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Is this book any good?

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Daniela-Goddess of Reading I've read the other three books, but I'm not sure I want to read this book. I thought there was only going to be three books to the Mortal Instruments series?

What's the deal-leo?

Minna i thought it was decent but i didnt like it. sometimes i feel like the author should stop writing the series and start on something new. i think that the thing i disliked most about this book was Jace. i love Jace in all the other books but in COFA he just seemed like he was too distant. if you liked the way that the first three ended dont read it, cus, in all honesty this book could start a sequel series. but, if you do end up reading it anyway, fair warning, you will hate Cassandra Clare after the end of the last chapter. she has a way of making the story riveting in a way that makes you want to beat her over the head with the book :D if that makes any sense :D sorry i sometimes start rambling :D

message 3: by Yue (new) - rated it 2 stars

Yue Agreed. When I was reading the last chapter I was like "Oh noooo, not this pleaseeee". The first 3 were OK, no need to go any further with more problems, more relationships... seriously, it started to look like a soap opera (something that keeps the main characters apart, a new villain, new additions of characters, love triangles, bla bla). For me, there was no need to write the 4th book, not to mention the 5th, the 6th...

Jennifer It keeps you entertained definitely. Pisses you off, makes you laugh but the first three, to me, were amazing by themselves. You don't have to read it, you can just stop. It's only semi-related to the first three. It's like a new adventure really. So it's up to you. It was a love/hate relationship for me.

Rachel READ IT!!! this is my fav series of allll time!!!! I was a little upset about this book not being as focused on clary but I guess tht isn't sucha bad thing. It is sooo funny and amazing still though. But I have to say, the 1st 3 are better.

Elizabeth To be honest I wasn't thrilled with this one.
I really liked the trilogy and I LOVE the Infernal Devices too, but this book just wasn't that great for me.

They were a lot of things that made me feel like: ''really? again?'' I know there have to be troubles between Clary and Jace to keep going, but agh, I don't understand why the author didn't focus in other pairing to mess up with.

Allen ABH I did not at all like this book. Honestly this should have stayed as a trilogy, this book felt rushed, and it was soooo boring.

1) feels like a twilight book. How? Jace hates himself and thinks he isn't good for her (Edward)Clary keeps on pursuing him (Bella)

2) Most of parts with Clary and Jace are them just kissing and smashing into each others faces, With the frequent monster fighting and Simon's weird life.

3)Totally unnecessary book, don't know why she added this book and is now adding 2 more

4) I KNOW WHY SHE ADDED THIS BOOK AND 2 MORE. shes money hungry. Also infernal devices is the same crap as the mortal instruments.

Whitney um... obviously

This is my all-time favourite book series.

Rachel Allen wrote: "I did not at all like this book. Honestly this should have stayed as a trilogy, this book felt rushed, and it was soooo boring.

1) feels like a twilight book. How? Jace hates himsel..."

this is the best series ever so don't dis it because now I feel like beating you up.

Allen ABH Rachel wrote: "Allen wrote: "I did not at all like this book. Honestly this should have stayed as a trilogy, this book felt rushed, and it was soooo boring.

1) feels like a twilight book. How? Jac..."

That's your opinion, if you can't handle the facts then get off the internet and take some anger management classes.

Hannah Well, there've obviously been mixed reviews, but I really liked this books and it made a lot more since how certain things played out after Mortal Instruments, and there is still evil lurking in the world of the Shadowhunters so YES. READ IT.

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

It was a good story but a completely unnecessesary installment to the series.

Daniela-Goddess of Reading Oooooookay now. I don't know what I should do because half of you are saying read it and the other are lie this book is so unnecessary??

Daniela-Goddess of Reading Um okay...Whitney and Rachel say to read it and that's good enough for me so I think.....I'll READ IT!!! xD

Bella good book like the series

Bella READ IT IT WILL JUST BE ANOTHER BOOK TO READ sorry for the caps lock accident

Jessica It was good but i felt it stopped at a point where it should of kept going.

Arushi NOOOO. but if you've read the first three you should read it.

its unnecessary, frustrating...and yeahh but if youre like me, you'll read it just for the sake of finishing a could-be-would-be amazing series so yeah....

dont want to spoil anything but i hate jace in this book. even though its not his fault... (CLIFFHANGER)oolalala lolol

Clare Keogh I really liked this book and think you should read it. I definitely liked the first three more so the this one didn't really live up to my expectations. But, I still feel like something really exciting and surprising is going to happen so I am going to keep reading until I am done.

Jennifer Dupriest Ummmm---OF COURSE!!! :)
It's good.

FasterKillFastPussycat the series was only supposed to be 3 books and the third book left me quite satisfied with the series and there wasn't a need for anymore books but I won't say that this fourth installment in the series is not good.I honestly like it, but I don't love it.

Tiffany i love all 4 books to the series. there are two more books to this series, they are called city of lost souls, and city of heavenly fire. i researched the series and it says these are the 5th and 6th books to the series.

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