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((Is this where Bryan and Eliza are going?))

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Bryan followed Eliza, observing the petite little cafe. He smiled gently at the hostess.

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He chuckled, placed his free hand in his front pocket. "Oh really?"

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Bryan, suddenly realizing who she was, slid his other hand, that was perviously in Eliza's, into his pocket.

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((I dunno, really))

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(((G2G sorry!))

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"Still in government business."

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He shoved his hands deeper in his pockets. "Eh, well, same old, same old."

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"Yeah, I do. Now, if you know so much about my family, then why don't you tell me a bit more about me."

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((Me too Jess xD))

Bryan sighed and slid into the seat across from her. "Ah, she and I lived in the same area for a while, and her family were disagreeing with mine, and a ton of government business." He sighed and put his hands on hers.

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He sighed and looked down into his lap. "They...they build cities. They tear down old ones and bring up new ones. Ebony lived in one of those cities that they teared down. I'm not proud of it, trust me, I'm not. I've asked them to stop, Ebony used to be my friend, but now..."

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"Actually, I sent myself here. I was tired of them not caring for other peoples homes, so I left."

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Bryan smiled, but it immediately dissappeared when he saw the expression Eliza had when he saw the waiter.

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((LOL, it's coolios=)))

"I'm Bryan," He said, standing up and edging towards Eliza. "Her boyfriend."

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Bryan chuckled softly, shacking Jackson's hand with his free hand. "Hey, sorry there, man."

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Bryan chuckled at their sibling banter. He gestured for Eliza to order first.

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He decided to break the silence erupting between them, "Eh, I'll have a coke and a water."

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Bryan grinned at Eliza. "So, what's new with E-li-za?

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"Because, I thought it was cute." He chuckled and kissed her fingers.

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He chuckled, grinning. "And you're cute...well, you're cute all the time."

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He chuckled softly, leaning back in his booth. "Anytime...girlfriend."

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Bryan took his drink and leaned back casually, though listening intently.

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Bryan shrugged clueless.

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He waved his hand. "Exactly."

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Bryan swallowed, now slightly uncomfortable.

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"Yeah, yeah."

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"Yeah, yeah." He muttered, then placed his chin on his hands and leaned forward, focusing on Eliza.

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"What do you-" He pointed to her, "-want to talk about?"

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"She lived next door."

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He chuckled softly. "I guess she was."

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"Some called us best friends. I say we were only close because my dad and her dad used to work together." He leaned back and rubbed his hands together for warmth.

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"About three years." He closed his eyes, sighing gently.

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He stood up and slid into the spot next to her, kissing her on her nose. "But let's not talk about that, shall we?" He said, wrapping his arms around her shoulders.

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He grinned broadly, hugging her closer to her when Jackson (was that his name? o.O) came with their drinks.

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He grinned, looking to Eliza. "You first?"

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"And I'll have the same." He told him, grinning softly.

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He chuckled, rubbing her shoulder gently. "I hate adult menus, always have. I just get the same thing as someone else, much easier." He grinned, kissing her temple.

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He grinned, wrapping his arms around her protectively and rested his head on hers.

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He laughed softly, smiling broadly.

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He wrapped his free arm around her and grasped his hands together, pulling her in closer.

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They rested there for a minute, before Jackson came with their food.

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"What's wrong?" He asked, frowning slightly.

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"Irritated? Disapproving?" He volunteered.

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"Hmm." He hummed, gazing into the distance.

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"I...I guess he kinda is." He closed his eyes and put his hand on hers.

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"Nothing, hon." He grinned and kissed her hand reassuringly.

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"I'm fine. I've already apoligized to her a million times, but she won't believe that I'm nothing like my parents."

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Bryan sighed and leaned back, muttering something about girls, but he let her go.

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Bryan was absentmindedly chewing on his food, when Eliza came his mouth was full of food and he looked up at her.

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He swallowed and looked at her. "What's wrong?"

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