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Amy: PROUD DIRECTIONER (ravinxx) | 290 comments Mod
Okay guys, so this is the current Wolfclan prophecy! I hope you like it!

When the Wolf meets an enemy
that cannot be defeated,
A war will rage
that shall never be repeated.
Will a single loner save them all?
or will he cause the Wolf to fall?
A time of great peril rises ahead.
And before it all ends,
Many cats will be dead...

Amy: PROUD DIRECTIONER (ravinxx) | 290 comments Mod
I will explain this:

Okay, so Lonekit (who is new to the clans) in the Loner in the prophecy. He has been running from a huge sharpclaw (basically a mountain lion) and now he is afraid that he will come to the clans and destroy them all.

What the prophecy is saying is: the battle will depend on Lonekit as he becomes older. When the sharpclaw comes to their camp, Lonekit can either save them all or let the sharpclaw destory the clan.

(The Wolf in the prophecy is Wolfclan FYI)

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Oooohhh?? The clan is all on a tiny kits shoulders~ :D

Amy: PROUD DIRECTIONER (ravinxx) | 290 comments Mod
yea prety much XD but the battle can include all of the cats. we can make prophecies for the other clans too if u want!

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