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Sorry, I gotta go now.. catch ya later!

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Well think of something we could do!!!

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I'm good with anything, really.. :D you pick..

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hmmm ummmm idk haha :P Im not good at making decisions :P

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haha okay.. would you rather do a realistic roleplay or...?

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I honestly don't care haha. Hmm we could each have to characters to make it fair.

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Yeah, i would prefer that too.. you wanna do a college rp? or high school>

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we could do a college one haha

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SORRY SORRY rereading the Hunger Games for the billionth time, no joke. ANYWAYS we need a plot.

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haha okay.. um a romance?

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Sure. So College Romance, 2 charries each, right?

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Ok I will start making my charries!!!

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