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message 1: by Jessie! (new)

Jessie! (BookWormForever645) | 289 comments Mod
Here you can post funny jokes that you know or found.

*Note, please keep it appropriate :P

message 2: by Jessie! (last edited Nov 14, 2011 06:00PM) (new)

Jessie! (BookWormForever645) | 289 comments Mod
Why couldnt the elephant ride the bike?

* Because he didnt have a thumb to ring the bell
-My friend told me this and i cracked up. :P

message 3: by MizziQ (new)

MizziQ :) Lol. I don't know any good ones cuz' I'll laugh at any one... :)

I'll think on it. :)

message 4: by Jessie! (new)

Jessie! (BookWormForever645) | 289 comments Mod
Heres some Knock Knock jokes!!

Knock Knock
Whos there?
Alma who?
Alma not going to tell you!

Knock Knock!
Who's there?
Norma Lee.
Norma Lee who?
Normalee I don't go around knocking on doors, but do you want to buy a set of encyclopedias?
(Love that one LOL)

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Abe who?
Abe C D E F G H...!

Funny Riddels

Q. Why do sea-gulls fly over the sea?

A. Because if they flew over the bay they would be bagels!

Q:Why do elephants never forget?

A:Because nobody ever tells them anything

Q: What did the mayonnaise say to the refrigerator?

A: Close the door, I'm dressing!

Q: What did one eye say to the other?

A: Between you and me something smells

I found all of these really funny. Haha :P Hope you enjoy!

message 5: by MizziQ (new)

MizziQ Love them!!! Especially the Encyclopedia one! :)

message 6: by Jessie! (new)

Jessie! (BookWormForever645) | 289 comments Mod
I know thats my fav. haha Thankz :P

message 7: by Zayna (new)

Zayna | 29 comments I find the riddles really funny! :D

message 8: by Jessie! (new)

Jessie! (BookWormForever645) | 289 comments Mod
Some people say Love is more important....

...I say Oxgyen is

got that one from phonezoo lol

message 9: by Maddie (new)

Maddie | 88 comments ROFL!

message 10: by Jessie! (new)

Jessie! (BookWormForever645) | 289 comments Mod
IKR!!! I love that XD

message 11: by Maddie (new)

Maddie | 88 comments I found this on twitter

"I wasn't that drunk"
"Dude you were just shaking pineapples yelling SpongeBob I know you’re in there.

message 12: by Jessie! (new)

Jessie! (BookWormForever645) | 289 comments Mod
hahahha I found something like that too, only a little different.

"I wasnt that drunk"

"Dude you cut up all my pineapples yelling SpongeBob where are you!"


message 13: by Maddie (new)

Maddie | 88 comments LOL :P

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