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SpazzyJazzy Name: Saffron.

Gender: Female.

Bonded or Wild: Wild.

Age: 1 Year.

Size: Due to Saffron's young age, she is considerably small compared to most other dragons she comes across- on the occasion, she finds that she's not even half of their size. However, it's not a subject of particular interest to her, anyway. She reasons that she'll grow with age.

Appearance: Three or four paragraphs? Haha! You realise I'm just going to bullshit my way through this, don't you? :P Ha! Look! One paragraph done! XP

Saffron is a young and resultingly small dragon, often earning herself the deragotory nickname "hatchling." She's still getting used to the rapidly growing rate of her body however, and expresses a particular dislike for the length of her tail, which tends to get in her way more often than not. To anyone who would dare ask; no, she did not intend to knock over that tree upon landing. But she'll tell you that it was intentional anyway, just to hang on to her pride.

Her bright golden scales shine in the way that only new dragons seem to do, unblemished and not-yet-worn from the extremities of life, making it incredibly frustrating for her during attempts at ambush. This is because she tends to light up like a beacon when exposed to sunlight, whereas in the dark she resembles nothing more than a drab, amber-ish coloured dragon with a bad temper.

Her eyes are a somewhat darker tone of gold to her eyes, leaning more towards what could, in a word, be described as being much like the colour of golden syrup. The spikes that line her back are still a pearly white and finely curved, as with her teeth and claws, making it easier for her to catch and kill by compensating for her lack of overall strength. New age does have it's benefits.

Talents: Saffron may not enjoy being grounded due to the clumsiness it tends to cause, but flying is 100% her thing. Her small form makes speed and agility in the air a breeze, and helps her in battles against larger, less swift dragons. When all else fails; dodge and run.


Saffron is, without a doubt, one of the most bitter dragons you will ever come across. She resents the bond and relationship between Dragons and their Riders after she was forcefully hatched by a Shade, and spent 6 long months searching for the Rider she'd yearned for. The jealousy she feels for Dragons with Riders is hidden beneath layers of anger and hatred, and her cold fury is taken out on the weaker of the pair: the Rider. For years Saffron has trained herself in the art of tracking and killing Riders, desiring others of her kind to be just as deprived as her.

Observant and predatory, she strikes hard and fast, with barely even a hint of hesitation, lest the Dragon turn up in time and bring harm to her. Though not the most powerful, what the female dragon lacks in strength and power she makes up for in speed and venomous words. Her barbed tongue only really gets her into trouble more than anthing else, however. Saffron makes a living out of her burning hatred for Riders, and failure to achieve her goal merely tends to fan the flames. She views the pair as weak, and has almost managed to convince herself that she has no reason to envy their need to rely upon one another.

As uncaring and reserved as she is, Saffron is really just a young dragon who resents the past and what she could not control. Her stubborn pride would never let her admit to this, however; it was also what caused her to train herself to not become emotionally attatched to things, namely humans. She does recognise when she's outmatched, and is not all about speed and ability. Saffron is known to use wit and deception to get close to others, but has also been known to leave with no warning if she feels herself becoming truly attatched.

Bond: I laugh at chu. For no reason.

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SpazzyJazzy Good enough for you, Yums? :P

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Kayla | 105 comments Mod
So... she's one year old and she's spent years training herself to track and kill riders? She was busy inside that egg. XD

Other than that, I love her. I'm going to make a wildy too... and hopefully she won't look too much like yours because I made her earlier today. XD

There may be some interesting experiences between her and my Dragon/Rider... XD

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SpazzyJazzy XD Did I say that? God I'm a retard. :P ...I'll fix it when I feel like it, hehehe.

Aha. Oh joy. :P Can't wait.

In that case, I'm gonna make some more. I got nothing to do with my time other than practice my dreaded solo drama performance I have to do tomorrow. DX

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SpazzyJazzy Nevermind. Just realised I had to describe a human. XD Maybe I'll do it when I'm in a more creative/describing/imaginative mood.

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SpazzyJazzy You owe me, Yums. BIG time. I hate creating humans (or any type of character, in that case) just because I feel like everybody's trying to advertise theirs. Hence the creation of characters like Damien; characters I create are usually meant to put people off. >.>
So, you DO owe me. Big time. A lot of eye-rolling, exasperation and "this-is-retarded/pathetic" comments went into these characters.

Name: Eldunir

Gender: M

Bonded or Wild: Bonded

Age: 22

Size: 'Bout the size of a pebble (That's Jasmine-speak for "I'll come back to this later").

Appearance: He's fluro pink and lime green, and glitters like Edward Cullen from Twilight in the sun. (As in, "I haven't decided").

Talents: Everything. I'll say he's good at one thing, but then that would imply he's not good at another, and I wouldn't want to waste ALL my typing energy trying to show you how much better he is than all of you in combat. (Do I really need to comment?)

Personality: All the girls love him, because he's so amazing, and awesome, and charming and unbeatable, BLAHBLAHBLAH. OH and don't forget how he only trusts his Rider because they have such a special and superior bond to yours.

Bond: Raeya

Name: Raeya (Ray-Ah) Totally original...

Gender: SHE hasn't decided yet.

Race: Elf.

Age: ...Older than your mum.

Appearance: Oh, Raeya has the most PERFECT hourglass shape, and is all slender but with lean muscles and she'll totally kick your ass any day. Oh, apart from her eyes. Because, like all good Mary-Sues, Raeya's eyes just HAVE to give her away, just to add some kind of weakness in there so people can't accuse her of being too perfect. But, ya know, she can't help it. 'Cause she is.

Personality: She's all quiet and reserved and doesn't trust anyone, but she's flirty and all the guys love her. Yep. Enough said.

History: She's had such a hard life: more difficult than any of YOUR characters, anyway. Her father abused her, her mother was an alcoholic, and she was kicked out on the streets at an early age. Now she's all vengeful and fiesty, and doesn't trust ANYBODY.

Talents: Kicking your ass. Haven't we been through this before?

What can I say? I got lazy after "Age." XD

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Kayla | 105 comments Mod
Jacinta... XD I almost want to tell you to copy-and-paste to make those into a separate post and keep the originals there when you elaborate more... That was extremely amusing.

Have ya read mine yet?

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SpazzyJazzy Psh. Alright. :P Just for you. XD I honestly did have the best intentions in mind when I made those, but... like I said... I got lazy. ;D

Yes, I read yours. :P

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Kayla | 105 comments Mod
Well, those good intentions ended up to my amusement, so kudos to you. XD

Didja laugh?

message 10: by SpazzyJazzy (new)

SpazzyJazzy Hmmm... thank you. Can I roleplay them? :P Jk, jk. Haha. I wouldn't do that to you. XD

In a way. NZers have an odd sense of humour, apparently. :P

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Kayla | 105 comments Mod
Haha. XD Well I came up with Thristan at school and everyone who took the paper from me and read it had an immediate laughing fit.

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If I may, Jasmine, I feel like from the 'appearance' down that this should be used to tell n00bs what NOT to do. xD Because I know I've seen that History more times than the number of decimals pi has. :P Nerd joke, ftw.

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Kayla | 105 comments Mod
Shouldn't that last be FTW? XD

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message 15: by Kayla, The Numerous Uno (new)

Kayla | 105 comments Mod
*covers mouth with duct tape*

message 16: by SpazzyJazzy (new)

SpazzyJazzy Why thank you, Vanster. ;D I do try my best. :P

And all goods, we're all nerds here. :P Well, apart from Yums. O.o She's either a chicken or a cookie. I haven't decided which one she tastes like yet... ;)

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Kayla | 105 comments Mod
I honestly don't know how to respond to that...

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☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) | 89 comments Mod
^ I wouldn't either :D

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SpazzyJazzy Hehe. Excuse me, but I recently drunk a glass (do you know how many attempts it took me just to spell glass correctly?) of wine. My spelling, amongst other things, are a bit off. XD I may or may not have made up a few words along the way in this profile. :P

Name: Arion

Gender: M

Race: Elf

Age: 50

Role: Traveller... of sorts... An unwilling traveller, maybe? But he enjoys it, so... ;D

Appearance: Arion is not the most self-obsessed person (at least appearance-wise) on the planet. His raven black hair has been swept back into a messy ponytail, which hangs loosely against his back. Many stray strands which were too short to be held in frame his slight face, with longer bangs hanging down the side, shielding slanted and jaded blue eyes. He has a somewhat broader nose than the normal pointed ones of elves, and that accompanied with other key aspects of his appearance does little to help his case in convincing others he is not human.

Due to his elven heritage, Arion's lightly bronzed skin, instead of the traditional paleness he finds in many of the elves, took a long time to accomplish. Years of travelling (whether due to him getting kicked out or leaving on his own will) have left him exposed to the sun, leading many to assume he is some kind of human upon first glance. Only the grace of his movements despite what his height might suggest, his abilities in magic that would normally not be likely in the common human, and those obnoxious pointed ears that he detests so much give away that he's no mere mortal.

Arion's usual attire consists of clothes that permit him freedom of movement and are quick to chuck on, so he can make all those hasty retreats he has become so adept at. And the more offensive those clothes are to the common elf, the better. The one thing that he has never once removed is a finely crafted peice of silver jewellery, shaped into the form of his family emblem. It hangs from a light chain around his neck, and it's been there for so long he can't remember the last time he took it off. Probably when he was younger, and his parents didn't want him to get strangled by it. Another must-have for his choice of fashion would be that they can conceal his numerous choices in weapon, which comes in handy when he's eyed up by suspcious guards, who might be suspecting him to cause some kind of trouble.

Personality: Arion is an outgoing and friendly soul, who would perhaps be trusted a bit more if he didn't wear that grin so often; the kind that suggests he knows something you don't. It doesn't help that he's found to be laughing a lot of the time, or that he's mischevious enough to enjoy playing tricks on people and teasing them. The numerous sarcastic comments he fires off only add insult to injury, but his more laid back nature means that he's not particularly worried about what people think of him. In fact, this kind of attitude is what has got him into so much trouble in past years.

As good natured as he is, he's enough of a troublemaker that he's actually been banned from a few cities; Elesmera being one of them.

Other: Again, I made the mistake of accepting wine, so I'm pretty bloody tired. Brain wasn't functioning properly, and no matter how many times I read this, I can't find some way to get it up to my approval. :P 'M sorry, Yums.
His little family emblem thing is similar to this, except with differences in patterns, and different phrases in the Ancient Language lining the outside:

I don't like describing people!!! O.o Dragons are OK. Cats are meh. But people? >.> I fail at it. I got lazy once I hit the personaity this time. :P But naawwww, just came out of my temporary low thanks to a text I just received. :D J'aime bien mon petit ami si fort. ♥

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☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) | 89 comments Mod
Dude... He and Skyler could literally be linked by the elbow and singing drinking songs while skipping down the street. They're so alike, it's uncanny XD

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SpazzyJazzy Another happy moment! :D A certain somebody is too sweet. :'3 ...XD

Name: Eldunir

Gender: M

Bonded or Wild: Bonded

Age: 22

Size: Eldunir is a fairly decent size, having come from a family of fairly large dragons: slightly less than half the length of a rugby field, should his neck and tail be stretched out all the way. His Rider's head fails to even manage to clear his shoulder, much to his amusement.

Appearance: Eldunir's scales are a deeply set black colour which, whilst it may sound boring in many senses (and I would not blame you for thinking so, there are so many stereotypes linked to the colour black), fade into a more silver-grey colour along his underbelly and the underside and tips of his wings. They once shone a brilliant, gleaming black that his Rider loved to describe as darker than the shadows themselves, constrasted with the bright silver his now silver-grey scales once were, but that has since gone with age.

Two curved, horn-like protusions on either side of his head form a crest, which are followed by a trail of wickedly curved spikes that run down his spine- from head to tail-tip. Eldunir's claws have grown somewhat blunt from many years of battles, and landing and taking off on a variety of different surfaces. Likewise, his teeth have seen much use in his 22 years of life, and have also become blunt but not completely ineffective.

Bright silver eyes, identical to the colour his underscales once were, are set into his charcoal-coloured and silver tinted face.

Talents: Eldunir excels in combat, mostly. Like most dragons, aerial combat has always been the preferred option for him, but he does fine when on the ground as well. His favourite experience was when he practised for an underwater ambush, in which his Rider was supposedly "surrounded" on shore, and he'd had to swim a decent distance without rising for air. There was just something fun about bursting out of the water when everyone least expected it, and scaring the crap out of everybody.

Personality: As I'm sure you can guess, Eldunir has a sense of humour. Though this is mostly restricted to harmless comments shared between himself and his Rider, it can sometimes extend into the form of innocent pranks that neither mean or cause any harm to the victim(s), and he'll share the joke with others on the occasion. Private jokes, however, are much more his style.

For the most part, however, his private tendencies and laid back attitude mean he keeps to himself. Just because he's quiet and doesn't talk much, does not mean he's shy, lacking in confidence and incapable of having a decent conversation. If anything, he's more quietly confident than anything else. It's just that most conversations require an opinion, and Eldunir often doesn't have an opinion on most of the topics spoken about. He normally either doesn't give a damn about the subject of interest, or he doesn't see the point in adding his own thoughts into it.

Though Eldunir is very thoughtful and calm in what he does, it's still blatantly obvious when he doesn't like somebody. Firstly, because he's suspicious enough that he never takes his eye off them; he doesn't trust them in the slightest. Secondly, his somewhat hostile attitude towards them. He'd simply refuse to acknowledge them. His opinions of others are not absolute, however, and he does not have bad impressions of everyone he encounters. Be prepared for a moment of two of quiet contemplation, though, as he tries to figure you out.

Bond: Fyrn

If I were to be honest, I'd say that the reason I start every paragraph (just about) with their name is so that I can get used to writing it. I wouldn't want to spell it incorrectly in the roleplay, afterall. :P

Name: Fyrn

Gender: F

Race: Elf.

Age: 172

Appearance: Ok, I said I hate human character's appearance. Do you wanna know what I hate even more? Female human character's appearance.

Personality: Fyrn is an outgoing young elf, filled with a determined spirit and blahblahblah.

History: She's had such a hard life: more difficult than any of YOUR characters, anyway. Her father abused her, her mother was an alcoholic, and she was kicked out on the streets at an early age. Now she's all vengeful and fiesty, and doesn't trust ANYBODY.

Talents: Kicking your ass. Haven't we been through this before?

You know that nervous feeling you get... when you send a risky text? :P Well, my nervous feeling just consisted of pushing the send button, snapping my phone closed, and stuffing it beneath the pillow as if that will somehow stop it from sending. XD Yep. That has "Jacinta" written all over it. ;) Time for the mental breakdown of nervousness.

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SpazzyJazzy ☆Aria Saphelle☆ wrote: "Dude... He and Skyler could literally be linked by the elbow and singing drinking songs while skipping down the street. They're so alike, it's uncanny XD"

Haha, that sounds pretty much like Arion. :P Thanks for the mental images. XD

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I don't speak french. XD

...What's the drinking age over there in NZ again? XD

He was not actually too bad for you being drunk. He's approved.

And I still love the other two, even they're still a bit... troubled.

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SpazzyJazzy That's good. 'Cause I wouldn't want you to know what that says, anyway. :P

Heeey. Shush. It was one glass (I keep writing glance instead of glass *Facepalm*), alright? :P 'Sides, it's not like... I... um. Oh yeah. It's not like I do it all the time. Personally I hate the taste of alcohol.

Haha. Good Arion *Pats head* But... *Pouts* Still not drunk. Maybe partially "under the influence" but not... entirely... drunk. :P

Work in progress, Yums. ^.^ I'm trying to type this up and eat at the same time. The food keeps missing my fork. *Facepalm*

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You dork, Jazz. XD Well I'll probably have a boyfriend next time I see him. XD

Then why the hell did you drink it?

Drunk. I'm going with drunk.

You sound... drunk. XD

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SpazzyJazzy Oh noes... you used Google Translate, didn't you? *Facepalm* YUMS. Don't trust it! It will be evil and tell you that I'm trying to say I love him. O.o

Um... I was thirsty. Desperately thirsty. Strangely, it didn't make me feel any less thirsty, though...

Now would be the perfect time for a Skype chat, just to prove I'm not as drunk as you claim. I can still talk normally... I think. Hmm...

...Shurrup. :P

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Kayla | 105 comments Mod
Of course that's not what you're trying to say.

Wine has that tendency.

Ya wanna skype? Cuz I sure am bored. XD

Very convincing. :P

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SpazzyJazzy But it wasn't what I was saying. O.o It just took the
Je t'aime part of my sentence and took it to mean something else. It's evil. Evil I tell ya. Because I would not say I love him. :P

Yeah. I figured that out after my first gulp sip. :P

I would, if you give me a couple of minutes. :P I gotta do a couple of things first.

I know. That's what happens when you drink wine. You grow some brain cells. ;D

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Kayla | 105 comments Mod
Mm. Then what did you actually say?

Haha :P

Oh yeah. Grow them. Definitely.

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SpazzyJazzy Still not telling you. :P Good luck finding someone else who speaks French. XD

So... was that a yes to Skype, or a "Can't be bothered waiting that long"? :P

I shall do my best. ^.^

I just had a great revelation as to why I generally prefer evil characters over good ones. Because, in the movies, they don't bitch and moan and they're not all like, "Oh noes! We're going to die!" No. They're confident (normally), and you can't deny that they're... optimistic... :P Even if everyone knows they're gonna get their afts kicked. ;D

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Actually I have a friend right here who speak french. As soon as she wakes up, she'll tell me what it means. XD

Errr... I guess it was a "maybe another time" because I passed out. :P Sowee.

Their afts? XD

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You two... *would facepalm, but that's apparently Jasmine's thing :P*

message 33: by SpazzyJazzy (new)

SpazzyJazzy :O What? In your house? No fair! >.> Now I actually have to check that for mistakes.

You rookie... :P

Shurrup. I was using fan terminology last night, alright? :P It kinda slips out when I'm not thinking about what I'm saying.

Yesh... it's my thing. :P And you don't want to anger the evil Enforcer... ;D

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Nope, definitely not :3

Awesomely Random the Bestest D-Con | 12 comments Jasmine wrote: "...J'aime bien mon petit ami si fort. ♥"

Phew. I skim-read and almost thought you said you loved him. You almost gave me a heart attack there, for a second. Bit too soon for that, don't you think, hampz? :P

Huh. On a more important note, now I'm, like, the only person I know who can't do the fancy little starry-hearty-ticky symbol thing-ma-bobs. >_<

Definition pretty much= ass, Tastes-Like-Cookies. XP

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SpazzyJazzy Stop calling me hampz! :P

Funny you should mention that because... uh, I think I might inbox it to you. Wouldn't want Yums to find out, or use Google Translate/her friend. :P

It's not awfully difficult. :P Hold down alt, then push 3.

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Aww!! C'mon, Jazz!

I'll ask Cody. He speaks french.

message 38: by SpazzyJazzy (new)

SpazzyJazzy Noooooo. You like guys with lip rings. No way am I telling you. :P

I dare you to say "Jeh Temm" to Cody. XD

Awesomely Random the Bestest D-Con | 12 comments :D People are on! Perfect distractions from finals chances to socialise! ^.^

"J'aime bien mon petit ami si fort" pretty much means "I like my boyfriend so much." But in a sense that is a bit more than simply "liking" him, but a bit less than all-out "loving" him. Or that's what I was taught, anyway. :P

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...You people and your French.... *is in German*

At least I have my new Werecat to keep me company ;n;

Awesomely Random the Bestest D-Con | 12 comments Erm... Guten tag? :P It's been five years since I've had to look at German, I have no idea what I just said. ;D

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☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) | 89 comments Mod
"Good day."

At least you can say that after five years :D

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Kayla | 105 comments Mod
*Is in Latin* I'll know y'alls languages by heart by the time I get done with Latin! What now!?

Cody is the one with the lip ring. :P

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☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) | 89 comments Mod
Lol Yum....

Lip rings aren't my thing, but occasionally, they can be pretty sexy. On the right guy, of course :P

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Kayla | 105 comments Mod
Well, I think this guy is the right guy. XD

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Awwww snap!

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Kayla | 105 comments Mod
Psh. Why?

message 48: by ☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆, That one. (new)

☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) | 89 comments Mod
Because usually people don't find the right guy until a long time.

By the way, I hate children. I hate hate hate HATE children that are younger than 1st grade.

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XD And how old are you, Saphy? Hmm??

I seriously doubt he's that guy. But he is a pretty damn cool guy.

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☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) | 89 comments Mod
13, in 8th grade. And I just had a 2 year old come bang on my piano (BREAKING ONE OF THE KEYS), rip one of my FAVORITE toys in HALF, and slobber all over my laptop. So excuse me for thinking I have a reason to hate them.

Mneh. The guy I thought was my guy lives in Russia. So... I'm doubtful.

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