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What kinda rp do you wanna do?

The Nate Gatsby  (macenro) I'm pretty flexible I guess. I'd rather do something real life related (no vampires/stuff like that) though.

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Alright, wanna do a life role-play?

The Nate Gatsby  (macenro) Sure, although I'm not exactly sure what that means. :P

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Haha it's just a real life rp

The Nate Gatsby  (macenro) Alright. If you want to make your character first I'll make mine to match.

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What should the age range be?

The Nate Gatsby  (macenro) Well, I've never done a co-worker romance before. Or maybe boss/employee?

The Nate Gatsby  (macenro) And it can be whatever age you want. I'm not picky.

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Boss/employee sounds good.

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Name: Carly
Age: 20
Personality: it'll be role-played
Looks: http://i1191.photobucket.com/albums/z...

The Nate Gatsby  (macenro) Name: Adam
Age: 19
Personality: TBR
Looks: http://chuvachienes.com/wp-content/up...

((Do you want to be the boss? I was thinking working at a clothing store might fit well))

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(sure and yeah, sounds good)

Carly opened up the store and flipped the sign from closed to open

The Nate Gatsby  (macenro) Adam was excited to get to work. It was his first day, so he wanted to get there early.

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She went around unlocking things then went into the back room o check the invetory

The Nate Gatsby  (macenro) He showed up about 15 minutes before he was supposed to be in. He opened the door and didn't see anyone. "Hello?" he called out.

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She heard him, "In the back." she called as she checked off things on her clipboard. When she was done she went out to meet him

The Nate Gatsby  (macenro) He was looking around the store trying to get acquainted with where everything was. He was looking around when her first saw her.

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She smiled at him, "You must be Adam. I'm Carly." she said and extended her hand out to him. "It's nice to have you working here."

The Nate Gatsby  (macenro) "I'm glad to be here. You must be my new boss." He smiled back at her and shook her hand.

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She smiled and nodded, "Your early. Eager?" Carly asked him

The Nate Gatsby  (macenro) He nodded his head a bit. "I wanted to make a good impression I guess. Not much fun when a boss doesn't like you."

((I might be in and out for a bit))

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(it's cool)

Carly laughed, "I have to agree on that." she said. "Have you been taught how to use the register yet?" she asked him

The Nate Gatsby  (macenro) "I used to work for my uncle, when I was younger, at his car wash. I've used a cash register quite a bit. You might need to improve my non-existent folding skills though," he said with a smile.

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She smiled, "I'm sure we could improve it. Always nice to have someone who's had experience before." Carly said as she put some things away and refolded some of the clothing

The Nate Gatsby  (macenro) He tried to help her. He folded a shirt but it ended up looking shabbily done.

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Carly laughed then showed him how to fix it. After a bit they finished and other employees started showing up

The Nate Gatsby  (macenro) "Well I hope I get the hang of folding," he said smiling. He looked over to the other employees.

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"Trust me, you will." Carly smiled and talked to one of the employees.

The Nate Gatsby  (macenro) He waited her go talk to another employee. His first thought was that his new boss was sexy, but he quickly dismissed that thought.

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They talked for a little then went to work. People started coming in soon and she helped some customers.

The Nate Gatsby  (macenro) He was glad he was put on the register the first day. It was easy work for him. He was glad he got to make a good first impression.

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Carly talked to some customers then headed into the backroom again. She grabbed some things that needed to be restocked and came back out.

The Nate Gatsby  (macenro) There was no one at his register, so he saw Carly come out of the backroom. He followed her with his eyes for a second before looking away.

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She put the things where they belonged then went over to Adam, "How's your first day going?" she smiled at him

The Nate Gatsby  (macenro) He smiled back at her. "So far, so good...I think," he added, a bit nervous on what she thought.

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She ruffled his hair randomly and smiled, "As long as it's good." she said. She went behind the counter and checked on the things there

The Nate Gatsby  (macenro) He liked her touch, even if it was innocent. He made room for her behind the crowded counter.

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"Thanks." she smiled when he did. When it was done she went back out

The Nate Gatsby  (macenro) He watched her go. He wished she wasn't his boss. He didn't want to get fired by accidentally hitting on her.

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When it was around 10:30, they began closing up the store. Carly changed the sign and locked the doors

The Nate Gatsby  (macenro) Adam went into the back to clock out for the day. Overall, it was a very good day of work.

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She waited for Adam to come out as she texted her friends. She thought today was pretty good

The Nate Gatsby  (macenro) He was texting, too, and didn't expect her to be there waiting. He bumped right into her.

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"Sorry." she smiled and closed the door then locked it.

The Nate Gatsby  (macenro) "It was my fault I wasn't looking where I was going," he said.

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"I wasn't watching where I was standing." she replied and headed to her car

The Nate Gatsby  (macenro) He walked with her. "Any fun plans for the night?" he asked her.

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"Not really. What about you?" she asked as they walked

The Nate Gatsby  (macenro) "I was just going to get some dinner somewhere. Nothing special." He looked over at her.

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