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CaptKirk42 Classic Whovian (klandersen) | 1146 comments Mod
Every once in a while there are rumors and talks of rumors of a Doctor Who movie. Here is the latest it seems.

Movie rumors and serious attempts at making a movie happened a lot during the hiatus of the late 1980s-90s until the Paul McGann movie was made in '96. An excellent source of the evolution of that movie and movies that didn't make it (but were part of the roots for the movie) is a book called The Nth Doctor ( which talks of the rumors and Doctor Who movies that never got made including a movie directed by Leonard Nimoy and actors like John Cleese to play the Doctor. Its been a while since I've read The Nth Doctor but it does give the basic plot of each of the major attempts. The McGann movie evolved from the basic plot of one of the earlier scripts. As usual with adventure stories there are a couple that would have made a real cool movie (some involved the Daleks) and others that I am glad didn't get made. The Master was in some of the scripts but not all of them.

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Emily (lafillebrigitte) | 1085 comments "However, Yates says his version will not follow the current TV series and will be a completely fresh approach. It's a smart move because you don't risk angering fans of the TV series, "

um, no, that angers me for one. this movie looks like it's going to be as bad as the first one was back in 1996. that just makes me so mad that they think they can make a movie about a tv show while not following the tv show! that just chaps my khakis.

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They should make movies like Waters of Mars, Planet of the Dead, The Next Doctor and other stand alone ones without a companion. All you have to do is make it longer.

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