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Ethan's fate??
Mariah Krist Mariah Nov 16, 2011 07:01PM
What do you all think happened to Ethan?? Do you REALLY think he died or if in book 4 there's type of loophole and he doesn't die? I personally think he does dies, but is gonna be brought back to life somehow. But, what do you guys think??

If Ethan is dead, who is going to tell the story? We have been following the story from HIS point of view all along, this is why I think he is not dead OR even if he is, he will still be the one telling the story, maybe not as a mortal though....

I agree tht he probably will die but he will b brought back cuz he has to cuz lena will go insane n so will I. Also do u kno if this next book will b the last? I hope not

So does anyone think he is in like the underworld or in a coma? The description said that Ethan and Lena were worlds apart...that describes the underworld...and a coma is a world in the mind so...

I'm dreading the point of view. If it's from Ethan the whole time and he IS dead...dread

when i read the last part where ethan jumps i ran around the house screaming what the hell he cant die!!!!

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I"m so glad I got on here and read some theories *relieved breath* I just finished Beautiful Chaos about twenty minutes ago, and have been crying the entire time. I hope Ethan will come back to life!! I don't honestly think he will stay dead, because when it was time for him to be sacrificed, his soul didn't want to? What was it saying when it said "I'M WAITING" then? I don't know, but all i know is i will seriously go insane if BR has a bad ending Y.Y I swear, it's like Ethan Carter and Genevieve! (Hopefully Lena won't go dark though. . .Again >:P)

They cant kill Ethan because that would break my heart. But if they do revive him then doesnt that mean that the sacrafice doesnt count??

if ethan die then there no more caster chronicles i think the authors did that so that you would relly want to buy the next book.



I think I'm starting to lose a little respect for this series. Don't get me wrong--the first three books are excellent. But I'm afraid the authors are going to ruin everything with this fourth one. Let's recap:

Ethan died in the first book, and Lena brought him back. He spent the second book searching for her because she ditched him for John Breed. And the third book was supposed to be nearing the end. The locusts, the "One Who Is Two," etc. Personally, I think the ending of the third book was no cliff hanger, since I knew they were making a fourth book. Obviously, he's going to die and Lena will try to bring him back, which I find pointless since Casters and mortals can't even be together.

Here are my theories on what will happen.

1.) Ethan will have died, and Lena will do everything she can to bring him back, completely ignoring the consequences she faced the last time she brought him back. Meanwhile, Ethan, from some kind of strange Afterlife-like place, will try to find her. I think this is the most likely theory. In the end, Lena will find a solution but live to regret it. She's so stupid and bitchy that I don't doubt she'd bring him back and then blame him for the rest of his life. Nice going, Lena.

1.5.) Alternately, Lena will be just thrilled to have Ethan back, and of course, so will he, despite having been dead and brought back to life multiple times. Lena will somehow solve the whole Mortal/Caster relationship issue and they'll live happily dappily ever after. Whoopdy-freaking-doo. I also see this as a very likely possibility.

2.) Ethan will somehow live after falling off a water tower and things will be all cheerios and daisies. An unlikely idea, as there isn't much of a plot here.

3.) Ethan will die, and, as unlikely as this sounds, Lena will accept it and LET THE POOR BOY GO. Then she'll solve all of her OWN problems and realize that his death was her fault to begin with( she brought him back, causing him to split into two and thus jump to his eminent DOOM). I hope she carries the guilt forever. However, I don't think this will happen, as Ethan is the main character and if he dies in the very beginning, it's the story of a secondary character.

4.) Ethan will die, Lena will bring him back, and he will be miserable. I mean, how cheesy is it to die twice? There's no danger in these books because there's always the possibility that he can be brought back from the freaking dead. It's ridiculous, to be honest. This will end either with Ethan learning that he needs to die (it's fate, people) and committing suicide, or with him ultimately dying, again, to save the day and his precious bitchy girlfriend.

As you can see, there's no hope for this book. There's no way it can end happily without it being cheesy and out of context. I can see this book flopping completely. I deeply hope not, because I seriously love this series, but I'm pretty sure the authors are going to screw it up. I think they're going to bring Ethan back from the dead. And I'm sure he'll be happy about it, with no additional emotional turmoil. Let's be honest, if you died and got brought back from the dead--twice--wouldn't you just kind of feel WEIRD? It bothers me that this series never seems to reflect upon that, and it would add a lot of emotion and reality to the books if it did.

This is just my opinion. My expectations are low, because I don't see how this can end without being either cheesy or depressing as crap.

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I think Ethan will (hopefully. or. not. im. going. to. kill. the. authors) come back like there might be a whole loophole thing. I hve a feeling why they didn't tell what happened in the end of the book because there might hve been something like a portal, or a dimension or maybe an exit (something like that).

*Fingers crossed*

pls let Ethan come back or I will tear something apart... like right now!


Ethan has to come back(because he did die). WHO CAN'T KILL OF THE MAIN CHARACTER AND THINK IT IS OKAY! but the only question I have is if this book is going to be done in Lena's point of view or Ethan's or maybe both? Quess we have to wait until the book description comes out.
*crosses fingers*
Please be soon!

Lana I hope it's from both ^-^ That'd be so cool to read it like Maggie Steifvater style :D ...more
Jul 18, 2012 11:19AM

I'm going to throw out a new theory. Though I've heard the one about Ethan coming back as a Caster, what if the new Order made it so that Casters & Mortals could be together without the dying thing? Would you guys go for that, or would you be disappointed if Ethan stayed Mortal?

Oh, and if Ethan *does* become a Caster, what kind of power do you think he'd have? I'm hoping it won't be something too flashy, but still something cool in it's own right. It'll probably be some new power we've never heard of. And, if Ethan is a Caster, and Casters and Mortals still can't be together, how would John and Liv ever have a future? Should Liv become some kind of Caster, too? (I think if she were a Caster, she'd be some kind of Caster genius.)

Anyway, judging by the summery that is up on amazon, goodreads etc, I'm guessing it'll be told from the first-person POV of both Ethan and Lena, switching back and forth with one chapter from Ethan's POV in the afterlife, and another with Lena back in Gatlin. I'm really excited for the afterlife bits, I hope we get some scenes with Ethan's mom and Lena's dad in it, that'd be cool. Oh, and I hope we see Sarafine, too, just because I love to hate her. :P

OK, I should end my rambling now. :P

Lana I hope he comes back as something more than Mortal! Everytime he got thrown around, and even when Link became Incubus, i was just like -.- I hope he b ...more
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My opinion? He will be in a coma. Remember half of his soul got separated. Maybe now that it's back together, his no longer The One Who Is Two and he will have the chance to live again. His trapped in some kind of realm like Aunt Prue's soul was.

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