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Indiana Indeed :)

Do you prefer realistic or fantasy?

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Indiana - Realistic

Fun, okay, so how many characters do you want to roleplay and do you prefer a certain gender?

(lol sorry, I'm going to practically interrogate you for a little while. I'm the type who likes something to build on)

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Indiana That's how I am, with the number of characters.
I'm good with roleplaying the guy, so that's worked out :)

So we have

- Realistic
- One character each
- Skye as girl
- Indiana as guy

Did you have anything in mind as far as the plot goes?

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Indiana Right right right.
For age group are you comfortable with late teens/early twenties?

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Indiana Let's go with that then. And for general setting, that can be your call.

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Indiana I believe so. Just a minute.

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Indiana Name: Nathaniel Grey
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Personality: Nathaniel is a little tortured, he admits it. He has a silent (mostly stubborn) confidence to him that is visible in his body; how he moves, the way he looks at you. Speaking his mind is not an interest of his, and it never has been. Nathaniel keeps his mouth closed most of the time, but if he has something to say, he will make his message clear.
History: As a child and through his teenage years, Nathan was pressed to be a star athlete. His parents saw his natural ability and seized it. Not knowing any other life, he resolved to push himself until he broke and give his life to becoming a professional athlete, focusing mainly on football. That changed in his Junior year of high school, when his mother and father were murdered in their own home. Nathan was at practice. The killer was never found. Everything changed.
He went into a depression for a period of a few years, and when he finally was able to pull himself back together, he had lost his edge in sports and ended up washing out. His motivation is low, he has nothing to live for anymore. College is not a large priority for him. He has a job as a bartender at a club near his apartment, which he lives in alone.

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Indiana Awesome. Okay, plot thinking time?

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Indiana I am drawing a blank here. Warning: this might take me a few more days XD

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Indiana Have you thought of anything? Maybe I could piggy-back.

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Indiana We could just wing it in the beginning and then think up something more interesting for later?

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Indiana Sure. Give me ten minutes.

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Indiana Nathaniel tiredly glanced at his watch.
3:00 a.m.
He didn't find it hard to believe. It had been a longer night than usual, the club packed. That was Friday for you.
He looked around the now empty building, cursing himself for offering to lock up.
Nathan pulled his set of keys out of his pocket and locked the front door from the inside before heading to the back entrance, outside of which he had his car parked.
Upon opening the heavy door, a burst of cool air greeted his face, a welcomed contrast from the stuffy, alcohol tainted air of the bar. His feet carried him to the place he always parked his Mustang. Which currently was not there.
"You have GOT to be kidding me!" His voice rose louder than it probably had in weeks. Who the hell would jack his car in this town? After standing around for all of fifteen minutes, struggling to decide what he was going to do next, he gave up and chose just to walk home from the club. His phone was not on him, so he couldn't call the cops, and there was no one else around. Even if there was, it wasn't like he would ask for help. Street lights flickered in the silent darkness while he kept to the sidewalk, his strides unmotivated and exhausted.

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Indiana Nathaniel kept his eyes aimed at his feet, passing the time by counting his steps. God knows he would think about something miserable if he didn't. Like his life. He shook away the thought, not in the mood for a pity party.
Suddenly, he collided with something. Or someone. In the dark it was too hard to tell what the person looked like. "Sorry," He apologized, stepping backwards to keep from falling to the ground.

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Indiana The voice was feminine, he could tell. But the fact that simply running into someone nearly made him topple over reminded him of how little energy he had, and that making it home from this point looked hopeless. Not feeling like he had any other option, he decided to ask this stranger for a favor.
"It's fine. Would you happen to have a phone on you? My car was stolen and I need to contact someone to get me back to my apartment."

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Indiana "Thank you." Nathaniel nodded once politely as he took it from her hand and let his pupils dilate to see the device enough to dial a number. He really only had one close friend in this town who would be willing to pick him up on some random street at an ungodly hour of the morning. That friend unfortunately also never answered his phone. Even so, Nathan punched the guys number in and let it ring. After three attempts and getting the voicemail each time, he gave up. Sighing, he handed the phone back to the girl. He considered asking just exactly what she was doing out at this time, but ignored the urge. Her business was hers. He guessed he was just as suspicious. "No luck." He started walking away, trying to convince himself he could make it home on foot.

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Indiana He had gone barely a few yards when his vision began blacking out. Nathaniel could tell he was going down. "Shit," He muttered. He subconsciously groaned as he hit the ground, and then was out.

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Indiana Approximately ten minutes after he had fallen, Nathaniel's eyes flickered back open. The first thing his eyes rested on was a beautiful face hovering over him. Where was he again? He knew that girl from somewhere...
And then it all came back to him. He turned his head to the side and coughed a little before attempting to get back on his feet. He barely stayed upright, swaying dangerously, on the verge of hitting the ground again.
Someone fucking laced my water tonight.
That was the only reasonable explanation for this that he could come up with. He knew it could not just be that he was tired.
Remembering the girl, he turned to look at her. "Thanks for...staying with me." Nathan wasn't sure what to do or say next.

((I was thinking that maybe she takes him back to her place because it's close and he's completely out of it? And he refuses to go to the hospital for being drugged?))

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Indiana "I think...I was drugged." Everything was blurring. Nathaniel stumbled over to a light pole and used it to steady himself.
Very smooth.
He wanted to roll his eyes at himself.

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Indiana "No. They won't listen to my story. I'll have to deal with the cops. You, too." He tried to focus his eyes on her. It was too difficult. Nathaniel gave up and concentrated on staying standing.

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Indiana Nathaniel was about to object to that as well, seeing as he did not knows this girl, but what other option was there for him? He sighed and agreed, silently following her there, staying slightly behind. He prayed she wasn't an ax murderer. Then again, she was probably thinking the same of him. "My name is Nathaniel. I don't believe I introduced myself."

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Indiana Nathaniel slowly walked in after her, closing his eyes first due to the light's sharpness. He immediately leaned against a wall, trying to regain his balance that was currently failing him. "I appreciate this," He managed to say, feeling so out of place in a strange girl's home. He could not even fathom why she would stay around to help him.

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Indiana Nathaniel steadied himself on the wall as he looked for the nearest couch. He was definitely not crashing in her guest room. He felt bad enough about this already. In the next room, he spotted a long sofa and made his way to it, glad to at least have some where. Nathan removed his shoes, refusing to not be polite, and layed himself down. He was unconscious almost immediately.

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Indiana ((Since he's really not going to be doing much XD want to skip to morning?))

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Indiana A throbbing pain roused Nathaniel from his sleep. His hand flew to his head and he groaned, temporarily forgetting where he was. He could barely remember what had happened, anyway, other than having his car stolen and meeting girl. Opening his eyes, Nathan looked around, confused. Why was he here again. The girl was no where to be seen, and his clothes were still on, so it wasn't that...

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Indiana Nathaniel looked up quickly as he heard a voice. It was the girl who had helped him out. Upon seeing her face, a blurry memory of the previous night began to surface. "Better than I would have on the street. Thanks." He glanced at the towel she had wrapped around herself. "I'd rather not be getting in your way." Nathan tried to haul himself onto his feet and stepped around dizzily for a moment before steadying himself, putting a hand up to his temple. The headache refused to go away. Even so, he started out of the room.

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Indiana It took Nathaniel a second to realize how thirsty he was. He guessed that dehydration wasn't helping him. But he felt bad enough about this. "I don't want to make you uncomfortable. You can get some clothes on before you worry about me."

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Indiana "Water." Nathaniel doubted that anything could really cure the way he felt other than time, but she seemed intent on helping him. As she got him the drink, he could not help but notice how beautiful this woman was. His eyes scanned the length of her body while she was turned away, until he realized just exactly what he was doing and how it would probably look. He managed to rest his sights on some vase instead.

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Indiana "Thanks." Nathaniel ran a hand through his jet black hair and coughed hoarsely some before taking a gulp of the water, grateful for the cool liquid after all. Deciding that he most likely was not going anywhere anytime soon, he leaned back into the cushion of the couch and took Emma in from where she sat next to him, finding it hard at the moment to take his eyes away from her. She was sublimely beautiful; the type of girl he had once had all access to. Those days seemed all too far away now.

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Indiana Nathaniel really hoped it was just a door to door salesmen or something of the like. He would hate to have to be explained to a friend, or worse, a boyfriend.
'Well, I found him heavily drugged on the street at an ungodly hour of the morning so I took him home!' Did not sound all that great.

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Indiana Nathaniel raised an eyebrow at her reaction to whoever was at the door. What she in danger or was it just an annoying solicitor? Under normal circumstances, he would make sure she was alright and see if there was anything he could do, but he was doubtful he could be of any assistance considering the state he was in. Still, "Is something wrong?"

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Indiana Nathaniel frowned at her random comment that was completely untrue. Catching her eye, he just shook his head lightly, sky blue eyes intense on hers. He did not really know her, of course, but she was too pretty (not to mention nice) to say any such thing, even if it was just a subconscious comment. Leaning forward, he tilted his head and narrowed his brow. "What would make you say that?"

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Indiana Nathaniel almost smiled, shaking his head again at her words and leaning back into the couch. He was slowly shaking off the haze that had clung to him thanks to his unfortunate night. But he could hardly call it unfortunate, he realized, sitting here. Feeling sober enough to stand, he pulled himself to his feet and figured out where all of his limbs were without falling over.

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Indiana "Fine." He stretched out some, his muscles extremely stiff. Realizing how unclean he probably was, he had the strong urge to throw himself under running water. The fact that Emma was near him didn't help. Turning to her, he wore a guilty smile. "You wouldn't mind if I showered here, would you?"

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Indiana "Uh, sure." Nathan was starting to feel overly-guilty at her hospitality, but he also felt bad about refusing the offer. Looking to the side, he lifted his hand to rub the back of his neck nervously. "Would you mind showing me the bathroom?"

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Indiana Nathaniel thanked her with a smile, shutting the door behind him and turning on the water. He didn't take long. Adding on to her water bill was not something he aspired to do after all of this. Finding a towel where Emma said it would be, he dried off quickly, only to realize that he had forgotten about the clothes until now. He thought about just pulling on what he was previously wearing until it struck him that they smelled like the bar.
He stepped outside of the bathroom and walked back to the kitchen. There was no way in hell he was going to call for her. When he found her, he resolved to casually lean against the door frame. "Those clothes?"

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Indiana With a grateful look, he thanked her and took hold of the shirt and jeans before he retired to the bathroom where he changed. With luck, the clothes fit. His shoes were on his feet quickly and he pulled his wallet from the back pocket of his pants from the last night, folding all of that tightly until it was of a manageable size to carry. Nathaniel returned to Emma with a slight smile. "You know, the least I can do is take you out to coffee."

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Indiana Nathaniel nodded once and stepped out of the room, shutting the door behind him. He decided he would walk her to the nearest coffee shop, hoping the fresh air would help him get over the after effects of whatever was in his system.

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Indiana ((I'm sorry. My computer got a virus, took just about forever to diagnose it, try to get it all fixed, and then ended up getting a new computer))

Nathaniel stood in the hallway, staring at the ceiling, doing his best to think back to all that had happened the previous night. In the years he had lived in this town, he hadn't run into much criminal activity before. Local news never turned up with much, especially stolen cars. Lovely. The same person probably spiked whatever he had drank last night too, figuring a guy in a delusional state couldn't do much car-searching or police-calling. Looking around at this stranger-girl's house, he realized they had figured right. Nathan started moving to the door when Emma stepped out of the bedroom, happy to get outside.

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Indiana As they started down the road, he quickly recognized the part of town they were in. He passed by here almost every day for work. Lucky for him, he also knew where the nearest coffee shop was located. Matching his pace with Emma's, Nathan glanced over at her. The sunlight illuminated her pretty features, and she looked deep in thought while her eyes stayed on the pavement ahead. He wished he could know what she was thinking.

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Indiana The cafe wasn't hard to find, and Nathan was grateful for that. He was not in the mood for embarrassing himself by aimlessly leading Emma around, lost. He held the door open for her and let her take a seat, ordering their coffee while she waited at a corner table. It was difficult for him to wrap his head around the last twelve hours, but this was nice. Unexpected, but nice. Sitting down, he sat back and took the sight of her in, wondering what he should say.
"What are you thinking?"
The words surprised him. His mouth seemed to act on its own. Watch it, he scolded himself.

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Indiana He passed her the coffee, expression unreadable. "You are...different. It's intriguing." Nathaniel was a little taken aback by his words. Never before had he said something like that to a woman.

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Indiana Nathaniel smiled at her questions, shaking his head softly. "Well, for starters, you pick up intoxicated strangers on the street." He laughed, catching her gaze again. "But really, you are just very...unreadable." He hoped she wouldn't take that the wrong way.

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Indiana A crooked smile crossed his face at her words. "Maybe you should share it with me, in that case." He kept his tone playful, but truly did want to know more about her.

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Indiana ((Hey Skye, it just dawned on me that I only have two roleplays going in this group really, and I'm in the process of trying to sort out my roleplays in a few other groups/get everything organized. I'd really like to apologize for a second time today because due to that I'll be leaving. Though if we happen to be in another group together I'd love to start a new roleplay with you.))

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