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Colby Why...why did you creat three or four topics that said the exact same thing?

message 2: by Audie (new)

Audie Suydam I want Reardan to win the game against Wellpinit. This is a part of the story that explains Arnold's feelings the best in this portion of the story. Arnold needs to beat his best friend as a Reardan student for the first time, and comprehend that this is his new highschool, and he needs to feel powerful enough, and hopeful enough to put his past behind, and deal with nothing but the present. This part of the story for Arnold would be incomplete if Wellpinit won this game, and make the ending to this book less powerful.

message 3: by Max B (new)

Max B I want Reardan to win the game against Wellpinint. I want Reardan to win because I think it would help Arnold boost his self confidence on the rez. People still hate him on the rez and Arnold still feels a little afraid. If he beats Wellpinint in the big basketball game, that will show them that they aren't better than him. Also, why wouldn't we want Arnold to win? He's the protagonist, the guy we're rooting for in the story, why would we want him to lose?

message 4: by Luca (new)

Luca I want Reardan to win the game against Welpinit because Arnold deserves to win once after all the bullies and punches to the clogged brain. Plus Arnold said he wanted to win this game more than anything in the world so I really hope he wins the basketball game. And lastly, I think that he needs to prove to Rowdy, as well as everyone else, not only on the reservation, that he is not a loser and that they can't drain the hope out of him no matter how hard they try.

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