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At Midnight: A Novel Based on Cinderella
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > modern cinderella retelling [s]

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Ash (alf203) | 2 comments When I was in middle school (90's), I read a modern retelling of Cinderella.
What I remember:
The Prince was attending a boarding school with two good friends in Ella's town.
Ella's fairy godmother transforms her bicycle into a car and sends her off to the Prince's party. They meet on the lawn and dance under the stars and introduce each themselves as "nobody". The Prince's friends make fun of him for pinning over the shoe she left behind but help him search for her. Step-mother breaks the shoe and his friend gets cut. They eventually find her and she leaves with the Prince in a limo, sees her Fairy Godmother driving in a van (I think her name was Fay or something? She helps the homeless) That's all I can remember... Anyone know the name/author? Thanks!

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D.M. Dutcher  | 340 comments I think it might be At Midnight: A Novel Based on Cinderella From an amazon review:

"At Midnight is told in a way that makes fairy tales seem within the relm of the possible. I loved the way it retained the magic and traditions of the story and yet was able to add a twist to make it new and worth the read. Ella seemed like a person that you would expect to run into at school, and the way the fairy Godmother is worked into the story is perfect. A ten speed bike turning to a convertible for the dance is just a hint of the charm of the story!"

If it is not this, the book
New Tales for Old: Folktales As Literary Fictions for Young Adults has it listed in a bibliography: this is my best guess from trying to google fu it. The New Tales had Ella, fay who helps the homeless, and her father dying of a heart attack, Her stepmother was Lucinda.

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Ash (alf203) | 2 comments Woohoo, the first one was it! Thank you!

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