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Name: Cyril Hamelton
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Appearance: He is a taller man; with short brown hair, and a thin beard; he has light gray eyes, and in the winter they seem almost white; He usually wears an old camo jacket, and a flat cap when doing undercover work, but when he's at work, he wears a nice black tux, with white shoes.

Profession: Peacekeeper agent/ His job is to go to the 12 districts, and report on the efficiency of the law enforcers there. Since he is an agent he has his own train and a pass to enter each district. He is often on the phone with a man named Charlie- his boss

Description: He's clumbsy, and bumbling. But don't let that make you think he's weak, he might not look strong, but he carries a literal " Huge ass gun" with him, in a holster he keeps in his belt. Speaking of wepons he also has a large lock blade, he keeps in his sock. He is serious, most of the time but when he's just talking he can be verry relaxed. He grew up as an orphan in D-3 but hiched a ride as a stowaway in a train to the capital when he was 11. From then, a man working at one of the large news stations found him and took Cyril in as his own.

Other: Is homophobic, and a smoker. and a drinker

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