tear fell from his eye. He knew what he was doing was right, but he felt terrible for leaving his children.

Sam was on his boat. He had built a ship a long time ago. It wasn’t a big ship, just a smallish ship that could fit about 3 people on it. When he found out that Frodo was going to leave, shortly after his departure, Sam ran home and started building a boat to go and take Himself, Rosie, and one of his children to go see Frodo.

But he was now by himself, with only a few small bags. He didn’t plan on staying in the undying lands, he just wanted to see Frodo.

As he set sail, his children waed to him. He blew a kiss to Rosie. She caught it and held her hand to her heart as a single, crystal tear fell from her eye, sparkling in the sun. He too, had a tear, wetting his cheeck. He turned back and held on to the ship's wheel.

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Cat (coffeecat19) After facing off against the Volturi, Renesmee wants to have a normal life, but with her growing o quickly, and Jacob's love for her becoming more Intamate, can her life ever be normal?


My name is Renesmee. Renesmee Cullen

` And this is my story…….


Someone screamed loudly.

“The placenta must have detached!” Someone else shouted.

Then everything went sort of weird. It was really bright. Then someone said…

“Give…. Give her to me. Renesmee, so beautiful.” Then I was on her chest. Then I was gone.

“No give her back to me.” My mother shouted. Hey yeah. That’s who she is, my mother.

“No Renesmee, no.” Renesmee? Strange. Was that my name? It must have been. Why would they call me that if it wasn’t my name?

Then he handed me to a girl and she carried me off to some other room with white furniture. Well the couch was half white half red. It smelled good.

“Sorry about them, my name is Aunt Rosalie. And this is…. Jacob.” She said his name in disgust.

He stared at me, just stared. Then I wailed out in pain. He turned into a beast with claws and left scars all over me. But I was ok with that. And I don’t know why.

Today Rosalie fed me some more blood in a bottle and Jacob held me for a while and threw me up in the air. Grandpa Carlisle, which I met yesterday, tried to get me to drink some stuff that smelled like dirt. Then while Rosalie held me, I heard a lot of noise upstairs. I touched my hand to Rosalie’s face and showed her the question in my head.

‘What’s all that noise?’

“It’s your mommy, she‘s coming today.”

Somehow I ended up in Alice’s arms.

I touched her and she said. “We already told you, it’s your mommy.”

Jacob took me from Alice and set me in Rosalie’s lap.

“Nessie I’ll be right back. OK?” He said.

On his way out I touched the small of his back and asked him where he was going.

“Don’t worry Nessie, I’ll be right back. Everything’s gonna be alright.”

But I wasn’t so sure. Suddenly everyone formed a tight circle around me and Rosalie.

Then a girl came in that I had only seen once. I wanted her to hold me because I knew who she was. I kept reaching but they just kept talking. Finally I wailed out at the top of my lungs and the girl plummeted to the floor. Everyone came to me and put a hand on me except daddy. He stayed with the girl.

“What’s wrong? Is she hurt?” Jacob asked. He’s asking so many questions about me. Especially to my grand-dad Carlisle.

“No, she just wants Bella, see.”

“Me?” The girl asked.

I was now in her arms and she felt cold, but I was used to it. Jacob was holding me on the other side. I touched her face and she gasped. I showed her the mutilated body of hers that I remembered. But now she was beautiful.

“What, what did she show you.”

“Wait, she showed me that? How?” She asked my father.

“How do I read minds? How does Alice see the future? She’s gifted.” He said.

“Me I think, but I look terrible.” She said

“It’s the only memory she has of you. She’s showing you she’s made a connection. She remembers you.”

“I remember you too.” She says as I smile and she laughs. But I don’t know why.


By the time I was seven days old, I could talk. By the time I was a month old, I could walk. And now I am 7 years old and I was fully matured

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Cat (coffeecat19) “Awesome!” I shouted. I ran to the calendar and crossed out the circled date.

“Renesmee, it’s time.” Alice said. “C’mon!”

“Alright, I’m coming.” I said. And I ran into the bathroom.

“Alright we’re going to start with…” And she went into detail about the makeup she was putting on me. Two hours later I opened my eyes and saw a beautiful girl sitting on a chair facing the same mirror that I was. It was me I looked like I was 19!

“C’mon Ren, let’s go!” she said.

“Alright guys here she is.” Rose said.

“Aww there’s my little girl!” Mom said. Sometimes she acted like a thirty year old mom, sometimes like her regular forever 18-year-old self.

“Alice you shouldn’t put so much makeup on her. She‘s not old enough.” My dad said. Always talking so regal. After all he was 117. Wow my dad has been 17 for 100 years.

“She looks the age.” Alice said

“But she’s only seven years old. Today is her birthday.” He said

“Alright then how about next time you do her makeup. You seem to know a lot about that.” Alice said.

“Well maybe I should. And you listen here….” My dad started.

“Hey, guys!” I shouted. “Stop fighting, please.”

“Cake time.” Grandma Esme said coming out of the kitchen holding a small cake with one candle. It was small because I was, of course, the only one who ate. Even though I don’t really like cake.

“Jacob’s here.” My dad said.

“Nessie, I need to talk to you…. “Jacob said.

“No need, Yes.” I said, and I kissed him while he slipped an engagement ring on my finger.

That day I heard some commotion downstairs, I heard some people shouting and a girl screaming. I went down stairs and asked what was happening, but they wouldn’t let me down the stairs. I didn’t care. I ran past Emmet and Jasper and saw what was going on.

A girl was in the living room, on the floor, jerking and screaming. Her head flailing everywhere.

“Bella get Renesmee out of here!”

I saw Grandpa Carlisle bite her, and then Emmett carried me up the stairs. I heard what was going on. Grandpa had found a girl that was hurt and he was turning her into a vampire.

The girls name was Emily. She was thirteen years old. She would live with us for as long as she wished or hoped.

Later that day I went to check the mail.

“Dad, do you know anyone in Italy, cause there was a letter from Italy in the mail. I have it here.”

“What?” My dad said.

“Yeah. It doesn’t say who it’s from either. It just says To: Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cullen. And you’re the only Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cullen I know.” I said.

My father told me to leave the room, so I did… But I still have mind reading. I probably didn’t tell you yet, but I inherited some of my family’s powers. But all I know of is my mom and dads power.

Later I asked all the questions about what they were talking about behind my back. Like….

“Who are the Volturi? Are they the ones in Italy, and are you really leaving to go there?”

“Yes, we are leaving.” My father said.

“Why? Who are the-”

“They are the most powerful vampires in the world.” My mother explained. “The ones who came to judge you when you were young.”

“Oh, them.” I said. “They tried to kill me.”

“Yeah them.” Alice said entering the room.

“Hey, you’re the one who disappeared right before they came.”

“Yeah, but I still came back.” She said

“Yeah I guess.”

Then there was a knock on the door. And the pungent aroma of wet dog. That could only mean one thing. Jacob.

It was raining out side so that would explain why it was wet dog that everyone smelled.

“Would someone put the dog out, its starting to smell.” Rose said as she walked in.

“Shut up.” I said throwing a magazine at her.

“Perfect, he new issue of fashion weekly, thanks.” She said sarcastically after catching the magazine in thin air.

“Shut up.” I said again.

So I went to get the door.

“Hey Nessie.” Jacob said.

“Hey you. Were you running in the rain again?”

“Yeah why.”

“Could you please not next time?” I mean I can stand it. But the others in this house also have sensitive noses.”

“Oh sorry honey. So what were you planning for “the big day”?” He said putting quotations around “Big Day”

“Well I was thinking….” I started

And within 10 minutes we were planning the wedding.

The sound of a knock at the door woke me up the next morning. I looked at the clock, wow it was almost 11:30. I must have slept in. knock, knock, knock. I heard again.

“Oh, the door.” I yelled.

I ran through the house, through the kitchen, and through the living room. When I finally got to the door it was Jacob.

“What are you doing here? You know Alice is going to be here soon.”

“Sooner than you think.” Alice’s high little soprano voice said.

“Ahh.” I shouted.

“Alright you come outside, c’mon, with me.” Alice said

“I just want to give Renesmee something.” Jacob said holding a small box.

“Fine, fine, fine.”

“Renesmee, this is the ring we are going to use in the ceremony. It was my great, great grandma’s.”

“It’s beautiful.” I said.

“Ok, now you out!” Alice said.

“Fine, fine, fine.” Jacob said imitating Alice.

“Why you!” Alice said, and then she chased him outside.

I heard the sound of ripping clothes and growling, then the sound of a wolf running away, and whimpering.

“You better not have hit my fiancé!” I yelled out the window.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t, he just phased to run away faster.”


It was only a week before the wedding. Billy, (Jacob’s dad) was still having a hard time.

I could hear them on the phone now.

“No, dad I don’t care if she’s a vampire…… Well she’s gonna be your daughter in law in 1 week, so your coming to the wedding one way or another, I can have Sam or Seth wheel you over, or you could come on your own will to your own son’s wedding…….Why? Because you missed Rachel and Rebecca’s wedding, your own daughter’s wedding, my own sister‘s wedding….. Good I’ll see you there then….. Okay bye. He’s coming!”

“Really, that’s great!”

“Yeah. But I really think that the Rebecca and Rachel thing put him over the edge. It was a miracle to get him to answer, now that he’s discovered caller I.D.”

“Ha, that’s funny.” I said, laughing at Jacob’s joke.

“Alice come here, do you have the dress yet?”

“Sure I have the dress. I love the theme you did. It’s close to your Mom and Dad’s theme, but you made it your own.

“Yeah, I loved my Mom and Dad’s wedding, or at least what I’ve heard of it.”

The wedding was the next day, (Sorry I’m skipping so much like days but this is my journal and I’ve been so busy planning the wedding I haven’t had much time to write.)

So the wedding was the next day.

“Alice, are you going to do my makeup?”

“Yes.” Alice said.

“And, Emily you have you, Alice’s, and Rosalie’s bridesmaid dresses?”

“Yes.” Emily said.

“Alright.” I said with a sigh.

“Jacob’s here” My dad said walking into the room, all casual.

“Oh my god!” I said. “He’s not supposed to be here until 3:00”

“Hey Baby, how you doing” Jacob said coming in. It had been much easier since we gave him a key.

“How am I am Doing? It’s 1 day before my wedding to a werewolf and I’m a vampire, or at least I’m half vampire. And…”

“Ren please just shut up and stop worrying.” Emmett said.

“You try not worrying.” I said.

“Just relax, Ren, deep breaths.” Aunt Rosalie said. I didn’t realize I was yelling at Emmett.

“Sorry I’m just nervous.”

“You out!” Alice said walking back into the room.

I didn’t realize that I was crying now.

“It’s alright Renesmee; everything is going to be fine.” My dad said comforting me.

“I want mom!”

My mother had gone on an extended hunting trip, so she can control herself when Charlie and Renee (Her Parents) and Jacob’s pack, came to the wedding.

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Is there are "Like" button?

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Cat (coffeecat19) The wedding flowed through with perfection. First I had Claire (The 10 year old girl that Quil imprinted on) be the flower girl. Pink and orange rose petals.

I walked down the isle with my dad, his eyes pricked when he gave me away like he was crying but he couldn’t. Seth, Embry, and Quil were Jacob’s groom’s men.

Emily, Alice, and Rosalie were my Bridesmaids. And my dress was…….. Magnificent!

My mother and father sat in the front row of the Bride’s side along with grandma Esme, Grandpa Carlisle, Grandma Renee`, and Grandpa Charlie(All of whom which I was named after). The groom’s side was filed with Billy, Sam, Collins, Leah, Brady, and the rest of the wolf pack.

When the preacher said, “I now pronounce you husband and wife; you may now kiss your lovely bride.” Jacob kissed me. Just like your every day stuff. I know he was saving the romantic gushy stuff or the honeymoon.

The after party had a wonderful cake, fantastic music and fabulous party guests.

Alice made a quick hair and dress change in to a red cocktail dress, while Rosalie changed into her Gold ‘gown’ and left her down and let it get messy for once in her entire 98 year life. All the men were wearing orange, white, and black tuxedos. Everyone looked amazing.

We had a live band that played music throughout the reception. Except for me and Jacob’s first dance. My dad played the lullaby he composed on the piano when I was just a baby.

“My dad is going to play me “Reenesmee‘s lullaby” that he composed on the piano for me.”

I passed the microphone to him while he said, “Thank you Renesmee.”

The piano played beautifully while I cried and danced with Jacob. Our first dance.

The cake was perfect for us. It was a three tear. To look like we all could eat it. Really just Renee, Charlie, and the wolf pack would eat. The cake was cut, and I swallowed my bit and shoved some in Jacob’s face.

We drove away in a white limousine that had “Just Married” In pink and blue. It was perfect since we both were still practically kids and look older.

My father had a mind of intelligence. He did not think about the surprise destination for the honey moon that Jacob and he had picked together. (With help from Alice.)

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Cat (coffeecat19) The Diary of Renesmee Carlie Cullen - Honeymoon (chapter 4) (edit)
by Andromeda Nicole Maddigan

descriptionAfter facing off against the Volturi, Renesmee wants to have a normal life, but with her growing o quickly, and Jacob's love for her becoming more Intamate, can her life ever be normal?tagsdiaries, fan-fiction, fiction, romance

genreLiterature & Fiction

statsPublished on 2011-10-15 · 10 total people like it

Chapter 1: Start 6 comments · 1 like Chapter 2: Fully grown Chapter 3: The wedding Chapter 4: Honeymoon Chapter 5: Remembering Chapter 6: Crisis Chapter 7: They're here 2 comments · 2 likes Chapter 8: Different Chapter 9: ShapeShifters Chapter 10: Time 2 likes Chapter 11: At Last 2 likes Chapter 12: New Life 1 like Chapter 13: Gone ((Not finished yet)) 2 likes
8 more chapters

Honeymoon (edit)
Chapter 4 — Updated Oct 15, 2011 — 8,149 characters

“ITALY!” I said excitedly.

“”Damn it Nessie, how did you find out?”

“Uh, Dur.” I said tapping my head twice.

“Oh yeah, that can really get annoying. Damn.”

“Hey,” I yelled. “7 year old here.” I said scoldingly.


The airport was crowded. Jacob led me to the gate where our plane would take off. Almost all the people on the plane were Italian going back to Italy. I chatted with a few since I speak fluid Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and French. All thanks to mom and dad. (Oops I forgot Spanish.) The plane ride was long, and boring, so I taught Jacob a few words In Italian so he could talk to someone (At least the flight attendant)

“Ha ha!” I laughed.

“Et donc je lui ai dit-” The man I was speaking to said.

“I can’t understand a darn thing, Nessie!” Jacob said, complaining about my French speaking to other plane passengers.

“Sorry Jake, I’m just practicing for when we get there. I need all the practice I can get. Do you speak Italian?”

“Well, uh……. I know how to….. Uh…um.”

“No, I presume.” He nodded, embarrassed. Then he smiled the crooked smile me and my mom loved so much. It was a familiar Jake. “If you don’t then I will need all the practice I can get.”

The plane ride was long. Longer than any flight I’ve ever been on. Hell I’m one and a ½ I’ve never been on a plane.


“Huh, what, huh, Oh hey Nessie.”


“Oh CRAP!!!” He said.

The airport was crowded. It’s a good thing I know how to speak Italian! But some people spoke French and Italian and Spanish. Some must be tourist.

“J’ai besoin obtenir un taxi veuillez, I need to get a Taxi please, Bien pourquoi y a-t-il aucun disponible, Well why are there none available?” I rambled to the woman behind the counter. She was also French. She told me there were no Taxi’s available and that we would have to wait 2 and a half hours! So we waited……

And Waited……

And Waited….

“Finally.” I said. The taxi was right outside.

“Nous avons besoin de faire de la rue de deuxième et toilsome.”

“Kid, I don’t under stand a word you said. Hey you two love birds?”

“Finally someone who speaks English.” Jacob shouted.

“Yes we are. We just had our wedding. That’s why we are still wearing our wedding clothes.”

“So you must be the newly weds I heard about!” The taxi driver said.

“How did you know?” Jacob asked.

“Well, in this little town in Sicily, news travels!”

“You sound like you’re from New Jersey.” I guessed.

“Why yes I am. Where do you live?”

“We live in Washington.” Jacob said.

“Well have you ever flown to New Jersey; you seem to be familiar with the people there.”

“No I’ve never flown, but I’ve been there.” I left it at that not wanting to have to go into detail about how I RAN to New Jersey for a hunt.

The hotel was beautiful. Five stars. The name….. I can’t pronounce. The lobby was decorated with gold, red, and green. Italy’s colors. Well red, white, and green. Gold is close enough.

“The honeymoon suite please. The reservation is under Mr. and Mrs. Black.” Jacob said. I shuddered at my new name. Just as my mother had done. The bell hop got my bags. What nice service they had here. Jacob picked me up and carried me to the elevator. Held me in his arms until we walked through the door of the hotel room.

“Jacob, hee-hee, put me…. down.” I laughed.

“All right, but only because you’re beautiful.” He set me down. “Well since you are beautiful.” He picks me up again and carries me into the bedroom.

“Jake, please, not yet.” I say. My voice now serious.

“Alright, but I am not holding back later.” He says. His voice now eager. Like a mans voice usually is before what is going to happen tonight.

“Jake, you want to come to the bedroom.” I ask later.


“Wait here I’ll be right back.” I went to change into my pink lace nightie while I thought about the talk my father had given me.

< . . . >

‘Renesmee, you need to be careful. Young werewolves can be very dangerous.”

“Well, that’s what you told mom to. She didn’t get hurt.” I said politely, with an edge of frustration in my voice.

“All, right. It’s just that, you’re my little girl and I want you to be safe. Alright” He said.

“Alright dad.”

Ok, back to the present. My nightie was almost see through. I tried to straighten my hair but I burned myself.

“Ooooooww.” I said quietly, dropping the straightening iron.

“Honey, is everything ok?” Jacob called.

“Yeah, I’m ready you can come in.” I said quickly lighting candles.

“Nessie, what did you do to the room?” He said refering to the roses, candles, and my nightie.

I walk toward him and kissed him.

“Well…now I know.” He said

When I woke up in the morning, Jacob was gone.

“Where could he be?” I whispered to my self.

I looked at the clock. 7:29, click, 7:30. Well I can see that I woke up just in time. Right about this time a day I always wake up with the urge for the one human food I like. Bread. It’s a pretty normal craving, Grandpa said. I get up and head to the full kitchen that is right outside bedroom, attached to the full living room with a 52 inch T.V. For some reason I wanted more than just bread. I wanted something sweet. But I couldn’t tell what I wanted.

“Hmph.” I thought to myself. I’ll have to send Jake out to get something like chocolate or something. Grandpa did say my craving for human food would probably get stronger.

Ring ring… ring ring. Great, that must be dad; I forgot he could read my mind because usually I can block him with my ability to draw other people’s abilities. Since moms ability is blocking other people‘s abilities. Wow I just said ability like 4 times. Wow 5. Ok, back to reality. I ignored the phone and sat on the couch watching the only soap opera I like in Italian.

"Ma Rachel, davvero ti amo." The T.V. said.

“Rachel don’t believe him, he’s a lying, dirty, cheating……” I said to the imaginary Rachel.

“Knock, knock.” Jake said opening the door of our hotel room.

“Where have you been?”

“Nowhere, now get dressed, we have to get going.” He said walking with me into our bedroom.

“Where?” I asked.

“You’ll see.” He said.

“Oh my gosh. It’s the Trevi Fountain!” I said in awe.

It was so beautiful. The water sparkled off the marble carvings of the people standing upon it. People standing with their children, counting backwards, and throwing their coins into the fountain. I wonder if their wishes will come true. Some probably won’t.

One woman wished for fine clothes, one for good fortune, in money that is, and another wished for… *Gasp* A BABY! That was so sweet. That poor lady wants a baby. After I heard her wish that I started thinking. What about me and Jacob having a baby. I took my coin in my right hand and threw it over my left shoulder and wished with all my might. A baby. I knew it was impossible, but a girl can only hope. Jake wished that when he got home, Sam wouldn’t be mad about him marrying a vampire highbred, as Sam calls me. This pretty much just tics Jake off. Any way, we went back to our hotel room and made some lunch. (Well for Jacob that is.) I stuck to bread until I could find a forest with some deer in it.

It wasn’t chocolate the I was craving. It was like fruit. Like peaches. That’s what it is. Peaches. I sent Jake out and sure enough. It was peaches. Jake has been going out almost everyday for peaches. That’s the only thing he knows how to say in Italian.

“Ciao. Vorrei sei pesche per favore.” ‘Hello, I would like six peaches please.’

Well I guess my craving for human food is getting stronger. Grandpa said it would.

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HOLY COW YOU'RE GOOD. sorry, should I not be posting here?

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Cat (coffeecat19) You can, how did you read it that fast!?

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Cat (coffeecat19) There’s one thing I remembered. The volturi live in Italy. They said they would be visiting in spring. It’s spring. Then my eyes dilated in the strangest way, and I saw it.

“So you’re saying the child is not here.” Ciaus’ voice said, read to strike, ready to kill anyone at any moment.

“Peace brother, all we wish to know is where the child is.” Aro said.

“She’s on her honeymoon.” My father’s voice said, cracking slightly when he said honeymoon.

“Well, a honeymoon, I suppose It’s the…. werewolf, oh, I mean the…. Shape shifter.” Aro said in disgust.

“You don’t know any thing about Jacob!” My dad said launching at Aro; well he would have if it wasn’t for Grandpa Carlisle and Jasper holding him back.

Then, all of a sudden, Jane’s face smile’s, and not like a smile, smile, it was like a sinister smile. This made me know she was watching. Knowing that I was also watching.

“Well when the child returns, just come and find us, we’ll be back in three days or until we can see the child, check on her progress. Whichever comes first.” Aro said. He then snapped his fingers. “Come brothers.” And with that he left.

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Cat (coffeecat19) My eyes undialated and I ran to Jacob, who was in our room watching T.V.

“Guess what honey, we’re going to….”

“Not now, we have to leave.” I said.

“Wait, hold up, what now?”

“We have to leave, I had a vision.”

“Wait, of the future?”

“No, of the present, The Volturi came and want me or they’ll kill everyone. Mom, Dad, everyone.”

“Oh crap, we got to go!” I knew that line would convince him.

We ran to the front desk, threw our key on the counter, grabbed our bags, and hailed a taxi.

“To the airport, quickly please!” I said, my voice getting agitated. But who could blame me. My entire family could be dead.

“Hey lady, get over it, I’ll have you there as fast as I can, alright.”

“Hey don’t talk to my wife that way.” Jacob says, starting to shake, which he does when he’s about to turn into a werewolf, of when he just gets mad or irritated.

Now very scared and shaking in fear, the driver says “Ok, I’ll get you there as fast as I can, and half price, k fella.”

“Alright.” Jacob said just then calming down. (He gets way to defensive sometimes)

The airport was crowded but Jacob got us to our gate. The plane ride seemed even longer with my family’s lives on the line. The plane touched down and I ran out without grabbing my luggage, knowing Jacob can get them.

“Wait, what about me?” He said.

“Hail a cab, I have to get home.”

I rushed to the sidewalk.

“Taxi!” I yelled hopping into the nearest cab, nearly knocking down the people trying to get in. “Sorry, here’s money for another taxi, I really have to go.” I said throwing a 20 dollar bill at them.

“Here taxi man, here’s a 20, keep the change, I don’t care, just get me to 654, Division St. North-East.”

“Alright. Let’s go.” He says putting the cab into drive.

“Can’t you go any faster?” I ask.

Then he put the cab into first and goes way faster them the legal limit, but he doesn’t seem to care and neither do I.

We arrive at the house and I run up the front porch steps, unlock the door, and go inside.

“I’m back, I’m back, everybody, I’m back.” I screamed.


“Grandma Esme. Oh, I missed you, where is everyone else?” I asked.

“They all went hunting, but I got back early.”

“I think I’m getting to be way to much like Alice.” I said.

“Why is that honey?” She asked, a surprised look on her face.

“Cause I had a vision, of the present.”

“Why, what did you see.”

“Esme, we’re back….Nessie, your home early. What are you doing here?” Carlisle asked.

“I was just telling, Grandma. Oh, I missed you.” I said, almost crying knowing the reason I was back is that everyone is danger because of me.

“Everyone missed you too, can’t I get a hug from my own daughter?”


“Aw, Renesmee, you were gone for almost 2 weeks.” My dad said. Always acting as if he were more than 45 years old, well I guess he is but still.

“You and mom were gone for almost three. Remember.”

“Hi honey, I swear you grow everyday.” My mom said, cutting in.

“Hi mom, anyway so….” I told them about my vision and of the volturi and how I had seen as it was happening.

“The volturi are coming back from Italy. We can get everybody back together from when you were born and….”

“No dad, I don’t think they’re here to fight. I think they just want to check on me. You know, like when I was born.”

“Ok, but if anything goes wrong, you know were fighting back.” Ha said.

“Finally, we might get to fight some Volturi butt! Let’s do this!” Emmett chimed in.

“He’s right, let’s do this!” I said.

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Cat (coffeecat19) The Volturi arrived at 7:30. Sharp. But thanks to Alice we all were there a half our early, and are all wearing coordinating outfits, and wearing our crests. All except Jacob of course. He was in wolf form and his teeth bared. Anyway, when the Volturi arrived, Aro greeted us with his usual tone.

“Ah Carlisle, brother, how nice it is to see you again.”

“You as well, Aro.” Grandpa answered in a cool, calm voice.

“So, where is the child?”

“Well I don’t think you can call me a child anymore.” I said playfully.

“Well look at you, little Renesmee. I always thought you looked like your father, but now you are the spitting image of your mother.”

“Thank you, Aro.”

“Well, let me touch your hand. If it’s okay with Bella of course.”

“Mom, lower the shield.” I felt her lower the shield and I reached out for Aro.

“Well, what is this? I sense another presence within you. Your thoughts are crowded, as if two people were within you.”

‘Really?’ I thought ‘Grandpa said it was impossible.’

Aro reached out for my stomach and Jacob growled. I looked down and swatted Aro’s hand off my stomach.

“My dear, you are with child.” Aro said. A smile tugging at the corner of his lips.

“Caius will not be pleased. I will not tell him. It will be our secret from the other Volturi members.” He whispered. And Jane smiled. I think she heard what happened because I felt a burning pain in my stomach. I knew she was aiming for my baby. Mom’s shield came up and she winced.

“Jane, please. I know you heard but please, do not use your abilities. And if you tell anyone of what you have heard, you will be….destroyed. Even though I hate to do it, it is worth it for this matter.” Jane stopped smiling.

And he left, just as before.

Grandpa was doing all this research. Trying to figure out how it was possible for me to conceive a child with a werewolf.

Meanwhile I tried to bond with my new baby. A baby. I was still in shock.

I had dad read the mind of my baby since trying to read it myself gives me a headache.

“What’s it thinking now?” I asked.

Jacob walked in.

“What’s IT?”

“Jake, I’m Pregnant.”

“What? With me?”

“Yeah Jake. Who else?”

“Oh, right. Duh. That’s…. awesome. Is it a…”

“No, I don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl. My skin to hard for the ultrasound. You know that.” I said.

“Oh, yeah, just slipped my mind.” He said. He was probably hoping for a boy. He probably wanted to teach him how to hunt, and shift into werewolf form, and play base ball. Typical father son thing. I hope it is a boy.

“Wait, do you feel ok? I mean your mom had a pretty rough time.” He said.

“Yeah, it’s weird, I feel fine.”

Surprisingly, I feel fine. Nothing like my Mom’s pregnancy. It’s weird. I feel normal. The baby has been getting a little bigger. But like normal bigger. The peaches I wanted were, of coarse, cravings. Duh. But I think since Jacob and I are both part human the human part is taking over. But it is just a theory. I mean it might just be me, but I’m fine.

“Are you ok? I mean really OK?” Jake said.

“Yes, I’m fine Jake.”

“Are you sure?” He pestered on.

“Yes Jake!” I half yelled at him.

“Sorry, Nessie, it’s just hard to believe the way you were and the way I am and have the calmest little rug rat.”

“Yeah I guess. I can’t believe it’s been three months. Jake could you get me some water?”

“Sure Nessie.”

After he left I felt a small nudge in my abdomen.

“My little nudger, just like me.” I said softly.

Then I felt something else, a sharp shooting pain in my abdomen. My baby stirred inside of me and I heard a cracking noise. I fell of my bed in the cottage and felt the hard wood floor of my room and fell unconscious.

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Cat (coffeecat19) I woke up, I was in the library that was turned into a hospital for my mom when she was pregnant with me. I slightly lifted my head and saw needles sticking into my stomach. I tried to move to rip out the tubes because I was scared for my baby. But when I tried to lift my hands, they wouldn’t and couldn’t move. I looked over my shoulder and they were tied down and restrained.

“Let me out!” I screamed.

I thrashed around trying to escape. I screamed at the top of my lungs and tried to break free but I felt weak and dizzy.

“Renesmee you’re fine. You just fainted in your room. Your baby is fine, but… you are… not.” Grandpa Carlisle said.

“What do you mean?” I said.

“Well it looks like your baby is acting a bit like you.”

“No way.”

“Mom, I’m so sorry.” I whispered. I could barely talk and I was in so much pain. My arms were still tied down a restrained. I don’t know why though. They should know how to this. All I have to do is drink some blood and feel better.

“What do you have to be sorry for?” Mom asked.

“For being like this, it’s terrible.”

“It’s ok. I didn’t even care. I just knew that I was having a baby, and that I was going to love him, but it wasn’t a him, it was a her and I loved her anyway.”

“Why isn’t grandpa just giving me blood like he did you?” I asked.

“Carlisle wants to, but he’s not sure if that’s what this baby wants. It is part werewolf remember. And he has to buy blood to see if it will work, but I don’t think the people at the hospital will let him.”

“I hope they let him. I need it. And I know the baby needs it to.” I said.

“No wonder you guys have me restrained and all tied up and stuff. I smell GOOD!” I said.

A sharp pain hit my stomach again. I winced and Jake ran in.

“You ok?” He said with urgency in his voice.

“Yes, I think I’m ok now. But you know what, I know how big his hand is.”

I asked mom to lift my shirt up so they could see my stomach. I showed off the little hand shaped bruise across my stomach.

1 week of this and I was already suffering.

A wince spread across my lips as the baby moved inside me, but my wince turned into a scream and I could feel the baby twisting and turning within me. Jake was near me in an instant, my mother and father rushing to my side a moment after. Grandpa Carlisle pushed through the crowd of people surrounding me and put his cold hands on my belly, the baby inside went wild. He twisted and turned and seemed to grow twice his size. Grandpa Carlisle’s eyes went wide. “Everybody needs to leave.” He said calmly. Nobody moved except for Alice and Jasper. Jake especially didn’t move.
“Please Edward, I need room to work.”

“Bella, we need to.” He said.
My mother fought to not leave. She screamed and kicked and hissed.

“No she’s my baby! She’s mine! No, don’t make me leave her!” She screamed.

Jasper came to help and calmed her down. I could hear my dad in the next room cooing to her and comforting her.

“Renesmee, I’m going to have to check on your baby ok? You’re going to feel pressure and feel very cold. Alright?”

I knew this was going to feel painful.

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Cat (coffeecat19) I was now on my bed at home. Grandpa Carlisle decided it wasn’t helping for me to be in the library/hospital room anyway. My stomach was now a big round bulge. Now instead of cold I was frequently hot. Jacob was telling Grandpa old stories and he thinks he has something figured out.

“Nessie, babe, we think we know what’s wrong.” Jake said. “We think that since when vampires are around, werewolves begin their transformation. We think the baby is phasing inside you.”

I didn’t say anything but nodded my head. I knew this meant I couldn’t see my parents until the baby was delivered. That sucked. Mom would throw a fit. I could actually here now in the other room starting to cry and trying to come into see me.

“Bella, love, you can’t. It will only cause her more pain.”

Mom sighed, she ran out, not wanting to cause me more pain. But she was also causing me pain by leaving.

< . . . >

Jacob and the wolf pack were the only ones allowed near me. Dad and Mom would come and wave to me through the window and bring me blood, but drop it off by the front door. Now that the vampires were gone, I wasn’t in too much pain. Seth would come and make me laugh. Jake would sit next to me in bed. Leah would just sit in the corner pinching her nose from time to time. Other members like Paul would come sometimes to meet me. They haven’t seen me since the Volturi 6and a half years ago.

My baby was acting normal now, as normal as normal for us could get. Grandpa meets with Jacob sometimes during the day, or talks over the phone for instructions on what to do when the baby comes. My only fear is that when they see the baby, the baby will phase, grow six feet tall, then tear their heads off. Though, it will probably never happen.

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Cat (coffeecat19) Sometimes Seth would come over with his mom’s cooking. Sue was a very good cook. Grandpa Charlie was dating her now. Dad told me he was planning to propose. Well Dad told Seth and Seth told me. Charlie was asking about me a lot. He wanted to see me. He knew a lot now, but not everything. He knows I grow fast, he knows this is Jacob’s baby, but he doesn’t know were vampires. He tells everyone the public story. And I hate that when I meet other people some times I have to call Dad, Uncle Edward, or Uncle Ed. It’s so weird.

Today Seth brought his mom with him to. She brought me her famous fish fry. It was good, but I didn’t think I could keep it down. I ran from the kitchen to the bathroom and threw up. I was getting normal pregnancy stuff now. Cravings, morning sickness… Little kicks. I was craving protein like milk, fish… eggs. Like my mom I craved eggs. But I also craved normal stuff too. Chocolate, sweets, you know, the usual, and of coarse, Peaches. Sue made me Peach Cobbler one time. It satisfied my sweet tooth and my peach tooth. *giggle* The baby was due in 2 weeks, according to Grandpa. He didn‘t think I was ready, but when that kid phased inside me, he grew way too much. He is big enough to come out.

One day Jacob was in the hall talking to someone who I heard only once before. It was Sam. He was coming to see how it was going with a vampire/werewolf/human baby.

He was surprised at how well it was going. But when Jake told him about the phasing he left. By listening to their conversation, Sam had come to see me while I was asleep. When Jake came in I pretended to just be waking up.

“Hey Nessie, did you sleep good?”

“Yeah, I guess.” I lied.

I felt hungry, but I didn’t say anything. I got out of bed the best I could with my huge stomach. I went to the kitchen and got out the glass container of fish and started toward the oven. Twisting pain writhed through my stomach. The glass container fell to the ground, and shattered. I tried to call out for Jacob, but he was already by my side. I fell to the ground. My head made impact with the hard tile floor, my arm was bleeding with the cuts from the glass. Jacob carried me to my room and got Grandpa on the phone.

“Hello? Hello! Carlisle, it’s Jacob. It’s happening.”

And that’s the last thing I heard.

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Cat (coffeecat19) When I woke up my stomach was flat, there was no crying anywhere, no sound of another beating heart. I bet Jake was to late. I could hear my father’s voice.

“Jacob, you need to go check on her. I think she’s awake.” Dad said.

Jacob walked in and came to the side of the bed.

“I want to get up and see my baby.” I said.

“I don’t think you should Nessie. Not until you’ve hunted. I don’t think you’ll be tempted by his blood, but just in case.”

“HIS blood! It’s a boy?”

“Yep, and he’s perfectly healthy. At least that’s what the Doc said.” He said.

“I wonder what we should name him,” I said, a million thoughts and names running through my head. “Wait, how long has it been since I passed out in the kitchen?”


“Hours?” I said.

“No.. not exactly, ummm…”

“Just spit it out Jake!”

“Well umm… days.” He said awkwardly, flinching. Afraid of my reaction.

“What! My baby’s four days old and I missed the first four days of his life! If he grows like me or you at least he could be 3 feet tall by now!”

“Relax Nessie,” Jacob said. He spoke coolly and calmly, a certain tone in his voice that almost made me relax as much as Jasper did. “Our baby grows normally, but he looks just like me.”

I scowled at him.

“Just kidding babe, he looks like both of us.”

Jake helped me out of bed and took me into the living room. An extra room was added on next to my room. I went in and it was decorated all blue and white. My old wrought iron crib was in the corner under a window. A small crying came from the crib. I walked over to see a baby with olive toned skin. Not as dark as Jacob’s but, about a shade lighter. Eyes that were a dark brown. A mixture of my chocolate brown, and Jacob’s black. Fingers so tiny they looked to be the size of a premature baby’s fingers. Dressed in a blue onesie that Esme must have embroidered on it that said… ‘What’s my name Mommy?’ I picked up the small baby and said…

“His name is Caleb. Caleb EJ Black.” I said.

My day was spent learning all I could about Caleb. He could phase, but he chose not to once he learned who the vampires were. He’s very smart and can comprehend. He already coos and murmurs. He doesn’t grow rapidly, but grows a bit faster than the average newborn. Caleb grows about an inch a week, while the average newborn grows half an inch a week. It’s been three days since I “met” Caleb. He has grown 1&½ inches. It’s not that much but, at least he grows. I know, I sound way aver protective and paranoid, but what can I say. I don’t know about these kind of babies.

“How did this baby get to be so handsome when you’re the father, mutt?” Rosalie said.

“It must take after its mother.” She continued.

“Rose, stop being that way. He’s kind of your nephew, or cousin, or, whatever.” I said frustrated I couldn’t figure out the right word.

“Actually, he’s me and Rose’s Great naphew, once removed." Giggled Alice. "I never thoght I would be an Aunt, let alone a great Aunt!"

Caleb was in my arms with Jacob by my side and my Mom on my other. Rose sat with Emmett across from me and Jacob. Esme was in the kitchen, ad was teaching her how to cook. Caleb was very funny and always made people laugh. Even if it was at their expense. Caleb would crinkle his nose when Mom would get to close. He would smile that cute newborn baby smile when I tickled his belly. Rose was obsessed with Caleb as she was with me. She was constantly with Caleb. When I asked her for some space, she hissed and growled, but did except my request.

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Cat (coffeecat19) My life was very different. Sleep. Eat. Take care of Caleb. Hunt. Sleep. I loved my new life.

I went to bed that night around 10:30. Jacob was already snoring like a chainsaw. He stirred as I laid down next to him, but he didn’t wake up. He would always fall asleep so easily, but ever since I had the baby, I take forever to fall asleep. I stared at the ceiling for an hour when Caleb started crying. As usual Jake didn’t wake up. Caleb was always hungry, he was growing a little faster now. He’s almost the size of a two month old, even though he's only one moth old.
I got up to start walking to his room, when I heard a large crash.
I ran to Caleb's room. He was no longer crying. Someone was there, with long bonde hair. The double doors to the patio were open, and the flower pots on it smashed.

"Rose, you can't scare me like that!"
"Hello, little Renesmee."
"Who are you?" I asked helplessly.
"Why, Renesmee, you don't remember.
The figure jumped out the window and left with Caleb in his arms.
I don't know who it was, but it was deffinatly not Rose.
Whoever it was, they had bright red eyes.

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Cat (coffeecat19) ((Not finished yet))
"Jake, wake up! Someone stole Caleb! Ithink it was Caius, from the Volturi, I think he found out."
"Dammit! C'mon, we gotta get to your house."

Jake phased, butI was stil faster. I arrivd at the house, and ran into my mother's arms.
Jake came through the door minute later.

"It was Jane." Dad said. "I should've known."
"No," Alice said. "I shoud've known, I shoud've been watching him, I was only watching Aro."
"It's neither of your faults. It's mine, I should've kept him safer." I said.
Rose stood up."What's up with the pity party, if Caleb's missing, we have to go save him, not sit around crying feeling sorry for ourselves!"

We all stod in silence for a long moment. The only sound was Jake's heart beat. Even he wasn't breathing.
Once we all came to a conclusion w decided to find outwhat the Volturi want with him. One thing we all know, is that Caleb will phase the second he see's them.

"We have to decide what to do." I said.
"Maybe we should go to Italy." Jake suggested.
"Ooh," Said Alice. "I might get to steal another Porshe."
"Alice. That's not right." Carlisle said.
"I know, I know." Alice sighed, walking off.

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Cat (coffeecat19) ((That's it for now! <3))

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((I kind of speed read. I read the first two, you're a really good writer!!))

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Cat (coffeecat19) thanks

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Cat (coffeecat19) Kara woke up to the smell of blueberry pancakes, a Monday tradition. Her dad cooked them every Monday to cheer Kara up. On Mondays Kara felt depressed and rundown.

She was surprised by his gesture. He hadn’t made pancakes since Kara’s mother left them 8 years ago.

She inhaled, taking in the sweet aroma of familiarity. She smelled something different, something out of place. She went to investigate. When her bare toes touched the floor she jumped back so suddenly that she knocked the small lamp on her bedside table over.

“You alright Kara?” Her dad yelled.

“Yeah, fine.” she said, almost to low for him to hear.

Kara and her father live in Wisconsin. It’s March; the average temperature for March is 22 degrees Fahrenheit. Today, it’s 13.

She didn’t dare step on the cold, hard wood floor again, so she ran from her bed and slipped on her shoes as fast a she could.

She was so concentrating so hard on the cold floor she had forgotten about the smell.

She looked over at the clock on her bedside table.

‘Ugh, six-forty-five,’ She thought. ‘That’s too early.’

She tiptoed down the hall and peered into the kitchen. Her father stood in front of the stove pouring batter into a pan.

Her father was a tall man, about 6’3’. In fact his head bumped the light on top of the oven. He had no facial hair, except for some stubble the showed he hadn’t shaved today.

The clothes he wore were his normal work clothes. Her father worked as a construction man. Now he was working in a tall building for a new company here in town.

She sniffed at the air. The smell was bananas.

‘Oh yeah, it’s the first day of school.’ She gasped out loud.

“It’s the first day of school!” She yelled.

She had forgotten about school. She had been off school for a week for spring break.

She ran down the hall to her room and slipped on the first thing she pulled out of her closet. She went to the hall closet where they kept the coats, she pulled one out only to find that it was her fathers. She threw it back in the closet, not bothering to hang it back up. She pulled out her pink fluffy coat and slipped it on as well.

Outside the snow was falling still. Even in snow, schools stay open.

“Kara, come eat!” Her dad called.

She ran down the hall, grabbed a glass of orange juice that was sitting on the table and chugged it down. She grabbed a small pancake and shoved it down her throat just as she heard the sound of the bus. She ran out the door while yelling “Bye dad!”

As she ran outside she saw a small shiny object on the sidewalk. It was no bigger than a dime, and had strange symbols on it. It looked interesting so she put it in her pocket.

The bus engine roared as she ran toward the doors. She saw her best friend Sarah get on, and surprisingly, she didn’t see Kara. Kara was still running as the bus took off. She kept running until she was sure she had missed.

She got out her phone to call for a friend to come pick her up, but it fell in a puddle of melted snow. That was what startled her. It was march, and the snow didn’t even melt until May.

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Cat (coffeecat19) Discripition for book above

Life was pefect for a small town girl living in Wisconsin, unti Kara, a 15 year old girl, finds a small trinket that causes her bad luck from the start. With the impending school year approching, she needs to get rid of it. But no matter what she does, she can't shake it. She goes on a quest to get rid of this "curse". Will she succeed, or will bad luck find her once more? Find out in this magnifecent debut by Della Moore,
Symbols book 1.

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Cat (coffeecat19) Kara arrived at school panting and late. Not only coud dhe not get her friend to pick her up, but when she got home, her dad had already left for work.
She couldn't call anybody so she had to ride her bike to school.
But the garage where her bike was, was locked.
She started running...

And Running...

And Walking...

She finally got to school about 25 minutes later.
Her teacher Ms. Davis was i the middle f morning anouncemnts. Sara had saved Kara her usual seat next to her in the back. Kara sat down and pulled out her phone and started texting Sara.
Sara had dark brown hair and brown hair. Sara was also skinny, but not as skinny as Kara. This came fro her eating chips every day at lunch. Sara was Kara's best friend since they met at a book signig for their favorite author. They had coffee at Starbucks afterwards and were frinds ever since.
Kara was a small, slender girl who was very agile and careful about her weight. She had short, light brown hair cropped of at her shoulders. She had been trying for moths to grow it out. Her greenish, blue eyes shone in the sunlight. Most boys liked her looks, and often stared at her. When they did she always felt kind of embarrassing to know that they were staring at her, and to know what hey were thinking about. Most teenage boys were. thinking the same thing around this age, and Kara did not like to think about it.
As her teacher Ms. Dais went on and on, Kara was texting Sara.

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Cat (coffeecat19) Proffesor X set a stack of books on the desk.
"Well, open for business."
He wheeled to his office and started on the mail.
"Bill, bill, bill, card, bill." Then he came across a letter from a young girl.

Dear Proffesor Xavier,

My name is Khloe Sanders and I have an unusual talent. I saw your ad in the Sunday Daily, and I would like to be a student at your school. I'll be coming in for orientation at 4:00 o'clock on Friday.

Khloe Sanders

He looked up at the clock just as the front door sounded.
He called his maid, Virginia, to get the door.
She led in a young girl, about 14, and had her sit.
She was shy and looked about 5"1 in height. She had curly brown hair and striking green eyes. One was the color of Emerald's. The other, the color of the forest.

"Hello there. You must be Khloe."
She nodded shyly.
"Well, you want to be a student?"
She nodded again.
He gave her a sheet of paper to fill out.
She looked down in surprise.
"It's nothing, just a few peices of paper so I can know your name and things like, your birthday and the like. There's also a thesus."
She looked over the paper with the rules on it.
"Proffesor X?"
"Yes, Khloe."
"There's gonna be a problem with this rule." She pointed.
"It's hard to not use my power on people."
"What exactly is your power, Khloe?"
She reached over and touched his hand and felt power surge through her core, and she was a telapth.
'This.' She sent him the massage though thoughts.
he said the latter outloud. "My power is touch. I touch a mutant... and get there power."

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