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Elantris (Elantris, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > City of unending pain [s]

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Nickjill | 4 comments Great book by a new author. Takes place in medieval times where there were an elite group of people who possessed magic. They created a huge city and prospered for a long time. They considered themselves better than non magic people(not like harry potter even tho it sounds like it). Anyway, One day they had a massive earthquake and their magic failed, the city went into ruin. These magic people were cursed with a disfigured appearance. Now the normal people shunned them into their fallen city to die. The more interesting part of their problem was that any pain they experienced would last forever. If you broke your arm it would be excruciating for all time. Anyway, hope someone else had the pleasure of reading this....just wish I could remember the title.

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Nickjill | 4 comments YES!!!! Thanks

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Miriam | 40 comments Nickjill wrote: "YES!!!! Thanks"

No problem :)

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kvon | 56 comments FYI, this is the book of the month at the Sword and Laser book club for December, if you want to see some discussions about it.

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