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Fight battle and spar here!

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Just then, Annabelle walked up behind him and knew he could hear the clink of her sword and hilt against the buttons on her short khaki shorts. Her. hair was up in a high bun on top of her head and she was wearing a green tshirt she had gotten from a local radio station. "Choose your weapon and let's get started. She seemed to have pulled a shield from nowhere and grabned some ideal pieces of armor, completely prepared with her own things.

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Quinten | 44 comments Turrien slipped silently into the battle clearing and let his trail across the rows of shining weapons. He took a dagger from is place and admired the fine craftsmenship in the blade. Smoke hissed from his nostrils as he exhaled,the peice of cinnamon stick between his lips usually helped to put this off as simply smoking, but intruth he was simply happy because the University was so nice.

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((What species is he??))

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"Well, I'm best with a sword." She gestured to the sword. "But I don't really care." She looked over and saw Turrien, also waving him over, the more practice she got, the better.

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((That would make sense.))

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She slid into her metal armor. Her father had always beem am amazing blacksmith and silversmitu and when she asked for armor, he wasn't tue least bit hesitant.. So now here she was, sword in hamd, armor on bodu, hair pulled up high, ready to fight. "Ready when you are."

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Quinten | 44 comments ((Yep, Dragon)
Turrien approached the pair passing his gaze over each trying to see just who and what they were. "Yes?" He asked in a calm voice.

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Quinten | 44 comments "Turrien, dragon." Turrien said extending his left hand since he still help the dagger.

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Quinten | 44 comments "I arived here earlier this week, I'm glad its so nice here."

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She smiled at him a d shook the outstretched hand. "A pleasure." She said with a tone of sweetnes yet bitterness in her voice. She was brought dowm from Heaven by dragons. "As he said, I'm Annabelle. We were just getting ready to do some swordplay and wondered if ypu wanted to join us."

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((I'm super tired so I'm headed to bed. It's 10:50 where I am and I have school tomorrow. Night!))

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Quinten | 44 comments "I will join, but I will use this." He said holding up the curved dagger. He stepped to the walland picked up a second blade of the same type and size and held one in each hand. "I am ready."

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Quinten | 44 comments ((Good night.))

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She glanced at his bare skin and the short daggers in his hands. "I'll warn you now, I may be N angel, but I don't play fair, especially with you type." She muttered the last part under her breath so he couldn't heat. But sue had a devilish smirk on her face.

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Quinten | 44 comments "I will be fine, but I ask that you do not hold anything against me once the match is done." He said rolling his shoulders.

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Quinten | 44 comments ((Goodnight.))

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"Whatever." She did some isolations and stretched out her legs and calf muscles b4 cracking all of her knuclles. Ten out of ten. "I'm ready when you guys are." She knew she was the only girl yet she didn't feel at all outnumbered.

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((Night! Imma gonna sign off for the night. See ya!))

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Quinten | 44 comments Turrien stepped back from the others and speard his feet into a smooth fighting stacne. "Ready." He said knives back handed. ((G'night))

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Quinten | 44 comments ((sorry, but I have a hard time getting to the compter during the day.))

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Annabelle moved into position. "Ready. GO!" She began fighting.

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Quinten | 44 comments Turrien moved in smoothly with his guard up watching his opponents as they moved.

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Annabelle was flawless. Every hit she made was smooth and well controlled. She knew what she was doing. She immediately went after Turrien. Then, moved on to fight Alexei. They weren't
uch competition compared to her sister and parents.

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((Oops! I'm Cara in a different group. Sorry! I'll fix that.))

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Annabelle gracefully dodged their hots and after a few minutes, lulled out to get a drink. She watcjed from the side as the two battled.

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((Sorry guys! I gtg to sleep. I have to get up super early for band tomorrow. :( ))

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Quinten | 44 comments Once he had guaged the speed at which the other had moved Turrien began his own attack. He ducked past Alexies sword and hooked the blunt side of the dagger over the other man's wrist. He slid the dagger up the other's arm and skinned the leather bracers from his wrist before whirling away to strike at Annabelle.

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Quinten | 44 comments ((I'm gonna check out for now as well, how about we re join twenty-one hours from now?))

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((I won't be on tomorrow until 6 o'cloco eastern time.))

Annabelle was impressed. But she decided to join Alexei's side. She dropped her weapon and came behind him, flipping him over her shoulders. "Beat that, dragon." She said with a snicker. She high-fived Alexei and yanked off her armor.

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Quinten | 44 comments Scales bristled up from Turrien's skin to protect him as he rose off the ground. He spun in first high batting away Alexie's guard, then low catch the other man's ankel and yank it upwards and send his opponent sprawling.

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Quinten | 44 comments Turrien straightened from his fighting stance. Time to end this. He thought drawing in a breath. With a roar he spoke one of the dragon spells that were his gift and watched as the sword in his opponent's hand shattered with a sharpCRACK! Leaving his opponent holding the now useless hilt. "Yield." he said in a calm voice sinking back into his fighting stance.

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Daneen walked into the Battle Clearing, eager to challenge someone to a match.

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((Quinten, don't powerplay--unless the circumstance above is okay by Adrianja.))

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Quinten | 44 comments Ashby Grace wrote: "((Quinten, don't powerplay--unless the circumstance above is okay by Adrianja.))"

((I'm sorry. I only wished to use the basic powers I had given him.))
Thanks, I know that the shouts are something that most aren't use to I;m sorry if I startled you. I grew up on my own, so I learned to fight on the streets before my powers grew in."

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((Oh no, it's fine, Quinten. :) ))

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Quinten | 44 comments ((The shout is another name for his power.He has five shouts total, but can only use one at a time, and it takes time before he can do another. The four are the draagon's basic fire, then there's ice, disarm which I showed, knock back (Which just does what the name implies), and storm call ))

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((I seeeee.....Okay.))

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Quinten | 44 comments ((Sorry, should have explained beforehand.))

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Quinten | 44 comments "It's good to meet another who learned by doing." Turrien said with a smile.

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Quinten | 44 comments Turriens grinned an nodded in agreement. "I love knives personaly, but I'm better a fishing spear." He said setting the knives back on the rack.

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Quinten | 44 comments "A hand fighter? Nice to know, but these," He unsheathed his claws. "Work for me."

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Quinten | 44 comments "Five years or so." Turrien replied sheathing his claws. "It was quite interesting finding out."

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Quinten | 44 comments "I was in a bad fight, and a word popped into my head,I shouted, and the guy I was fighting got thrown through a wall."

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Quinten | 44 comments "Since he had a gun, and four guys holding down, yeah I think so."

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"Well, I'm extremely hungry and thirsty. You wanna go get something to eat Alexei?" She directed her question to Alexei because she didn't want a dragon anywhere near her. And she had just spent a whole afternoon with it.

((If you don't know why she hates dragons, look at her profile.))

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"How about Starbucks? I've been craving a cakepop forever now!" She grinned.

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Quinten | 44 comments Turrien could tell that it was time to bow out, so he walked out of the clearing with a polite wave back at Alexie.

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"I have a change of clothes iwth me. So I'm gonna go to the locker rooms out here and get changed. Meet you there?"

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"Alright." She jogged to the locker room and changed into:

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