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message 1: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Sorry I'm late with this one guys. Here are some topics to get you going:

1. Morgaine has several times sworn she will not stoop to murder, who or what changes her mind?

2. Morgaine has a mind to make herself Queen in place of Arthur - do you think that Britain will accept her at the current time?

message 2: by Catherine (new)

Catherine (catsmeeow) I think that Morgaine finally snaps and ends up resorting to murder because things are just so bad that she gets backed into a corner. Avalloch catches her sleeping with Accolon and threatens to expose her unless she sleeps with him too. He's quite a pig and if she didn't kill him, it would not be long before Uriens dies and she is left defenseless in a world that views women as property.

Arthur has completely forsaken Avalon and even uses the Excaliber for Christian purposes now. He has finally acquired peace with the Saxons, but under the promise that all will become Christians. Morgaine has asked him to remember his oath and Arthur flings it back at her, defiantly refusing. Other than murder, there seems to be no other way for her to save Avalon.

No...I don't think that Britain would accept Morgaine as Queen. Everyone thinks of her as a witch and sorceress and if others knew that she killed Arthur, their beloved king, there is not much chance that they would accept her. In addition Accolon is her step-son and it would be highly improper for her to rule with him as her consort. I think the whole plan was highly unlikely to work and it had the same blindness as Viviane's plan to return Avalon to the height of power right before she died.

The book really feels like it's starting to wind down now. I think I'll really miss it - I was deeply immersed in the world that was created.

message 3: by Amanda (new)

Amanda I know what you mean. Bradley wrote sequels, but I don't know how they compare. Perhaps we could do a sideread follow up if we feel like it later? It has been quite a journey and it definitely feels like the end is near. It's a bit sad, because I want it to end well for everyone, but we all know it will not.

I would add more to your comments, but I think you covered it all!

Another thought that came to mind was a critisism of Avalon. I do not like how Avalon treats males, with the exception of the Merlin, as disposable tools. To me it seems equally as cruel as the oppression of Christian women. Arthur's court seems pretty progressive in comparison. I do not think he would have forced Morgaine to marry against her will and may well have supported her wish to mary her own choice of suitor.

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