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made it...

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Yay! so what kind of RP's you like to do...?

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kidnapped or vampire or vampire+werewolf...

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I like the vampire one :D

message 5: by [deleted user] (new) can i be girl?

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Sure you can.

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thanx...i'm making my charrie..

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name: Selene
age:new born vampire..18 years old
persona: kind and helpful but moody and short tempered at times

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Reminds me off of Underworld XD

Name: Micheal
Age: more then a 1000 years old
Looks: < img src= " ">
Persona: TBARP

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i can't see ur pic...

reminded me of the same..

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I cant see yours ither

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mmm...something must be wrong i can see mine..wat do i do?

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I dont know do a different picture?

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hey,i can see yours now..well i'll change mine..

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can you see it now?

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Cool aid and Yay!

message 19: by [deleted user] (new) now we start the Rp?

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Sure I am bad with Intros

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and no I cant see your pic

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Hot Cheetoe Lover wrote: "and no I cant see your pic"

((ok i'll try again))

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((Yes I can see it now))

Micheal was going through the city wanting to get something to eat or someone to eat because he was hungry.

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Selene walked down the edge of the forest feeling dizzy.She'd been bitten just two days ago and she needed blood,very badly.

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[yay! good so we can now keep Rping]

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[you there?]

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