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Logan was sneaking through them. Her mini dragon on her shoulder." Be quiet, ice breath." She whispered. Her dragon was making a strange noise. Her dragon closed his mouth.

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Mary | 5 comments anna was looking for ehr bobcat that ahd gottne out. "snow" she yells

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Violet walked in, her hands in her pockets, looking down on the ground avoiding everyone.

 ~❤Rikka❤~ *living is just a symptom of dying* Sayuri watched curiously from the treetops as the people entered the forest. Why have they come? she wondered idly

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She breathed in the cold, sharp air. Envying all the happy people in the park just a few feet from the woods. She hid in the shadows.

 ~❤Rikka❤~ *living is just a symptom of dying* Spotting a girl alone in the shadows, she dropped nimbly from the tree in front of her. "Why are you here?" Sayuri asked simply.

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She takes a step back from the stranger. "I want to be here." She calmly says.

 ~❤Rikka❤~ *living is just a symptom of dying* "Why? Many things in deep in woods. Not always safe." Sayuri looked at the girl curiously

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"No one's ever safe, but I'm alright with these woods."

 ~❤Rikka❤~ *living is just a symptom of dying* She considered the girl doubtfully. She didn't seem to be very strong... "Sayuri will follow you" she decided.

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"You really don't have to." She says.

 ~❤Rikka❤~ *living is just a symptom of dying* She shrugged and said, "Sayuri's always bored. They don't have time to play with Sayuri."

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"Who's they?"

 ~❤Rikka❤~ *living is just a symptom of dying* She smiled and put a finger to her lips. "Secrets are secret" she said.

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She nodded, agreeing to that. She turn on her heels and started to stroll away. "Yes. Secrets should be kept, right?"

 ~❤Rikka❤~ *living is just a symptom of dying* Following behind the girl, she replied, "If a secret is not kept, is it a secret?"

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"No, of course not. The secret turns into a sentence or phrase blurted out into the air because someone couldn't hold it in."

 ~❤Rikka❤~ *living is just a symptom of dying* Looking at the girl seriously, Sayuri said softly, "you have many secrets don't you?"

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"A million. Locked up inside of me just screaming to come out. But I just won't let them."

 ~❤Rikka❤~ *living is just a symptom of dying* Sayuri frowned. "Keep secrets, yes. But lock them up? Nonono."

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"I don't want anyone to know them that's why."

 ~❤Rikka❤~ *living is just a symptom of dying* Sayuri shrugged and said, "so where do we go?"

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"You tell me. I'm just strolling."

 ~❤Rikka❤~ *living is just a symptom of dying* "Sayuri knows place." Taking the girl by her hand, Sayuri pulled her deep into the forest.

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Logan climbed a certain tree and climbed in a small hole in the truck. She put her dragon down.

 ~❤Rikka❤~ *living is just a symptom of dying* Sayuri stiffened slightly. "More people in forest?" she muttered quizzically under her breath.

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She shrugged. "Do you always talk in third person?"

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Logan fell asleep in her home.

 ~❤Rikka❤~ *living is just a symptom of dying* She looked at the girl and shrugged. "this is how Sayuri learned to talk," she said simply.

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Logan felt her hand go numb. Really? When I'm sleeping? She opened her eyes to see ice breath flying around crazily.

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"Oh, well try not to talk in third person. Sounds kind of weird that's why." She says.

 ~❤Rikka❤~ *living is just a symptom of dying* Puzzled, she answered, " then how should Sayuri talk?"

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"Like instead of saying 'Sayuri' say 'I or me.'"

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Logan climbed out of the tree and smelled other creature's immediately. No humans. Hum.....

 ~❤Rikka❤~ *living is just a symptom of dying* "ok... I or me will speak as you say now." Sayuri responded.

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She continued walking. "So, where are you going to lead me?"

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Logan heard voices. She turned to Ice breath." Find. Stay hidden."

Ice breath flew away to see who was out there, stay hidden, and report back.

 ~❤Rikka❤~ *living is just a symptom of dying* Silently, Sayuri pulled the girl to her favorite clearing in the woods.

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Ice breath saw the girls. He wondered what they were. He followed them.

 ~❤Rikka❤~ *living is just a symptom of dying* Sayuri didn't let on she had noticed the small creature following them. Idly, she wondered what it was. Oh well, at the very least it didn't seem particularly inclined on attacking do she would leave it alone.

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Ice breath hovered behind them.

Logan waited. She had to wait. She didn't mind.

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Ice breath got alittle to close to one of the girls, and froze some of their hair. He backed away.

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Alexa felt sharp coldness in the back of her head and found her hair was frozen. "Who did this?!"

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Ice breath squeaked.

 ~❤Rikka❤~ *living is just a symptom of dying* Looking quizzically at the strange girl, Sayuri noticed the odd creature duck out of sight. Smiling slightly, she said, "Sayuri said so before. Many things deep in woods."

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She turned but smiled a little. "A dragon."

 ~❤Rikka❤~ *living is just a symptom of dying* Sayuri said, "dra~gon... Is that it's name?"

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She shook her head. "No. I don't know what it's name is."

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Ice breath flew away to report to Logan.

Logan was waiting.

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