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Tess Okay, mostly I think this because I'm in denial that Jace would be that evil, and also because that would be SO predictable. I mean, COME ON. I really would like it to be Clary, because it's not like she really knows what she's doing anyway. I would also like to think it's Simon, since he's the Daylighter, and he doesn't want to be a pawn. IDK, but I WANT THIS BOOK NOW!!!!!!

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Laerke Agree. Clary ... that would be kinda awesome.:D

Tess I know. Especially since nobody really likes her.

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Laerke It could've been a nice twist to the story xD
But I do doubt that Clary will turn evil, though.

Abigail Jones Tessa wrote: "I know. Especially since nobody really likes her."

Yes >.<

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Samm Wyland Hi

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Laerke Hi :)
Oh, and I would like it to be Simon too. I'd like to see him evil.

Tess Yeah, I would be mighty ticked if everybody wanted me as a pawn...

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Laerke Exactly xD

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