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Name Ventus

Gender: Male

Bonded or Wild? Bonded

Age 6 years

Size Ventus is not a large dragon. He is considered smaller than the average full-grown dragon, with his length about that of school bus', and a wingspan proportionate to his size.

Appearance At first glance, Ventus looks like the embodiment of darkness. His scales are the darkest shade of black, as though someone had stained them with ink. They swallow up all light and lack a gleam. He looks like a giant oiled-down lizard, but one’s touch reveals that Ventus’ scales are smooth and certainly not slimy.

His eyes are the colour of a stormy winter sky – a foggy grey that darkens as it reaches the outer circle of the iris. They portray nothing, an unnerving gaze that only the strong can meet.

Ventus is a sleek and slender creature, yet what he lacks in bulk he makes up for in length. With a body like an aerodynamically sublime whip, the young dragon can reach breathtakingly fast speeds. His forelegs are slim, but, like the rest of his body, they have wiry amounts of muscle that result in a smooth physique.

His finely built ebony wings aid not only acceleration, but agile flying. These charcoal beauties are something to be proud of, designed impeccably for streamline flight.

Ventus’ claws are not long but they are certainly sharp, better built for gripping than inflicting serious wounds. It’s his teeth you need to worry about. Dagger-sharp and just made to rip things to shreds.

Two obsidian spikes protrude from his head, curling ever so slightly at their pointed tips. His head is narrow, all the better for fast flying, set on a svelte and long neck. Along his neck are slightly curved barbs, they end just below the base of the neck.

Talents Ventus was built for flying. Thanks to the slim shape of his head down to his tail, he has the ideal body for speed. One of the fastest, if not the fastest, dragons in all of Alagaësia. His wings provide exceptional control, furthering Ventus’ skills. Not only does his velocity impress, but so does his agility. Swift and graceful in movement, Ventus can only be described as a master of the skies. From daredevil nose-diving to dexterously done tricks.

Personality From the moment he hatched, Ventus was a quiet creature. Not a shy quiet, but a reflective, thoughtful sort of silence that was beyond his years. Ventus was always a curious hatchling, and often gotten himself into trouble. Lucky for him, his Rider thought him to be the most beautiful creature she’d ever laid eyes on, and forgave Ventus every time. Thus Ventus acquired this forgiving nature, and is never quick to blame.

Once Ventus was older, he began training with his Rider. At this time he was exposed to others besides his Rider and her family, with whom he’d lived in solitude on a farm for the first few months of his life. Many found the young dragon a bit unsettling – his observant eyes, his impossibly dark scales. Compared to the dragons of vibrant golds and deep blues, Ventus was not very attractive. This suppressed the ego created by his doting Rider.

But as training progressed, Ventus proved his worth. An excellent flyer and quick learner, he’s a well-balanced dragon. Despite the shadows of his colouring, Ventus is a patient and benign individual. Most find him to be quite amiable. A friendly, gentle beast, and rather intelligent as well.

Bond Rosen

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Name Rosen (pronounced ‘Raw-zin’)

Gender Female

Race Human

Age 19

Appearance Rosen is slender, with amounts of wiry muscle making up her build. She is lean, though her muscles are not pronounced. Her bust is fair, and her hips are wider than her waist; she sports the look of a healthy woman. Her height is average, though it leans toward the ‘short’ end of the spectrum. Rosen is lightly tanned from spending a majority of time in the sun and the outdoors.

Rosen has the appearance of a cherubic dame. Her rosy cheekbones are evenly sculpted and lay on her face in such a way that they give her an innocent look. Rosebud lips make the look much more prominent. Why, with one glance at her face a stranger would think Rosen to be a saintly and well-mannered girl.

But her eyes are slate – hard and with a steely blue-grey to them. They are unnerving in colour and intensity, as though small suns were set behind the cryptic depths of her irises.

Rosen would be deemed pretty if she didn’t dress so carelessly. She rarely wears dresses, instead choosing to have timeworn trousers and a simple shirt. Her shirts vary in colour, but are usually made of cotton and aren’t adorned with anything. While Rosen’s elbow-length, chocolate brown hair could be the envy of another girl, she chooses to tie up in a messy bun.

Personality & History Rosen can rough it out with the best of ‘em. Her mother always looked down on weakness, and so Rosen could not be a helpless damsel. Plus, she was growing up with four brothers. With such an environment, Rosen was bound to turn out strong and tomboyish.

Rosen was always in a competition with her brothers, striving to be better and to prove her worth to the male-dominated household. She is respected by all of her brothers, for she made herself the best at everything. Tree-climbing, swimming, wrestling - anything that the boys were good at, Rosen was better. Rosen had little exposure to other girls her age, for her family lived out of town, in a secluded place with plenty of land. So Rosen never fully learned what was expected of a woman, and grew up under circumstances where it had little importance. Needless to say, Rosen is not very ladylike.

At the age of eleven, Rosen met her dragon. The egg was large, and onyx coloured, with veins of grey running along it. It hatched, much to the family’s delight, but they had thought it would be for one of the brothers. The inky creature had only eyes for Rosen when it hatched. The two bonded upon contact, and Rosen received the mark of a diffused spiral oval on her left hand.

Rosen began training. It went on slowly at first, for she was young. But young minds are able to learn quickly, as Rosen and her dragon both did. For eight years Rosen trained with her dragon, and in that time span the two became inseparable. The only living creature that Rosen openly shows affection for is her dragon, and she adores him.

Rosen is a cautious girl, and does not trust easily. It is difficult to impress her, and she’s very skeptical. Rosen is strong in both mind and heart, but she tends to be a little guarded. Though, once you’ve gained her trust, you’ve pretty much earned a loyal and lifelong companion. And while Rosen appears hostile at first, she softens to reveal a good-humoured and endearing person.

Talents Rosen is vicious with her swordwork. Her reflexes are spectacularly fast. Rosen is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat. She is swift and strategic, two essential components for a good battler. Her sharp eyes make her a talented huntress. It has taken years to get used to the caliber of her dragon’s speed, but Rosen could never deny herself the joy of the thrill and adrenaline rush that she gets when riding her dragon.

Bond Ventus

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I love them both. :D

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:D Awesoooome.

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Haha. Once we have a few more characters I'll put the roleplay up.

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YES. ^_^

As soon as I read the description for this group I went and checked Eragon out to refresh my memory.

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Roleplays are up now.

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