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Thanh As I read the book, I couldn't help but get irritated at Esperanza at several points in the book. Yes, I do feel bad for her and her family. It's such an unfortunate event that her father died the way he did; he absolutely did not deserve it considering how kind and giving he was to his servants. When they talked about how they were going to leave Mexico and what they would do in the U.S., Esperanza did innocently declare that she, too, would work to help the family out. However, her reaction to the little girl grabbing her doll just showed me how selfish she was. I understand that the doll was her prized possession from her dad and I understand that she wasn't used to being in "that kind of" atmosphere, but I assumed better of her. Also, when they arrived in the U.S., she wasn't acting like she was willing to do whatever it took to hep the family out. I just thought that she would be more humble and more helping considering her father's hardworking characteristics. It also sounded like her grandma and mother taught her well, but Esperanza didn't really display much of that. I have high hopes that Esperanza's attitude is going to change very soon and her perspectives on life are going to be very different. So far, she's shown me that she is capable of doing so - like wanting to learn how to change the diapers, wash them, and how to sweep.
One thing I wished the author would include in the story is the uncle's reactions once he found out that Esperanza's family had successfully escaped to the U.S. It would be entertaining to read about it.

Andrea I haven't read the book in a couple years, but from what I remember Esperanza irritated the hell out of me in the beginning. She was used to having luxury in her life, and it was quickly taken away from her in the blink of an eye. It takes her a while to adjust to the decidedly less glamorous life in the U.S., and it also took me a while to get used to her, too. It was a wonderful story, though!

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