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Book VS the Movie "Battle Scene"
*Secret*Fatty* *Secret*Fatty* Nov 16, 2011 01:25PM
Although the movies depiction of the epic battle at Hogwarts was, acceptable, from a non-readers point of view, did anyone feel it was just weird that Harry and Voldemort didn't fight in the center of Hogwarts with everyone else watching?
When Belatrix dies in the book, Voldemort is fighting right beside her (not for her honor or anything, but still.)and when he watches her die he totally screams and freaks out, THEN Harry makes his reappearance and fights Voldemort in front of everyone! Gah it bugs me every freakin time! Not to mention the million other little things that were totally wrong. I just don't understand why they made some of the changes they did.
Sorry for the ramble question :P
Anyway, what does everyone else think?

I completely agree. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is one of my favorite in the series and I honestly couldn't believe how much they left out and how much they changed. They did that with every book when it was made into a movie, though. So much is different. The battle scene in the book is so much better than the movie and at the end of the book Harry DOES use the elder wand at least once.. he doesn't just break it in half like it shows in the movie. I absolutely loved everything about the book.. there was so much more suspense. And not to mention making Voldemort's name a taboo! They don't even explain how those guys are there at the coffee shop after they escape the wedding reception, etc. The movies, in my opinion, should be made for the people who actually love the series for everything it is.. not just to earn money from the people too lazy to sit quietly and read the dang book. [/end rant]

Rachel (last edited Nov 30, 2011 06:51AM ) Nov 30, 2011 06:50AM   1 vote
In that scene at the end of the movie, it would have been so, so easy for Harry to just turn to Hermione, ask for the pieces of his original wand, fix it with the Elder Wand, then do whatever with it. I think it would have been fine to have him break it after fixing his wand.

Breaking it instead of just putting it somewhere was actually a strong statement and very symbolic, and it kind of makes more sense. That wand just attracted crazies anyway, so why not destroy it? I'm surprised that no one decided to go after Harry later in hopes of winning its allegiance (if they did, JKR never mentioned it). He did kind of shout to everyone (in the book) that it was his. Silly Gryffindors and their lack of self-preservation instinct <3 =P

The battle scene was ridiculous. I laughed out loud when Harry uttered that gag-worthy line and the two of them went flying out the window. Hilarious. Totally destroys the drama and potency of the book in place of GENERIC HOLLYWOOD ACTION.

I agree. What also bugged me was when Harry just jumped out of Hagrid's arms in front of everyone when he 'came back to life', rather than Hagrid putting him on the floor and Harry covering himself with the invisibility cloak etcetc. That change didn't even help the story from a Hollywood movie point of view, so god knows why they changed it. Grrr.

I truly expected the movie version to be a little more.....EPIC! No offense to the movie makers but the battle scene was a little dull. In the book it was described in such a way I would expect Voldemort to do more then fall to his knees. I really expected more.

I didn't like the movie version, of how the battle went at all. I still love the movie, but the inconsistencies bug me to no end.
I would rather watch a movie true to the author's rendering of the book, than a script based loosely on the book.
The battle in the book, I can still see clearly in my mind just as I can see the movie version and the difference in how they played out bother me, and makes me mad.

If you're going to split the book up into 2 movies, at least make the climactic battle a climax! It was too short and it glossed over the drama from the scene in the book. From Fred's death to Beatrix v. Mrs. Weasley to the battle between Harry and Voldemort. It was all more dramatic and quite frankly more cinematic in the book than the movie.

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