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message 1: by Simon (Highwayman) (last edited Nov 15, 2011 08:52AM) (new)

Simon (Highwayman) (highwayman) | 4698 comments The Honour of the Knights (First Edition)

How did it go? Reviews and discussions here Spoilers allowed

The Honour of the Knights (First Edition)

message 2: by Mhairi (new)

Mhairi Simpson (mhairisimpson) | 1158 comments It went really well. First I'll say the things I didn't like: headhopping. WAY too much headhopping. The narrator is like a coked up prostitute, just here, there and everywhere. You're just getting into it in one character's head and then, boom! You're into someone else's, and sometimes only for a few lines before the chapter ends. Infuriating at times.

I also sometimes felt that I wasn't properly inside a character's head. It was at times like these that I really noticed the headhopping. You'd just be digging down into some really difficult situation that the character felt really strongly about and then, off we go to another character's head. Bah!

But I loved the action and the technology. Very fun read!

message 3: by Jud (new)

Jud (judibud) | 18537 comments i'm only 80% through so far but thought i'd come on here anyway I dont mind the head hopping I like that it keeps going back to characters ad reminds you what they are up to rather than waiting till the next chapter to find out :o) although i am struggling to stay interested in the story I don't know if maybe it is a result of the headhopping but i just dont really relate to the characters and finding i dont really care if their lives are in danger. But that could also be just the fact its sci fi.

Anyway I cam on here in particular about the scene in the mortuary Oh my word! just cut into her already!! I cant handle the hesitation, I tell you if that was me I'd be right in there the trouble would be getting me out.

Past that part now so will go and see if i can get the book written tonight, dont know if i'll have much more to say on it but I would like to point out that it has well written and I do think it is a very good story, I'm the problem here cause i'd rather read about people being cut into and cut up than about space ships :o)

message 4: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Sweeney (stephenjsweeney) | 12 comments Jud - Wow, really? ;) Well, you might enjoy the Dexter series of novels then, because there is A LOT of cutting in those ;)

Sorry it wasn't entirely your cup of tea. Maybe next time ;)

message 5: by Jud (new)

Jud (judibud) | 18537 comments There's something to add to my christmas list, thanks Stephen :o)

Glad I read your book cause I always would have avoided sci-fi for no reason other than the genre, but at least I have tried it now and found it wasn't completely to my taste.

message 6: by Mhairi (new)

Mhairi Simpson (mhairisimpson) | 1158 comments Hahahahaha Yes, the hesitation did annoy me somewhat too. You're happy to shoot other people from a distance but when the fate of the free world (universe?) is at stake, you can't just cut someone open? Please, grow a spine!

message 7: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Sweeney (stephenjsweeney) | 12 comments I guess I'd been watching too many Saw films ;) I figured that for most people, cutting open a body and routing around inside of it might be a little bit too much ;)

I certainly couldn't do it ;)

message 8: by Jud (new)

Jud (judibud) | 18537 comments no i think you did it well but it just frustrated me cause I wouldnt hesitate that much but at the same time Chaz clearly knew the girl (i dont know how tho but i would guess that she was a girl friend or partner as in work partner from the same team not girlfriend partner cause i already covered that with girlfriend) so that would be a lot more difficult. Don't think i'd be raring to cut into dear old hubby too quick even if it was to save the universe.

I think most people would hesitate, I did a little on my first slice and then I never looked back ;o)

message 9: by Jane (new)

Jane (beetlejane) | 82 comments I really enjoyed this book, so much that I am half way through the next book. Finding out what the Pandorans are, and hopefully the mystery surrounding the ATAF's will be solved. I didn't find the headhopping annoying and liked the way we keep getting bits of Kelly's journal.

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