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Greece Karpusi (scotland) | 2745 comments Mod
((Awww, if I was Eva I would have popped him in the mouth for saying 'condition.'))

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Justin knocked on Eva's door. "Melissa?" He calls.

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(yeah. Just post)

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He laughs at himslef. "Oh, sorry." He looks at the door numbe. "May i ask who is?"

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"Justin. WOuld you happen to know where Melissa is?"

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(it is???)

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Hannah B wrote: ""I don't even know who she is.""

"oh, well. Sorry for bothering you." He looks at her eyes. "Hey, um are you alright?"

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"What's the matter?" Sincere concern crosse his face.

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"Because, you have obviuosly been crying and no one deserves to cry alone in the dark."

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He jumps back a bit and sighs. "Goodbye then, Eva."

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(idk...he's gone...:P I have a ghost character who could pop in >:P)

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(lol ok >:D)

Lilly floats into the room, her white dress dragging across the floor.

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"I miss my parent's too." Lilly looks forward, her cold, blue lips moving slowly.

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"Lilly." She turns her head toward her slightly. "Im dead."

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"No, Im a ghost."

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"i don't talk about it. if you wish to know, ask my sister. She goes here. Camille."

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"Well then i guesse you'll never know." She looks down, sadly. "I dont talk about my past."

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"Well i cant really qualify as a person."

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"What about them?" Her eyes flash with sadness.

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"What do you think?" She asks harshly.

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she looks away. "At least you're alive."

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she glares at her. "No, you don't."

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She smirks and raises her eyebrows. "And how, would you know that??? Hm?"

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she smirks "How you gonna prevent it?"

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(no, your hand goes through her)

She smirks

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"Don't cry." She whispers

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"Well, stop."

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She smirks "Yes, i do have tons."

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She smiles this time, not smriking.

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she shrugs "Why not?"

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She watches, eyesbrows raised slightly.

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