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Loose ends.

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Holden Attradies So what loose ends did you feel like you were left with after reading this?

Personally the biggest for me was never getting to find out more about the scarecrow. I suppose we kind of heard about Nick Chopper but I was hoping for more there too. And I was hoping that the confrontation with Shell would have been more revealing, I still felt I was left with the huge disconnect of what he saw of him in Son of a Witch and what he became.

Victoria Law I really would have liked to have known more about what turned Shell from the arrogant, power-hungry abusive person in Son of a Witch to the soft-spoken ascetic sitting on a bucket who is willing to help Rain and honor Liir as the last of his family.

I thought that in Son of a Witch, the Scarecrow lit out of the Emerald City after a brief conversation with Liir about how it was too easy for an "accident" to happen to a strawman politician. But maybe I'm misremembering.

Holden Attradies That sounds about right Victoria, but I would have liked to know more about him and his past and where he went. The lion's story was so complex and went in so many unique turns for an oz story. I guess I would have liked to see Maguire's take on the scare, and I really wanted to know what he got up to after he left the city.

Ally I personally think he avoided writing about the scarecrow because most people would have expected him to write about it. In the film, Dorothy remarks on the scarecrow being her favorite, and since Maguire draws from the film, she does so again at the end of Out of Oz when she says to Brr that she liked the scarecrow the best, and he says, "me too." While I don't think there's a boring story to be told in Oz or of Oz, I don't think it would have fit with the feel of Maguire's series, where it seemed that well-liked people always went on to lead boring and uneventful lives.

Chris I think he went with telling the story of the Lion because of the ongoing theme in the books about the rights of Animals over animals. Although I wish something more would have happened with Scarecrow and Tin Man.
What I was most unsatisfied with was how things were left for Rain. She's left abandoned, on the verge of death, with no hope or promise. I found that amazingly disappointing.

Lisa I wanted to know who it was who showed up in the doorway of Glinda's cell in Southstairs at the very end of Out of Oz. Unless I misread something, he didn't even give us a hint. Or maybe we're supposed to assume it was Elphaba?

message 7: by Mia (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mia Lisa wrote: "I wanted to know who it was who showed up in the doorway of Glinda's cell in Southstairs at the very end of Out of Oz. Unless I misread something, he didn't even give us a hint. Or maybe we're su..."

I think it was either Elphaba taking Glinda into the afterlife literally or Glinda (more likely) hallucinating as she passed on.

Agreed about the disconnect between the Shell we saw in Son of a Witch and the Shell we meet in Out of Oz. Kind of weird.

I want to know what the hell happened with Trism and Candle though. It's probably the only "loose" end I'm grumpy about not having tied off (I like a bit of ambiguity in my endings).

Monica I felt i was robbed out of my 20+ bucks i spent on a book that had no direction and was quite a bore to read. I skimmed most of it and it still was a boring read. And since i skimmed the son of the witch also a snorefest i really didnt care about what happen to her son and his wife. I wished the book would had dealt with the lion again and the old woman bc they were funny it the lion among men

Emma Deplores Goodreads Censorship I also thought Glinda believed Elphaba was at her door, and that this meant Glinda died.

As for the Scarecrow, I figured Maguire didn't want to mess with him because he was Fiyero in the musical. Easier to just keep him offstage than have people think about that whenever he showed up.

My interpretation of Rain's situation was a lot more cheerful than the post above though--either she keeps flying until she discovers new lands, or she returns to Oz and starts over. Either way, everything's still ahead of her.

Maytal The biggest loose end for me was what was going on at the end? Kellswater becomes pure water, a flowerless tree blooms green, Rain halucinates and sees a skeleton dressed in green. Glinda is released from her cell by who we assume is Elphaba. Are these things caused by Elphabas return or is rain departure with the grimiere removing the final bits of the other world from oz. and therefore the influence of magic and the spirit of Elphaba are over.
I didnt care about the loose ends of anyone else, except maybe Tip...

message 11: by Callie (new)

Callie I definitely agree that the one at the cell door was Elphaba's ghost coming to take her to the afterlife. I think it a chance for the friends to finally be together without the world labeling them good or bad.

It does sound like Kellswater is back to normal and I think this is because the Grimerie is out of Oz and no longer was 'poisoning' the land with foreign magic.

I assume shell goes off into the mountains and dies a hermit. I would have liked to see what happened to Liir. I like to think Trisim returns to him and I would have liked to know what happened to between trisim and Cantle.

Great book. I dont like to question the author but there were a lot of 'what happened to's

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