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Book VS. Film
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Did you like the film better than the book? Or the opposite? And why?

Book, I always root for the book! The movie cut so many great parts

Lizz I like the films in their own right, but there is so much more in the books. And I don't have to look at the ugly Mr. Pattinson. ...more
Jul 14, 2012 09:24AM

I find the books are better then the movies ...

movie is better than the book when it comes to new moon because i love the characters so much.

books by far. i was not impressed with the movies at all!

The movies are great but I would say the books are better because they are more detailed and the movies leave out some stuff that could of been in the movie, but its ok.

I thought the movie was pretty boring but I really enjoyed the book.

of course the book!
for me reading is better
than watching stupid movies ;)

always the book

The books outshine the films by far!

The books are amazing, the movies suck. So books better :)!

Obviously the book was a lot better. Loved it... :)

Book is way better! In movie I couldn't stand Kristen's and Robert's acting... They were so annoying. At least in book Bella could say whole sentence without looking at ground or pause!

Book was way better then the movie.But that is usually the case 9 times out of 10.

movie waz better dan da book:)

Ayesh The movie is better that the book.
Jan 21, 2013 06:18AM

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I like Taylor Lautner is a GREAT Jacob. He does the part so well. I like the movie better... but only slightly.

I have to say book, some bits in the movie i was like....what? but i always back the books.

i like the books better bc there are so many details and in movie they cut some parts!!!<3

Film - I think the movie producers plugged in the gaps of Meyer's narrative.

I've read the books, but I haven't seen the movies and I don't plan to either. So, in only having read the books, I say the books are better than the movies.

Book all the way! The movie was so bad it was laughable! It turned a great series into trashy movies. I mean come on Kristan Stewart may look the part of Bella but she can't act the part! Also, Robert Pattinson looks like he is about to throw up while acting as Edward. The only character I truly like is Jacob because I like Taylor Lautner.

The book was definatly better. No question.

The films are all great in their own right. BUT the books add so much more to the stories. When reading I am definitely 'Team Edward', but in the films the wolf boys are SO gorgeous.

The books are better as is usually the case. With Breaking Dawn, there were some parts that came out kind of cheesy on film- such as when Jacob imprints on Renesmee... Practically the entire audience in the theater was laughing when it obviously wasn't that kind of scene.


We'll always feel all the emotions in the book :)

I believe the book is better than the movie, you can strongly feel the character's emotions. They are more deep! The movie is alright too :)

The books are way better than the films! I can't stand the movies.

I've just started to read the book but I just finished twilight and I was shocked at how many changes their was from book to movie. Seriously I didn't think that anything they used in the movie except for acouple of minor things was used in the movie. I don't even think the charactor seemed the same. In the movie I found Edward kind of boring and nauseating while in the book he can be a real jerk not to mention smug. He has a darkness and an edge to him that you never see in the movie, Actually none of the movies and none of them are boring and the story isn't deep or dark like they try to show it on the movies..Bella has just as much personality as Edward has and seriously, they speak of this drop-dead georgious figure and then he see Rob and you're like..Yeah,Okay! LOL. He's not even slightly good looking no effense to the people that find him attractive but they don't pose the edward in the book like he's merely cute as Bella looks at him as he's this Georgious God and none of them have that at all. Not to mention most of the book they didn't use. You'd hardly realize that the movies and book were related.

I liked the book(s) better. The author had some time there to get into the vampire's abilities. That was the part I liked best about the series. For example I heard a million times that Alice can see the future. And I guess that is what you take away when watching the movie. But in the books she describes what exactly Alice can see and why it does not work with "werewolves". And that is just one example. The books are better.

book, because i wont get to see taylor lautner..

For me, the books were soooo much better. I read the whole series before any of the books were released, so I was really looking forward to the movies. I watched the first one in the theaters and it was a huge disappointment for me personally....felt very cheesy and more focused on hurrying up and putting the movie out then on the quality of the actual movie and actors.

The Book of course ! The movie doesn't like when I read the book !
When I'm read, all my mind and heart with the story. But the movie, it's not very good. I don't forget myself when I watch at all !!

The book was waaaay better than the movie..

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Mmmmmmmmmmm.....damn when Jacob takes his shirt off (screamed in the theatre...twice)-in the movie

Agree! The book better and I don't like Rob Pattinson.

Book is way better than the movie.
Why? Because there were lots of scenes that were important in the book that got cut away in the film. Edwards make-up also cut off from his collarbone and it just looked strange. Jacob and the scenes in Italy when Bella's running through the crowd are really good though.

No In a way I was bit disappointed by movie. Imagination was better than starcast and execution. Also, the deletion and manipulation was extremely unbearable.

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