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Silena... traitor or hero?
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just want to see what people think ;) however i personally think both but traitor more than hero

Silena did betray her camp, but she was under the impression that she was helping. Luke lied to her and she believed him. So I guess her flaw was being gullible. She did do some traitorous things, but in the end she was given the chance to make everything right, and she took it. So I would say hero, not traitor at all because she believed she was "saving lives".

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Andrew Humphrey i am a afirad i don't agree with you sandy for the simple fact that while she did butrey the camp she didn't do it for no she did it to protect her bo ...more
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In the words of Leroy Jethro Gibbs "both".

i really don't know.. owkey she sacrifised her life in the end; but still, if it weren't for her and her spying; a lot of bad things wouldn't have happened at camp :( so i'm still confused..

To Onthewall... Selena never wanted her boyfriend to die. She was told that he would be fine. It was Beckendorf's death that brought her back to reality.



Hero. :)

hero all the way
yes their was some tratorness but she didnt know. its been a wile since i read this but luke tricked her into spying

It is hard to say, but I think she was not a traitor all the way through. If she really had a desire for the enemy to win, she wouldn't have given her life for the good side at the end.
I think she was confused in her situation and didn't know the way out but to spy.

Hero..... She was just confused with the sides. She gave her life, I will give her all the credit. She deserves it.

she is so traitorous that she is heroic, she betrayed the camp for luke, and betrayed luke for her friends

hero, definitely!:)


I dont know. I think that she was a hero in the end. But a traitor as well... to be honest, I'm not sure.

This is hard, when I found out that she was the traitor I was thinking about how messed up she was, that she would kill her own boyfriend. Beck was one of my favorite characters he was second to percy for me. Though in the end the greatest sacrifice you could make for killing so many people is to put your own life on the line. I mean thats what I would do. So I agree with Percy that she "Died a hero." Though I don't think that she should be a able to go to that one place in the underworld for the really good people like Beck.

*Michael* she was totally a hero!
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Though she betrayed everyone, she was always very nice, and the situation (in my opinion) might have confused her. I think she was a hero, even if she did do wrong. Everyone does wrong, but she came through in the end. So in my opinion, she's a hero.

HERO all the way through. She might have been a spy in the begining but Beck's death shock her back into reality. She was a true hero in the end and should be with Beck.

hero, of crz!! i mean sure, she wuz helping the bad side, sort of, but she sacrificed her life 2 save her friends in the end..

Both, but not at the same time. A traitor first, and then a hero.

She kinda was a traitor but she was nice and also Luke threatened her, but I think she died a hero.

I think she is really nice and is being forced to spy. I bet Percy would do the same if Luke is threatening to hurt Annabeth but Percy would try to do something unlike Silena. More on the good side than the evil side I guess. 9This is just my opinion)

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