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Simon (Highwayman) (highwayman) | 4698 comments The Sooner

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The Sooner

message 2: by D.D. Chant (new)

D.D. Chant (DDChant) | 7680 comments Okay, so by now EVERYONE must know that I loved the crazy doc!
But I also loved Jak, I liked how he was sometimes a little lost and unsure what to do. To me that is the definition of heroic: having fears and shortcomings but having the bravery to face and overcome them.... heroic it not to not have them in the first place!!!

I liked Zerrin, she wasn't helpless and she didn't fall into Jaks arms just because he was a hunk (we were ALL thinking it ladies!!!) and she had a good relationship with her brother Pal which showed that she had a softer side.
Which brings us to Pal, who was adorable!!!
I also like Cass: she was SUCH a little stirrer! But I really liked her, she was a really fun character and i loved the way she put things.
Keenen almost stole the show for me, he was soooooo nice! I loved that although he had already chosen a side, it didn't blind him to the fact that Jak was a goodie, he knew that there is never just two sides to a thing!!!
Sten was also a favourite, he was funny and cheeky and I have a soft spot for his kind of character!!! And also his brother Eric, he was lots of fun!

If I had to choose my favourite bits of the story it would have to be:

When the crazy doc asks Jak if he's Stens father!!!

When Jak is talking to Mort: "What are you doing talking to me like I'm your Aunty????"

The whole of the story from when Eric's ship pick them up....Cass and Sten are at their naughty best!!!

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