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Kindle Touch 3g shipping early

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message 1: by JP (new)

JP Capili (jpcapili) | 37 comments Looks like the people who pre-ordered kindle touch 3g would be getting theirs a week early. Some people are reporting that they received a shipment email from amazon yesterday. It was also announced somewhere that the units will be available for purchase on retail stores like Best Buy as early as tomorrow.

Has anyone received any email regarding Kindle Touch (non 3g)?

message 2: by Nick (new)

Nick (whyzen) | 1295 comments I just got a email saying my Kindle Fire has shipped.

message 3: by Jason (new)

Jason Bergman (loonyboi) | 166 comments My Wifi Kindle Touch shipped today! Amazon says it will arrive tomorrow.

...but I'll be on a plane to Japan by then. Oh well. At least it will be here waiting for me when I get back.

message 4: by Andrew (new)

Andrew (adrew) | 426 comments I look forward to your impressions.

message 5: by Jason (new)

Jason Bergman (loonyboi) | 166 comments Got my Kindle touch yesterday!

First impressions: this thing is *small*. Here it is sitting on top of my Kindle 2G:

It's so small that I actually find it's slightly uncomfortable to hold. It definitely needs a case to feel more book-like. I have Amazon's lighted case on order (it's backordered until mid-December...grr) but I'm hoping that DODOcase ( announces they're making one before then. That would be perfect.

Anyway, the interface is pretty simple. While reading, the majority of the screen advances a page. The portion that's used to go back a page is actually fairly small, so that it's possible to read one-handed with either hand.

Tapping the top brings up the menu and extra information.

There are some gestures, but not many (which is good because they're not super useful). Swiping up, for example, jumps forward a chapter (not a page, a whole chapter). You can also swipe right to left to advance a single page, but I don't know why you'd want to do that when you could just tap. You can also double tap to jump forward a chapter.

When browsing your own books, you need to swipe down to advance a page, which was a little annoying.

When reading on-screen the interface is nonexistent, which is nice, although I miss the progress bar. I liked seeing where chapter breaks are, even though most books don't seem to list them (and some, like Dance With Dragons are just riddled with dots).

Page numbers only display when bringing up the menu. That's good, since I don't care about that. Percentage is all I need.

There's only one physical button on the face, and it looks like a speaker grill from a distance, which is odd. Also, Amazon has replaced the slider-style power switch with an actual button on the bottom of the unit. That seems...weird. Seems like it would be possible to turn on accidentally in my bag or something.

The screen is much better than my old kindle, but seems to be about the same as my wife's 3rd generation Kindle. Refresh is probably about the same, maybe a tiny bit faster.

Anyway, short version: as an upgrade from a second generation Kindle, it's pretty awesome. Or will be once I get a case for it. Until then it's still pretty great.

message 6: by Andrew (new)

Andrew (adrew) | 426 comments @Jason: Sounds like your pretty happy with it. Glad to hear.

I like the chapter just forward swipe. I haven't discovered a similar feature on my Kobo Touch. I turn off page numbers, so like you don't want to see them, so I like how they are managing those.

Can you load you own fonts with the new Kindle, or have they expanded the options in this area?

I agree with you (and many have mentioned it) the button on the bottom is a real design snafu. I'm not adverse to it being on the bottom like some but it really should have been a slider at least. I've heard reports of people having it turn on in their bags and then start flipping pages if anything touches the screen IR field. Likewise if you rest it on a table whilst tilted to read I've heard of it being turned on/off. I think a case will be a must to avoid this silliness.

I also thought the grill looking button odd. Thought it as you described, a speaker grill in early pictures. I think B&N have a better eye for detail in design with their little 'n' buttons.

All-in-all though it must be a nice step up from the K2. I think the K2 had the old pre-Pearl eInk screens, and the faster processor should mean faster general use. It's less of a step up up from a K3.

I'd love dodocase to make some Kindle cases. The Kobo Touch is the same dimensions as the Kindle non-touch (well 1mm thicker) so I could then potentially get said case :)

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