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Is this book appropiate?

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Mikayla i want to read this but i need to know if it is appropriate

Abigail Appropriate how? lol. Let's just cover all the bases. Idk if these are considered spoilers but I don't mention any names.

Sex: There is some kissing and mention of sex but they never have sex and nothing is mentioned really graphically. One of BLANK fears is a fear of intimacy, or sex, BLANK overcomes it by refusing the person.

Violence: There is some violence. But no one is tortured or anything, at least not physically. There are some mind games that could be considered toucher but nothing that's like disturbing and sickening. Some ppl beat each other up and someone is stabbed in the eye. Someone commits suicide. But nothing is described super graphically. It just kinda like 'this is what happened-this is how everybody reacted'.

I liked it and didn't think that Roth went too far with anything. :D I highly recommend the book. :D

Valerie For the most part yes. So read it. Even if it isn't, read it anyways!

Abigail Oh, and there is a little cursing in it but not anything that's shocking.

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It's totally appropriate. A bit of violence, some romance (nothing intense), and cussing, well it's not bad and who hasn't heard a few words anyways. About the same as any other YA book in the genre. If your mature enough to actually understand the book then you are fine. And it's a great read!

Veronica An ideal YA novel.

Mikayla Thank you! Because i really wanted to read this book but i can't if it talks about sex to much lol

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It doesn't the only brief mentioning, is someones fear of it, but nothing bad, and that's the only mention.

Kinga Although there is violence, I highly recommend it <3 you could actually learn a lot about your own fears and how to control them

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Sam i'd say it is definitely appropriate. totally not a sex-oriented book, like so many other YA fiction.

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