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Ibitsu Vol. 1
This topic is about Ibitsu Vol. 1

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Atsukoatsushinakahara (atsuko_atsushinakahara) | 1 comments have you read ibitsu by ryou haruka? its very scary and i love it.......
i hope u read it soon, so we can share each other.....

message 2: by Samy (new)

Samy Alloui | 1 comments Mod
i havent read it but this year im starting to read alot of manga.whats ur favorite manga/anime other tan this

message 3: by Damon (new)

Damon (valentinefive) | 1 comments Has anyone read any of the blue exorsist series. It has stuff for guys and girls, adn its funny, and action pact most of the time

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