The Cat in the Hat (The Cat in the Hat, #1) The Cat in the Hat question

How do we know the Cat wasn't a pedophile in a Cat suit?
Jon Hagmann Jon Nov 15, 2011 01:01PM
I think its a pedophile who just walks in and plays with random children and gets the heck out before the parents get home...

I am pretty sure that the cat in the hat was just an insane talking cat that walked around, caused trouble, and wore a hat. Nothing else.

Jon wrote: "I think its a pedophile who just walks in and plays with random children and gets the heck out before the parents get home..."

It is clearly a warning about pedocats. After reading this book would you open your door to a lion wearing a top hat? No? Of course you wouldn't, and you have this book to thank.

I'm so tired of adults twisting the meaning of children's books and movies and shows to fit their own sick agenda. This reminds me of that awful Rugrats theory that it was all in Angelica's head. Why can't these stories stay innocent without being tainted by adult perversions?

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Sue Williams I agree with you 100%.
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Pedophile's are in general not some scary stranger who snatches you from the street, or comes into the home to "corrupt" children. They are abusers who generally know the children. They are the mother's boyfriend, the uncle, cousin and fathers, not to mention step-mothers, step-brothers and friends of the family. They are teachers, members of the church.
You are looking in the wrong places for the villian if you think an imaginary character who wants to play and have innocent fun could be one.
When you don't want to see the truth you will look for the lie in the strangest of places.

i dont think he is a pedophile but yes to a guy in a cat suit

I never thought of the Cat in the Hat as a pedophile, but I have always thought that the book is creepy the way the Cat just marches in and takes over while the mother is not home.

deleted member Jan 04, 2012 09:47PM   1 vote
Haha! I don't care if people find this offensive, I found it quite funny.

Phil (last edited Nov 30, 2011 06:54PM ) Nov 30, 2011 06:49PM   1 vote
Let me guess, Jon. You're an adult, but just barely, and not quite secure yet in your adulthood. So you decided to prove to yourself you're a big boy by dumping on a kids' book in a "shocking" way.

Whatever. That kind of thing can be funny if it's done right. In fact, one of my friends here at Goodreads wrote a foul-mouthed review of another kids' book and seems to have gained some degree of notoriety for doing so. But he did it with considerable wit and a keen sense of irony.

But here's the thing: you didn't! Face it, Jon, what you wrote was way too easy, downright ham-fistedly worded, even.

Besides, look at the Cat in the Hat's neck. Anyone trying to squeeze into a costume like that would strangle himself.

Adjoa Ife I just had the most gut wrenching, throat tightening, knee slapping laugh at 2:30 am like I was sitting in the first seat, on the front row at a comed ...more
Mar 27, 2017 12:36AM

Wow, this discussion really got people worked up. For what it's worth I think the holocaust was real and that Santa is not (Although if he was I think it would be best not to sneak in through the chimney. He should put the gifts by the front door, ring the bell and run away.) and I don't think the cat was a pedophile, but he was kind of a jerk. I mean, I like Dr Seuss and all, but the cat should never have brought those Things around, and it wasn't nice the way he bullied that fish, who was really just looking out for the children's best interests after all, and then the cat and his goons went and trashed the house, only to clean up right before the mom came home, so they totally got away with it. I mean, what kind of message is that?

Man, I got a little worked up myself.

Could it be we are looking to make something from nothing? Or are we just taking the piss?

umm...I don't think so....

Amy (last edited Apr 29, 2012 03:43PM ) Apr 28, 2012 08:02AM   0 votes
I cannot believe anyone would actually think this. Did Mike Myers's portrayal of the Cat in the Hat have something to do with this - because he was gross in the movie? But the book? Umm. No.

Edited to add: Jon, did you vote me down because I disagreed with your crazy notion :)

Ok why say something like that about a children's book?? That's insulting


Well, the definition of a pedophile is:

"an adult who is sexually attracted to young children."

Considering the fact that the cat never, said, did or implied anything remotely sexual to Sally or "I", I'm gonna have to go with the general consensus of NOOO.

Where on earth did you get this notion?

i dont think thats it..

Gtfoh. No. No. That is absurd. It's not like cat in the hat was John Wayne gacey dressing up like a creepy clown to molest boys and kill them then stash them under the stairs!

Doubtful that Dr. Seuss would write a silly book, to help children master reading, that had a secret pedophile in it.

This book is for little kids but I guess it is still a good book.

this book is so GOOD!:):):):):):):):):):):):):)

i'm sure hes not...
he was magical....

Pedophile? No. A bad influence on the kids? Yes!

This reminds me that there are such things as stupid questions.

I actually did not like this book as a child. It scared me that a stranger was coming inside the house. It didn't matter if he was a cat. Also, in the cartoon version I saw as a child, the cat had a voice that sounded creepy to me.

lol! Good point! He conveniently showed up while the mom was away!

Oh for Christ's sake...

deleted member Nov 29, 2011 08:49PM   0 votes
Well, now, this ought to be an interesting discussion.

Sam I Am owns a meat and poultry farm that sells contaminated goods who is trying to convince vegans to conform.

Does anyone else think that the Very Hungry Caterpillar might be bulimic?

deleted member Nov 21, 2014 11:08PM   0 votes
Pedophiles want to do as much damage to children as possible. The Cat in the Hat does no damage to the children at all.

This is pathetic!!!!! I hate how you are all twisting this wonderful book!!!! This is a children's book and it is NOT about a pedophile!!! Why does everything in world nowadays have to be about pedophiles and things like that? I love Doctor Seuss!!! A couple of years ago I was in Seussical the Musical. This book is Not meant to be about pedophilia!!!!!

haha. I don't think so.

Way to ruin my childhood

I like Cat in the Hat amongst other Dr. Seuss books. I enjoyed it as a kid and my son enjoys it as well. But I do wonder about Cat in the hat especially after they made a movie. How do we teach kids about being careful with strangers when what seems like a kid friendly movie is insinuating otherwise? Hmmmmm.

agreed agreed

I'm still pondering the absurdity of discussing whether an illustration is actually a perv in a cat suit..., rather than an illustration.

Thing 1 and 2, however.......

No Jon he was not a pedophile, a bad influence yes. But if he scares you , you might want to look into as to why. He might remind you of someone you know in real life, and therein lies the danger.

I really don't think so...

Our culture is so obsessed with pedophilia that people see things where there none. Can't good adult figures not play with children anymore without attributing it to some malicious intent?

Ewwww, i never want to read this ever again!

I can't see anything wrong with this book. There is, however, one children's book that is absolutely redolent of paedophilia, involving the kidnap of a girl from her bedroom, her growing to love and eventually kiss her captor, not to mention a thinly disguised scene of ejaculation over her. When not writing children's books, the author was famed for being a sexual obsessive, obsessed also with outraging and dominating others. Any criticism of him will be met with hysterical responses by his legion of fans, so I won't mention him by name, especially as many of these hysterical fans live in his birthplace, as I do.

Wow, you have nothing else to think about......awful thought......this is a childs book, its a imaginary friend in a way that is entertaining the kids while its raining outside....or a lonely sole searching for a way to bring a smile to someone else..............or you know those bad kids that wonder around and get into mishief even when trying to make new friends with good a CHILDRENS BOOK ....only for children to enjoy! Don't ruin it!

We know he wasn't a pedophile because his hat didn't have a Penn State logo on it.

...but... he's the cat in the hat... he can't be a pedophile.. he's a magical cat that has little friends with blue hair... no. He isn't a pedophile. A weird cat who has an ugly cat, yes. Pedophile? no.

Jon wrote: "I think its a pedophile who just walks in and plays with random children and gets the heck out before the parents get home..."
What a really stupid thing to say I hope that your question is flagged.

Well, this is an...interesting topic....

But since the question was, How do we know the Cat wasn't a pedophile in a Cat suit? I think the answer is we don't. There are tons of different perspectives on each side, and I don't really think either will give in.

Don't worry i think cats are scared of trolls...

You can seriously consider that The Cat in The Hat is a pedophile!!! All right, please list why you would even consider this? and please be sure to list logical answers and not, "Because"...all right, tell me what made you even think that a cat can't be magical in a storybook and what made you think that a magical cat was a pedophile of all things?? What's next? you think that the holocaust never happened???


Azina (last edited Mar 08, 2017 04:30AM ) Mar 08, 2017 04:21AM   0 votes
Dr Seuss was a political cartoonist without kids. Do you really think he enjoyed writing mindless children's books? He hid a pretty good message in this book but the cat became so popular (sequels, merchandising etc) that like Miyazaki he wouldn't reveal the real meaning behind much of his work, thus avoiding 'character assasination' of a very thinly-veiled pedophile figure that thus became a lovable children character. Cat has a phallic hat, Thing 1 and 2 are really blue hairy anthropomorphic balls. Fish is the somewhat annoying voice of reason. The kids are totally without say and never consent to anything, as real victims. They are coerced into "shaking hands" with Thing 1 and 2. The only question that is left unanswered is "should we tell mom, what would YOU (the child reading this) do?" this is where the caretaker of the child reading this with him/her should point to the right answer, thus making it a powerful lesson about consent and the evil that is sexual grooming. I don't care that your illusions about this book have been shattered. Anyone who is incapable of recognizing such an obvious allegory should start by reading Animal Farm. Intellectuals have no pleasure, I repeat absolutely no pleasure at all, in writing children's books about cats ,fish, pigs, horses and other animals.

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