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message 1: by Kirsty (new)

Kirsty (kirkel) | 1160 comments Mod
Ok I know it's Wednesday but I blame the party for sidetracking me :p Right guys lets get a better thread going this week. Anything goes:)

message 2: by Kirsty (last edited Nov 21, 2011 02:35PM) (new)

Kirsty (kirkel) | 1160 comments Mod
This reminded me of Dracula (I'll have to look back over it but I think it was the recounting of the story) at first and I enjoyed the description of the protagonists self discovery (view spoiler)

I did however feel like the plot build up at the end was a means to add more of a plot and excitement to the story and bring it to a close. (view spoiler)
I also don't think that it was particularly well paced and I felt disappointed that such in depth descriptions were wasted on a fragmented tale which felt more like a first draft of pieces an author has put together than a finished story.

message 3: by Kerry Bridges (new)

Kerry Bridges | 121 comments I didn't like this one at all. It seemed to meander all over the place. I didn't like the main character, so I didn't feel any sympathy with his plight, and I agree Kirsty, where did the dog come into it and what was the point of the client. I think this might have been better as a proper novella, as a short story it just made no sense to me at all.

message 4: by Becky (new)

Becky McWilliams Guinness  (billiesue) I loved it at the start but I didn't think the dog bit was important either. I think there was too much to explain to fit into a short story and it would be better as a Novella. But I did think halfway through that it was finished and then that dog bit was added onto the end so maybe if that was taken out the story would have been fine!

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